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Juanita Springate - EC Essential Trainings Flier


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Published in: Education
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Juanita Springate - EC Essential Trainings Flier

  1. 1. Juanita Springate Independent Early Childhood Consultant & Training Specialist 2933 SW Silverspur Rd. Lee’s Summit, MO 64081 Phone 816 – 809-4752 e-mail: Cost: To be arranged Call and we can talk!!! Essentials of Curriculum       What Makes a Good Curriculum? What About Math? Learning to Read & Write Science - How Children Make Discoveries Social Studies - Building a Learning Community Helping Children Make Friends Essential Issues          Implementing Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum        Child-Centered Curriculum Curriculum From Children's Interests - Is It Possible? Curriculum That Reflects Children's Lives Emergent Curriculum Cultivating Children's Thinking Telling the Story Documenting Children's Learning Putting It All Together: Becoming Articulate About Your Curriculum Approach   Dealing with Superheroes School Readiness What About Diversity? Ethics in EC Programs Healthy Sexuality Health & Safety Building Positive Relationships & Guidance What About Discipline? Designing Classrooms That Facilitate Learning SIDS Essential Creativity     Art: The Foundation of Learning Using Music to Develop Communities of Learning Have Fun Moving with Young Children How Dramatic Play Supports Learning
  2. 2. Essential Relationships with Children  Building Positive Relationships That Support Children's Success  Why Interactions Matter  Conversations That Count  Developing Children's Independence & Sense of Self  Cultivating Children's Thinking  Positive Behavior Management  Building Awareness of Children's Competencies Consulting with Directors = $60/hr. Call and we can talk!!!                      Leadership of Management: Which Should It Be? What's Your Vision: Leading EC Programs to Excellence Shaping Your Program to Include Staff & Families Staff Meetings That Move Programs Forward Finding & Selecting Staff the Right People That Want to Stay Policies & Procedures That Fit Your Vision Partnering with Families to Shape Your Vision Developing Child Care Professionals by Creating a Climate for Growth Management That Validates Staff & Helps Them Develop Democratic Leadership That Deepens Staff Commitment Strategies for Managing Difficult People & Situations Strategies for Partnering With Families Using Reflective Practice to Help Staff Grow Ethical Practices in Early Childhood Programs How Directors Teach Developmentally Appropriate Practice Developing a Quality Program: How Is It Done? Staff Evaluations: Creating a Climate for Growth Director's Dilemma: Building Your Staff into an Effective Team How Well Are You Coaching Your Team? Leveraging Your Special Talents as a Director From Surviving to Thriving