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Worldwide Maritime Operations Company Profile


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Worldwide Maritime Operations Company provides absolute world class security solution to address any type of maritime threats in a unique region with deeply rooted social and political issues.

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Worldwide Maritime Operations Company Profile

  1. 1. Company Profile ofWORLDWIDE MARITIME OPERATIONS COMPANY (+63) 923-815-4994 / (+63) 917-890-4849 / (+632) 846-0664 /
  2. 2. 1. Business, Administrative & Contact Information a. Business name: Worldwide Maritime Operations Company b. Business type: Private Company c. Tel: (+63) 923-815-4994 / (+63) 917-890-4849 / (+632) 846-0664 d. E-mail: (+63) 923-815-4994 / (+63) 917-890-4849 / (+632) 846-0664 e. Website: f. Physical address: Singapore Office: Tong Bldg. Orchard Road Yemen Office: P.O. Box 19741 Sana’a Philippine Office: Richville Corporate Tower, Madrigal Ave. Alabang – Zapote Road 2. Introduction a. Company History Worldwide Maritime Operations Company is an internationally recognized agency in the provision of marime security solutions. With years of experience, WMOC has been the leading provider of maritime security to protect lives and assets in any type of threats. We work in close partnership with our clients to understand their security needs and how best to exceed our clients expectations. b. What the company does WMOCs integrated solutions cover a broad range of business facilitation including intelligence, physical security, logistics, medical support, manpower, training and equipment. Simply put, we can provide a variety of solutions to enable comprehensive business operations while sailing through high risk pirate waters. We are committed to your success. 2Business Profile of Worldwide Maritime Operations Company
  3. 3. 3. Strategy a. Mission statement To provide safe passage to shipping around the world and protect our clients assets and shipping personnel from the threat of piracy and other aggressive forces. b. Vision statement Building trust and establishing regular communications with Ships Captains are the priorities of our transit consultants. Whilst no person can guarantee a piracy attack will be avoided. Piracy intelligence, route-planning skills and security procedures for crew provided by a Transit Consultant ensure Ships Captains are given the best advice when transiting highly dangerous areas. c. Values Prevention not Reaction Our primary aim is to prevent a situation occurring rather than simply Reacting when a threat intensifies – we believe that with the appropriate resources, knowledge and awareness most threats can be eliminated before they escalate. We believe only by this approach can we offer our clients real peace of mind that their staff and assets will be protected. Openness, Trust, Honesty, and Integrity We are committed to building an open working relationship with our client based on mutual trust, honesty and integrity. We have the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior and operating within the international legal framework and code of conduct. Excellence We strive to be the best at what we do. We must exceed our clients expectations and deliver a market leading service. All our staff and contractors are committed to delivering service excellence above the market norm. We are the Gold standard Respect We honor the rights and beliefs of our stakeholders and treat others with the highest degree of respect. We are committed to understanding and respecting the cultures and beliefs of people around the world. Safety Our primary goal is to do everything in our power to ensure the safety and security of our clients and field operatives. This goal takes priority over all other commercial priorities and operational considerations. 3Business Profile of Worldwide Maritime Operations Company
  4. 4. 4. Business concept a. Business concept Worldwide Maritime Operations Company provides absolute world class security solution to address any type of maritime threats in a unique region with deeply rooted social and political issues. b. Services • WMOC will supply an armed team of minimum 6 serving Yemen military or coastguard personnel to embark and protect your vessel between the transit coordinates. • Our teams are officially military trained enlisted personnel and have extensive experience in dealing with Somali pirates and are therefore well disposed to deal with the threat of piracy and the conditions at sea. • Uniformed maritime security officers, drawn exclusively from the United States and Yemen Military, are deployed worldwide to provide a knowledgeable and highly visible maritime security service, serving as an active deterrent to protect the vessel and crew both in port and at sea. • Employing current best management practices, our officers have a wealth of experience and training in the deployment of deterrents - both lethal and non-lethal. • Consisting of at least one English-speaking member, the armed security team will be able to communicate with your crew and, should an attempted attack take place, with the pirates in local language via loud hailer devices and/or megaphone. • Our on-board armed security teams will provide a deterrent and reactive response against the threat of aggressive forces and piracy. This leaves your crew the freedom and peace of mind to operate your vessel. c. Business competitiveness Worldwide Maritime Operations Company is the worlds most elite maritime security specialist. We provide the highest quality security services to exceed our clients expectaion. WMOC is owned and managed by a dedicated team of skilled, experienced and dedicated counter terrorism experts. Thank you for taking the time to go through this business profile. If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. 4Business Profile of Worldwide Maritime Operations Company