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Why Risk Management?

“to improve ROI”

JUNE 22. 2013
Summer storms in Canmore/Calgary...
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Riskassist newsletter v6 20_for-profit2

  1. 1. ISSUE 1 . SEPTEMBER 1. 2013 Why Risk Management? “to improve ROI” NEWS JUNE 22. 2013 Summer storms in Canmore/Calgary resulted in a $400m dollar estimate of costs to repair and rebuild. How much of this is insured? FOR PROFIT BUSINESS Organize Departmental Issues into one report on a quarterly basis Negotiate the commercial insurance program and provide JUNE 8. 2013 126 mm of rain fell in Toronto causing $1b of damage. Were they prepared? How much of this is reimbursed by insurance? recommendations as to uninsured areas of exposure JULY 6. 2013 Rail disaster in Lac-Megantic caused by an exploding rail car owned and operated by MM & A Rail Lines. Clean up costs are currently at $200m but the insurers for the rail company are not paying as they wish to reserve the policy funds; possibly $25m in total; for the priority claimants. Where was the EIL policy? Who is to pay for the clean up and the rebuilding of a town? August 7, 213 MM & A declares bankruptcy. Measure quarterly goals so as to produce recommendations for JULY 29. 2013 Jewelry Heist in Cannes. $136m in stolen gems. Where was the armed protection? Where is their CRO? Align the Mission Statement with operating procedures improvement Strategize on how to improve operations with a timely objective analysis on HR, Technology, Funding, etc. Through the use of the “ClearRisk Manager” web based software to which you will always have access, your business policies and procedures will be aligned at all times A full display of policies, premiums, claims and costs, over a period of years will be drafted on the site for easy access A CHIEF RISK OFFICER (CRO) ON A PART TIME BASIS: Will accomplish the tasks above in a professional and comprehensive basis without the burden of a full time salary and benefits. Professionally qualified and insured CONTACT US TODAY: Diane S. Baker, BA CRM RF FIIC +1 604 351 8353