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Wyo 2013 eng


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World Youth Orchestra Brochure

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Wyo 2013 eng

  1. 1. WORLD YOUTH ORCHESTRAUNICEF GoodwillAmbassadorfrom 2002 to 2011Medal and Silver Plaque of thePresident of the Italian RepublicFounder&MusicDirector:Damiano GiurannaDiplomaticBoardAmbassadors:HassanAbouyoub, Christian Berlakovits,Sergio Busetto, Elio Menzione,Giampiero Massolo, SaschaQuaroni,Pietro Sebastiani, Riccardo Sessa,ReinhardSchäfers, Marcello Spatafora,Michael SteinerArtisticBoardRoger Argente - Trinity CollegeJames Creitz - Staatlische Hochschulefür Musik TrossingenDamiano Giuranna - MusicaEuropaWolfgang Redik – UniversitätMozarteum Salzburg
  2. 2. The World Youth Orchestra has been founded in 2001 by Damiano Giuranna and it iscomposed by the best students from Universities, Academies and Conservatories ofthe five continents. In July 2002 the Orchestra has been appointed UNICEF GoodwillAmbassador and in 2003 it has received the Medal and Silver Plaque of the Presidentof the Italian Republic for outstanding cultural and social activities.Thanks to its international representation and commitment in witnessing ideals ofpeace and brotherhood, supporting the development of the artistic talent of youngmusicians, the World Youth Orchestra has obtained support from many eminentpersonalities: the Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, the Presidentof the European Union, the Secretary General of the European Council.The World Youth Orchestra project is a workshop of human, artistic and socialexperiences, where a peculiar work on integration, based on the reciprocalknowledge is carried out. Music as a universal language is the first link uniting youngpeople coming from wealthy or disadvantaged countries. The discovery of a differentfrom one own life style and a shared and common work become the glue for fosteringfriendship, the comprehension of reciprocal diversities and the joy to live together.The young musicians of the World Youth Orchestra, representing the five continents,are live witnesses of our commitment and through their art they bring all over theworld a new message of friendship.
  3. 3. strengthening multi cultural and humanThe World Youth values through the universal language of music.Orchestra (WYO)has been founded in The WYO has collaborated with musicians working at: Teatro della Scala,2001 by Damiano Accademia di S.Cecilia, Teatro dellOpera di Roma, Orchestre SuisseGiuranna. Romande, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, I Musici, Berliner Philarmoniker, and fromIn July 2002 the Orchestra has been important Academies andappointed UNICEF Goodwill Conservatories such as JuilliardAmbassador and in 2003 it has received School/Manhattan School, Mozarteumthe Medal and Silver Plaque of the Salzburg, Conservatoire NationalPresident of the Italian Republic. Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon, Royal Academy of Music London.Thanks to its international representation The WYO has performed in importantand to the strength in witnessing ideals music institutions and Festivals in Italyof peace, brotherhood and youth, the and in Europe, conducted by DouglasWorld Youth Orchestra has obtained Boyd, Alan Buribayev, William Eddinssupport from many personalities of pre- and Damiano Giuranna.eminent world institutions: the SecretaryGeneral of the United Nations, Kofi Some musicians who have played in theAnnan, the President of the European Orchestra in the past years have thenUnion, the Secretary General of the resulted winners at prestigiousEuropean Council. The young musicians International competitions and now playof the World Youth Orchestra, in important orchestras such as therepresenting the five continents, embody Berliner Philharmoniker, Londonthese ideals, bringing a new message of Philharmonic Orchestra, Birminghambrotherhood to the world. The projects Philharmonic Orchestra, Israelmanaged by MusicaEuropa include Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestrahigh-level training, participation in dell’Accademia di S. Cecilia, Chicagointernational musical events, music Symphony Orchestra, Das Luzernermaster classes held my well known Sinfonieorchester, Orchestra del Teatromusic professors and musicians, alla Scala.
  4. 4. In 2003 the World Youth Orchestra hasparticipated to a project fosteringdialogue and brotherhood in theMediterranean area called “World YouthOrchestra – Mediterranean Tour.” TheProject gathered the contribution andcollaboration of the Italian Presidency ofthe Council of Ministers, the ItalianMinistry of Foreign Affairs and theProvince of Rome, besides importantlocal institutions and companies. Underthe baton of Damiano Giuranna 14concerts were held from December 2003in Rome at the Auditorium Parco dellaMusica, in Florence as guest of the CityCouncil, at the Taormina Arte Festival, inGenoa as part of the world conference,"Children and the Mediterranean”(inaugural ceremonies as one of twoEuropean Culture Capitals in 2004). Theorchestra also performed in Israel guestby the Rubin Academy of Jerusalem andin Ramallah, Palestine, guest of theMinistry of Culture. musical event at the United Nations inThe “World Youth Orchestra – New York. The event -part of the WorldMediterranean Tour” continued in July Tour 2005 - celebrated the 60th2004 with concerts in prestigious Anniversary of the United Nations andfestivals and archaeological sites in welcomed the new UNICEF ExecutiveJordan, Palestine and Israel. Director. Representatives of pre-eminent world institutions have given theirIn June 2005, the World Youth support to the project including: theOrchestra toured in Italy with General Secretary of the United Nations,performances in Rome and in Reggio Kofi Annan, the President of theEmilia at the Teatro Valli. The WYO has European Union, and the Generalbeen invited by the UNICEF Secretary of the European Council.International Board and the PermanentMission of Italy to the United Nations toperform in a prestigious
  5. 5. In July 2006 the Orchestra performed in Bridges” financed by the EuropeanItaly at Villa Adriana in Tivoli, in Tunisia Union. For this project the opera “Ilat the Festival of Symphonic Music – El matrimonio segreto” by Cimarosa hasJem Ampitheatre, and in Algeria in the been staged in Turkey with a very goodNational Algerian Theatre, in vocal cast composed by young and verycollaboration with the Ministry of Culture talented singers conducted by M°of Algeria. Damiano Giuranna. For this project four performances have been staged inIn July and August 2007 the World Youth Turkey (Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul) and inOrchestra toured in Turkey with concerts 2010 other performances are foreseenconducted by M° Damiano Giuranna in Czech Republic and other Europeanand M° Isin Metin at the Konser Salonu the Bilkent University in Ankara, inBodrum for the 4th Classical Music In 2010 the World Youth OrchestraFestival, in Istanbul at the Lufti Kirdar became “Orchestra in residence” of theCentre, as well as in Germany in Kassel MusicaRiva International Festival. Thefor the Kultur Sommer Nordhessen WYO started a collaboration with IsaacFestival and in Berlin at the Konzerthaus Karabtchevsky as guest conductor.for the Young Euro Classic Festival.Alison Balsom and Gülsin Onay played After a great success at the 2012as soloists. Accademia Nazionale di S.Cecilia season, the World Youth Orchestra hasThe orchestra was awarded a Silver been invited again for the 2013.Medal and a Silver Plaque by thePresident of the Italian Republic foroutstanding cultural and social activities.In 2008 the Orchestra has performedconcerts in Rome and in Slovenia with inLjubljana at the Slovenian PhilharmonicHall and in Maribor at the Lent FestivalConcert Union Hall. These concertswere the final step of the Euro-Mediterranean tour. During the winter2008 the WYCO has performedconcerts in Piacenza and Rome.In 2009 the World Youth Orchestra hasparticipated to a project called “Cultural
  6. 6. giovani di talento e raggiunge una qualitàAppreciations artistica di eccellenza senza perdere di vista la finalità ultima che ne ha ispirato la“…The very creation of the World Youth fondazione: testimoniare la funzioneOrchestra speaks volumes about the distintiva della musica quale veicolo dicommon desire of people on all continents to fratellanza e di unione tra i popoli. Atrascend borders and instead assert their molteplici livelli la World Youth Orchestra -belief in universal values such as peace, composta da giovani interpreti di diversiequal rights and human dignity. As UNICEF Paesi, cresciuta grazie al magistero diGoodwill Ambassador, touring in the name eminenti musicisti italiani e stranieri eof “dialogue and brotherhood among aperta a occasioni di incontrodiverse cultures”, the Orchestra has done a internazionale - pone al centro della propriavaluable service in spreading this message attività la condivisione di esperienze eto many parts of the world, including conoscenze.conflict zones and other troubled places.” Nella convinzione che la cooperazioneKofi Annan, former United Nations culturale sia momento essenziale per laSecretary-General crescita delle giovani generazioni, formulo quindi alla World Youth Orchestra un sentitoI am delighted to lend my support to the augurio per il fruttuoso proseguimento delWorld Youth Orchestra. percorso intrapreso.José Manuel Barroso – President of S.E.Giulio Terzi - Italian Ministry ofthe EU Commission Foreign AffairsRivolgo un caloroso saluto a tutti i musicistiche compongono la World Youth Orchestra,felicemente giunta al decimo anniversariodella sua vita artistica sotto la sapienteguida del Maestro Damiano Giuranna: inquesta occasione desidero esprimere le miepiù vive congratulazioni per la proficua ebrillante attività svolta, che ha vistol’Orchestra ospite di prestigiosiappuntamenti internazionali e protagonista,attraverso la musica, di un dialogo culturalee umano in importanti centri, durante le suetournées che hanno riscosso grandeapprezzamento e meritato ampioriconoscimento istituzionale. Vorreisottolineare il particolare significato di unaformazione orchestrale che valorizza
  7. 7. Une orchestre pour la paix. «Etémoigne quevivre en paix est possible, en dépit desdifférences de croyances, de races, delangues et de cultures. »Le Figaro«…..when the WYO performed……theirenthusiasm spilled over into the tempo andtones of the music…a wonderful orchestra. ”Jerusalem Post“….La World Youth Orchestra instaura undialogo tra le civiltà attraverso lamusica….”Ad-DustourA musician from the Shanghai Conservatoryof Music, celebrating his birthday during thetour, exclaimed “How often in life does ithappen that you celebrate your birthdaywith friends from 40 different countries?”People’s Daily/ChinaAround 80 music up- and-coming artistscoming from 20 different countries get along ovation, thanks to their enthusiasm andto their great skill. …the emotion involvedthe audience in the strong, waving, dynamicand pleasant sound of “Introduction andAllegro” for Strings by Elgar. Also “Winterreveries” Symphony by Tchaikovsky had agreat sound.Hessische Allgemeinde
  8. 8. Countriesrepresented2001-2012Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia,Austria, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria,Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China,Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador,Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia,Germany, Ghana, Great Britain,Greece, Japan, Jordan, Holland,Honduras, Iran, Israel, Italy, Ireland,Iceland, Lebanon, Lithuania,Macedonia, Mexico, Norway, NewZealand, Palestine, Poland, Portugal,Russia, Spain, South Africa, SouthKorea, El Salvador, Slovakia,Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland,Tunisia, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine,USA, Venezuela, Yugoslavia.
  9. 9. www.worldyouthorchestra.comCONTACTSWYO/MusicaEuropaOfficeVia Suor Celestina Donati,13/b 00167 RomeTel: +39.06.89024611Fax: