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Use of On-site Power Generators in Commercial Industries


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There is significant use of backup generators in commercial industries. offers a wide range on-site power generators. Call at 1-713-434-2300.

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Use of On-site Power Generators in Commercial Industries

  1. 1. Use of On-Site Power Generators in Commercial Industries Source: reports/csm-group Call us: +1-713-434-2300
  2. 2. Commercial IndustriesIn todays hyper competitive world it is important for anybusiness to be reliable and operational 24/7. Whether thebusiness is customer facing or backend operations -businesses need to be operational 100% of the time.We are in a age of JIT (Just In Time) inventory and real timedecision making. With the current mobile revolution going onand the widespread adoption of cloud applications - it hasbecome imperative to have 24/7 reliability.A power outage for any reason can cost the companythousands/ millions of dollars in the short run. In the long run -it can erase the companies competitive advantage.
  3. 3. Businesses and organizations need to operate 24/7 and dependon backup onsite power generators for backup - in the event ofpower failure. Just think about it - no airport, railwaystation, telecom company, skyscraper, etc can afford a powercut.The cost of stand power generator is relatively low - when youcompare it to the repercussions of a power blackout. Here area few examples..
  4. 4. 1 Food Industry Perishable foods are stored in controlled temperature environments - for distribution to retail stores. Any power outage even for a few minutes can cause the food to spoil. Source:
  5. 5. 2 Manufacturing Supply chains across continents can get disrupted if one vendor is out of power for a long time. We are in a age of JIT inventory and manufacturing. Big companies have made it a requirement for all their suppliers to have backup power in their facilities.
  6. 6. 3 Airports Power outage can cause delays and disrupt air traffic.
  7. 7. 4 Telecom Companies Communication is the life blood of modern society and business. A power outage causing communication problems for longer hours can have disastrous consequences. Worldwide Power Products has clients in several domains - and we help them stay operational 100% of the time.
  8. 8. At Worldwide Power Products, we specialize in powergeneration equipment including over 100 new and used engines and generator sets for the industrial, marine, and petroleum industries. CATERPILLAR Call us: +1-713-434-2300