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Are we Zombies, Scammers, or Saints?


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This notes-version of the original outrageous presentation allows you to find out where you are at as a member of humankind. Controversial, shocking, and perhaps just containing outright lies - there is still a discussion to be had.

If you've ever been scammed, you'll want to see this. If you consider that management and owners conspire against you - then read on. If you consider that quantum realities are obvious, then don't bother...

This is a way to help you improve your life. Hopefully, the infotainment here will be worth it - otherwise, there are still greater wastes of time on the Internet...

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Are we Zombies, Scammers, or Saints?

  1. 1. Are We Scammers, Zombies, or Saints? Photo: This photo is from a hacked highway sign in Austin Texas, which was apparently up for weeks until the authorities learned about it on the evening news. Video available on flickr:
  2. 2. These can describe all of human existence. This isn't an understatement. While my choice of words might be over the top, there really are just three categories of all humankind activity – and this explains why all marketing “works”, as well as scammers, politics, fads, and even world wars.
  3. 3. Shocking? Controversial? Outright Lie? While the terms I use are shocking, controversial, perhaps even considered an “outright lie”, the point is to get your attention while I then tell you the very solid and logical arguments which support these ideas. And I wouldn't be telling you this unless I thought this might help you improve your life. Of course – transparency disclaimer: I'm also coming out with a book and this is promotion for it. (Skip to the end to see a cover promo and links.) Otherwise, stay tuned for some infotainment...
  4. 4. ZOMBIES... “N e rm ” al Th No ew Zombies are the “New Normal” Sort of like the “New Coke”. But we don't claim to have changed the basic secret recipe...
  5. 5. Scammers are your Best Friends Photo credit: Dave Dugdale Because they will teach you stuff you never suspected you needed to know – like how to safeguard your security from moral-less cowards who only want you to pay their overhead, salary, and benefits with your credit cards (which are also a scam). If you reverse-engineer their tactics (see: “Get Your Self Scam Free” you'll find that they are using the basic make-up of humankind to exploit it for their own profit. You were trained from a child to be a patsy, a dupe, a victim. So finding these guys on your lines is the best way to get a real education in how life works. At least it was for me, anyway...
  6. 6. Saints are a “friendly kind of weird.” Photo credit: kevindooley There are saints who live in quiet harmony on this planet and are a “friendly kind of weird” as they simply see the world as rather interesting, but feel no need to correct it – since they look into your eyes and see the basic perfection that you are. References down this line are the tapes and books by Alan Watts and Lester Levenson. Nice folks, but not any of your movers and shakers.
  7. 7. Boil all the textbooks down: Zombies, Scammers, Saints Photo credit: Mel B Actually, those aren't textbooks in there, those are boiled beans. (All photocredits are found on Flickr, BTW.) But the texts I'd have you study are Robert Cialdini's “Influence”, Maslow's “A Theory of Human Motivation, and Lester Levenson's “Keys to the Ultimate Freedom.” All in addition to Alan Watts' many books and tapes. Now you could, as I did, study the bestseller self-help books, particularly New Thought authors, and you'll find a common theme to these. And without studying these completely, you may not see the commonalities which are there – it might even seem a “shopping list” of references. But let's carry on – this is a video, you know...
  8. 8. Traces back to the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) Our first stop is the Pareto Principle, which has a great deal of use outside economics, much to the chagrin of Pareto himself. 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients, as one example.
  9. 9. 80% of your Income = 20% of your staff/clients Similarly both 80% of your corporate or work problems, and also 80% of their solutions also only come from (separate) 20% of your staff.
  10. 10. 97% of what happens is generated by 3% of the people. My real interest got piqued when I found that approximately 20% of 20% (.04) heightened the effect. This is the real core of your profits, but also your problems and solutions. Just a tiny minority of your sales come from really big- spending clients. Similarly, there are brainiacs in your organization who nearly run the place single- handedly, offset by another tiny minority who are steadfastly trying to bring the place to its knees. Other estimates bring this to 97:3 ratio, and even in some cases 99:1. But I found that the 97:3 started explaining a larger majority of life situations.
  11. 11. “The Secret” Photo credit: the Italian voice There was an interesting point in “The Secret” DVD where Bob Proctor is saying that a very tiny minority of people on this planet controlled the vast majority of it's wealth. Of course, he attributed this to their knowing the “Law of Attraction”, and the jury is still out for many on that point. But as a naturally observable “law”, it certainly played a part.
  12. 12. 97% of people exist at “Have” Our use of this 97:3 ratio is to define why so very many people simply go through their lives working for someone else and otherwise being mostly consumers for various products. There is a scale of have-do-be. According to my observations, 97% of people are sitting around just having things, and expecting to be given a job and buying things with their credit, and so on. People who operate at Have, don't really use their power of choice very much – even though they think they do. Most of their lives is run by the subconscious – which is exactly how they can be manipulated into consuming different products. So the name “Zombies”.
  13. 13. The Gimme's. The phrase “Gimme's” probably came from listening to old Earl Nightingale recordings, where he used an example of a young couple who wanted to live in Monterrey, CA – but couldn't get anyone to “give” them a job. He pointed out many different ideas they could start on their own as entrepreneurs, any of which would enable them to earn more than enough money to cover their expenses so that they could live there. Earning is different from expecting someone to “give” you something, like a job.
  14. 14. Workers As well, Nightingale pointed out – and it's on his “Lead the Field” series – that there are so many people who simply consume stuff. And the spend their lives in working to manufacture products for others. Many feel they are content with this set up. My view is that this is indeed a “set-up”. Most of these people are incredibly talented and could start any number of businesses if they only spent some of that time they use watching TV or being entertained to instead actually study and learn what it would take to set up and run a business of their own. Probably no harder work than what they are currently doing – but harder in that they have to be their own boss...
  15. 15. “Scammers” are most of that 3%... Photo credit: jepoirrier Let's take up the 3% of people left over. These people are where Scammers are found. Not that they are all scammers, but the people in this area of operation all know various basics which get the “Gimme's” to do things, or buy their stuff – and so on. So unscrupulous people can find that they get others to buy useless or worthless stuff pretty easily. And so as there are so very many of these people around, they can “make” a fairly good living at this. Buying people off who wise up to their scheme (and start telling others) is just the “cost of doing business” for them.
  16. 16. The Getters. These people (the 3%) are in action all the time. They do stuff. They make changes. This is all the people who start and manage organizations. This is all the people who get themselves elected to government jobs, as well as their top staffers. These are the people who are always on the go and generally get other people to give them very nice salaries and perks. They live comfortable lives in general. And you'll see these people lose it all from time to time, but then they get it right back – because they know how it is done, and just duplicate what they did before.
  17. 17. They figured out Zombies run by a given set of rules. Those textbooks I told you about before – boiling these down gives you the rules that the 97% actually run on. As well as the rules of the Universe that we mostly all agree with. So when you know these, simply manipulating or controlling the vast majority of people is rather simple. And so you see government leaders, their staffers, and corporate heads getting away with all number of outrageous acts – reasoning (as one President said) “...because I can.”
  18. 18. All your marketers and scammers know these rules. I'm not kidding that these texts contain this stuff. And it's really easy to find. Pick up any text on how to do Internet Marketing, particularly on how to write copy and sales pages – and you'll quickly see what makes people tick. It's all spelled out there. Now, cross-check that with Maslow, Cialdini, Levenson, and the top New Thought Authors (Hill, Wattles, Haanel, and even Troward) and you'll see that the whole universe is set up on a very direct basis. As you learn how the universe is set up, how humankind keeps training its young to act – then it's easy to market (or scam) to get whatever you want.
  19. 19. “Get Your Self Scam Free” A lot of this is covered in my book, which is available on Lulu. (Blatant sales pitch...)
  20. 20. “Saints” Now we get to the real interesting part: there are a subset of the Getters/Scammers who have even figured out more than they did. I call them saints, because in our traditions the people who did all this figuring out usually wound up with a title like that. “Prophet” is another, or - tragically - martyr.
  21. 21. The Be-ers. Photo credit: Unhindered by Talent While the bulk of humanity sits at “have”, and a small minority who control most of them operate at “do”, these Saints just sit around and “be” all day long. These are your enlightened few, those who have achieved illumination, the true Zen Masters, etc. They no longer have to do in order to achieve, acquire, or attain anything and everything they want. That statement of course sounds very odd – but only because we haven't yet attained that state for ourselves. Alan Watts covers this in various lectures, and the Eastern adepts have been talking about this for years. This state does exist – and they walk among us...
  22. 22. 3% of Getters are Be-ers. The percentage is very small – just 3% of 3%. Statistically, that's just the way it works out (more or less). But you'll see that you'd really have to be a studious marketer to really get down to the core data on how it works for real. You'd have to get to the basic principles and laws which allow the mechanics to work. Most marketers/scammers/getters don't want to work that hard. And some are just natively curious enough to pull it off. Very, very few, though.
  23. 23. Saints live a serene existence and get everything they want. There's a real interesting phenomenon which occurs at the upper levels. When a “Getter” keeps studying what happens and how this Universe actually works, they can move into an effortless band of “miracles as usual.” This is where they really take ownership and responsibility for the idea of “We become what we think about.” (Earl Nightingale) or “The world is what we think it is.” (Huna) And there are techniques (or rather the lack of any need for them) which move you from having to Do to get anything and everything you want or need over to simply Being – and watching them show up, in real and regular volume.
  24. 24. The scammers of scammers. In this way, it could be said that they can out perform anyone of the Getters in achieving their goals. The idea of scamming scammers is delicious, but is a bit of a mis-statement. Because they have gone far beyond the ethical and moral problems scammers have. The shorthand of this is that they really have taken the Golden Rule, Law of Attraction, and Principle of Correspondence to heart – and now realize that we are all connected (Huna says, “There are no limits.”) So by being all they can be, their beingness extends to include everyone around them. And so their abundance is our abundance. The more they Be, the better everything gets. A friendly sort of weird, as I said earlier.
  25. 25. Gimmes, Getters, Be-ers. Just a review here: ● 97% of all people are sitting at “gimme.” They consider that they have to work to get things, but jobs are given to them, and winning the lottery is getting the big ring on the merry-go-round of life. ● About 3% are Getters – who consider that the more effective they are in their actions is what “makes” the universe get them what they want. ● 3% of that 3% know the higher truth, and practice open-handed help and unconditional love. Their result is that whatever they want simply shows up.
  26. 26. Effect Most of this universe, as we are taught from the time we understand language (if not before), is that things happen around us. We aren't in control of most, if any of it. Our highest goal in life is to have regular and consistent work so we can buy stuff we want. The smartest put some of this away so that they can use it when they aren't able to work any more. So they can still buy the stuff they want. Earl Nightingale pointed out that the vast majority of our U.S. Population winds up broke and dependent on government handouts or someone else to care for them until they die.
  27. 27. Effect -> Cause Getters tend to refuse the concepts of just being the effect most of our lives and go out to get things done. These are the people who start businesses and grow them into multi-national corporations. These are the guys who create the jobs that everyone else works at. They know that the smarter they work (not harder), the better their returns. Most of these, even though they might be bankrupt and start over several times, wind up leaving a lot of wealth to others when they pass on. (Sam Benton of Wal-Mart, for example – as well as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, who are very much still around.)
  28. 28. However, what these Big Getters really miss is the punchline to this Universe's joke: You don't really have to work or do anything at all. You just have to Be effectively. And then, life is a piece of cake. You are at constant peace all of your life and have a very satisfactory lifetime – full of joy, happiness, and unlimited freedom.
  29. 29. ...what goes on in the world around us. But you have to see it and try it out to believe it. The biggest problem we face is the considerations which hold us back into our set patterns: ● Gimme's usually only complain about Management or Owners instead of doing anything. ● Getter's consider that they need to “work smarter, not harder” - but still figure that “work” and action are the key to their success. ● Be-er's see the whole thing as humorous, but know that people are already perfect and are on their own route to personal self-actualization and will get there eventually.
  30. 30. Quantum Realities Quantum Realities have been around for a very long time, and are becoming increasingly more marketed and promoted. The essential idea is that there are an infinite number of alternate universes created at every moment. The one you find yourself in right now is the one you most believe in. Change your beliefs and you change that universe. “Bad” things don't have to happen. Miracles can become routine. Or – you can keep your wage-slave job until you die, with government interference the whole way. Taxes and Death are certain unavoidable evils.
  31. 31. Quantum Realities are true... Burt Goldman comes into this scene with his Quantum Jumping. While he's talked about this for years, and learned it from older Jose Silva's UltraMind methods, with this new title and marketing, it's really taken off. Of course, depending on your mindset is how much you can get out of it: Gimmes say it's a scam. Getters work to use it to get the money, cars, lifestyle, and relationships they want. Be-er's see it as so obvious, what's the big deal? Nice package, though. Glad someone brought this up.
  32. 32. Bottom line: 3 viewpoints. Photo credit: w00kie With these three viewpoints concerning life, you can easily see how they each stick themselves into that reality. Only by being willing to look and try can you move from one to the next. Otherwise you simply stay where you are indefinitely, if not forever. ---- Oh, did I imply there's another level above Saints? Yes, but it is so out of our reality it's not worth bringing up. Everyone below that level would simply consider it fiction or myth – which is where you find the descriptions of it...
  33. 33. “Everything you have is just what you got.” Simply consider that statement. Your reaction to it shows which group you are in. Yes, it's that accurate.
  34. 34. Your choice. Your universe. But that's why I brought this to you, even if you don't believe me. Because you always have choice. And those choices create and maintain the universe you live in. Believe it or not.
  35. 35. Your Freedom Is - (period.) The theory and tools of how to move from the bottom to the top is covered in this book.
  36. 36. ● A Midwest Journal ● ● Midwest Journal Press ● ● More from this author: ● Resources Hope to hear from you soon. Contact me through one of these sites above.