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Football Fever and Weather to Match


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With the World Cup having started in Brazil this week, we take a look at what we can expect from the weather.

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Football Fever and Weather to Match

  1. 1. Football Fever & Weather to match
  2. 2. FIFA World Cup 2014 Though there have been some reservations about the World Cup taking place in Brazil this year, when it comes to the weather there isn’t a better place for ensuring that the weather will be warm!
  3. 3. The Brazilian Climate The climate of Brazil is very varied depending on where it is that you are in the country. There are five different climate zones located across Brazil, subtropical, highland tropical, equatorial, semi-arid and tropical.
  4. 4. The Location of Brazil Brazil can be found on the South American continent and takes up most of the land mass of it, around 50% in fact. Brazil has an extensive river system and also has many islands in the Atlantic Ocean that also belong to the country.
  5. 5. To read the full article and find out about how the weather will affect the football this year, visit: Football Fever & Weather to Match