WorldLink Nets - My NBO Presentation


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WorldLink Nets - My NBO Presentation

  1. 1. Net Business OpportunityWelcome to one of the best business opportunity in the world today
  2. 2. YOUR OPPORTUNITY…..EARN WHILE YOU SPEND…..…..Just by using your mobile phone
  3. 3. Earn While You SpendYour monthly mobile phone load will pay back…• 100 %• 300 %• _____ % …..All for You to Decide……. All by just using your mobile phone.
  5. 5. SEC Registration
  6. 6. Business Permit
  7. 7. BIR Certificate of Registration
  8. 8. Mission and Vision Mission Vision WorldLinkNets working "Restoring and building the together with you; working dignity and values of the as one. To provide and raise Filipino Family." the income needs to the broadest depths and range(Panunumbalik ng dignidad at of the Filipino pagpapatatag sa community, through kinabukasan ng bawat innovative products and pamilyang Pilipino) services under the concept: "Earn While You Spend”
  9. 9. WLN Roles: The 5 Pillars1. Develop members to become SocialNetPreneurs.2. Train members to have the skills andknowledge of Internet competency to accessworldwide possibilities.
  10. 10. WLN Roles ( cont’d ): The 5 Pillars3. Create a lasting Partnership withmembers, and to provide a Global InteractiveSystem for Great Earnings.4. Focus on searching excellent products and/orservices that would be networked throughWLN.5. Develop and maintain excellent managementof the company.
  11. 11. Business Perspective 1Creating Income on….. Where we connect our Business: Sun * Globe * Smart• 84 Million subscriptions and growing• Two (2)-billion-peso/day business
  12. 12. Business Perspective 2• One of the Greatest Opportunity in the World today – Low Capital – Low Risk – No (Hard) Selling *People use cell phone load whether they join or not. – Unlimited Income
  13. 13. Business Perspective 3The WLN business is to GET BACK some portions of the BIG TELCO Profits and DISTRIBUTE the same to its NETPRENEURS. Old System WLN System• Levels of Distributors• Levels of Dealers • WLN• Salespeople • YOU Emphasis on Building Your Retailer Network Emphasis on Just Using your To Sell Load Mobile Phones
  14. 14. Business Perspective 4 WorldLink Nets Others 1Registration PhP 2,800.00 PhP 3,988.00Member’s Status Independent Distributor Franchisee or DealerCapitalization PhP 2,800.00 PhP 3,988.00 ++++Ways to Earn Invites Invites Use your Cell Phone Buy and Sell Cell Phone LoadsBusiness Means Use your Cell Phone Selling Load through Retailers Anywhere, Anytime With Street PresenceProducts Cell Phone Load Cell Phone Load Plus Many OthersBusiness Emphasis Use your Cell Phone Build Your Retailer Network To Generate Much Sales
  15. 15. Be inbusinesswith HOW TO JOIN THE BUSINESS
  16. 16. Online Registration – Home Page www.worldlinknets.comBuy a WLN (P.I.N.) STARTER PACK. (P 2,800.00)
  17. 17. Online Registration – Sign Up Page – Sign-Up SIGN UP at the Company Website.
  18. 18. Earning with WLN 3 Easy Phases
  19. 19. Phase 1:
  20. 20. Starting Your Business• Upon Registration you have: – 1 NetCenter to start your business – USD 7.00 or Php 301.00 worth of prepaid load
  21. 21. Your Personal NetCenter Site Manage your business here
  22. 22. Start Your Introduction• Invite Your K’s and Introduce – Kapuso, Kapamilya, Kapatid – Kaibigan, Kapitbahay – Ka-Facebook, Ka-Friendster, Ka-Textmate – Kaklase, Katrabaho – Kahit-Sino!
  23. 23. Invite Friends 1 Direct Bonus Friend YOU Network 1 Direct Bonus Friend• For Every Friend that joins you get: – A Direct Bonus (DB) of USD 5.00 or PhP 215.00 – A 50 Points-Value (PV)
  24. 24. Build Your Network YOU With only the first 6 in your network: Direct Bonus – USD 5 Direct Bonus – USD 5 • Here you get: – Free load 50 PV 50 PV (USD 7.00) – Direct Bonus (USD 10.00) – Matching Bonus50 PV 50 PV 50 PV 50 PV (USD 20.00) • A Total of: USD 37.00
  25. 25. The Power of Duplication• To succeed, all you need to do is invite 2 people • Concept: • You network 2 persons within 1 week of joining • All your downlines network 2 persons also within 1 week of joining • Interesting Fact: • By the 10th week you will earn the weekly maximum income of USD 2,800.00
  26. 26. The Power of Duplication Status and Direct Matching CumulativeWeek Network Accomplishment Bonus Bonus Income With Only 1 NetCenter (USD) (USD) (USD) 0 1 1 2 10.00 10.00 2 4 20.00 30.00 3 8 Investment Recovered 40.00 70.00 4 16 100.00 170.00 5 32 200.00 370.00 6 64 420.00 790.00 USD 10.00 LB for every 7 128 840.00 1,630.00 L40/R40 Pairing 8 256 1,700.00 3,330.00 9 512 MAX WEEKLY INCOME! 2,800.00 6,130.00 10 1024 2,800.00 8,930.00
  27. 27. Increase Your Income: The Power of Three 1 Net Center 3 Net Centers YOUUSD 12,000.00 USD 36,000.00 For a little more investment and effort, you potentially get 3 times more income per month
  28. 28. Phase 2:
  29. 29. Upgrade You Network Structure -Be an Area NetCenter ( Stockist )• To Qualify: -- Minimum PERSONAL Purchase (Single Member ID) of 250 PVs( 5 STARTER PACKS) in a SINGLE DAY qualify you as an Area Net Center• What you get: – 5% of the TnT Starters Packs’ PVs down to the next Area Net Center in your network . – (PhP 107.50) from each Net Center under you.
  30. 30. Additional Income for Area NetCenter ( Stockist )A discount of PhP 1,500.00 will begiven to every single purchase of 10P.I.N.s (Starter Packs).All netpreneurs are qualified to be a“Area NetCenter”.Note: This is a Limited Offer
  31. 31. Account Upkeep Account Personal Calculation UpKeep = Sales = Of Bonus AUTO UPKEEPMARKETING NET UPKEEP PLAN WALLET US40 WALLET $$$ $$$$ US40
  32. 32. Account UpKeep…cont’d1. By DEFAULT you are Auto Maintained2. The month you joined plus 3 months will be Maintenance Free The month you joined plus next 3 months will be Maintenance Free Month Joined e.g. May 22 June July August3. To maintain for Sept, you need to pay US40 in Aug, one month before the Month you want to maintain.4. There is NO Penalty for non maintenance of your account.5. You need not back pay all the months you’ have forgotten to maintain Just maintain the current month.!!!
  33. 33. Net Wallet, UpKeep WalletNet Wallet:> Depository of your WLN Incomes -- Must have USD 40 maintaining balance from Month 4 after registration> For transfer of available earnings to your bank , purchase of Starter Packs, Top-UpsUpkeep Wallet:For your Texts and Calls. -- Must use P350 load per month.For selling load to non-membersFor purchasing Starter Packs, Top-Ups
  34. 34. Loading Mobile Phones Exclusively for WLN Community NetPreneurs! Text Command Center Numbers: (GLOBE) 0915-871-0619 (SMART) 0947-338-1758 (SUN) 0933-584-0536 RELOAD PERSONAL REGISTERED MOBILE NUMBER: ELOAD<space>200 RELOAD THIRD PARTY MOBILE NUMBER: ELOAD2 [RecipientMobileNo] [AmountInPesos] ELOAD2 09168887171 200NOTE: Member’s unit determines the Command Center Number
  35. 35. Phase 3:
  36. 36. Use your Cell Phone• A Passive Income Reward for monthly reload top-ups.• For a qualifying monthly top up of P350, ( whether for personal usage or reload to third party mobiles ) WLN pay you a certain % on the top-ups down to 7th level in your group called NetBonus
  37. 37. Net Bonus Mechanics:– WLN acts as a DISTRIBUTOR to all the networks.– Members buy minimum monthly load of P350.00 from WLN.– WLN sets aside up to 85% of its discounts from the TelCos to be distributed to members– Earnings commensurate to your network’s monthly top-ups.
  38. 38. Net Bonus Computation: Assuming each member’s average monthly load is P350, below is a perspective of income just by each member using their cell phones.Level Network Size Total Top Up Income Distributed Percentage Income from (Multiple of 5) ( Pesos ) to Members (Pesos) paid on each each Level Level (Pesos)1 5 1,750 140 10 % 14.002 25 8,750 700 10 % 70.003 125 43,750 3,500 10 % 350.004– 625 218,750 17,500 10 % 1,750.00Mega5 3,125 1,093,750 87,500 10 % 8,750.00NP6 15,625 5,468,750 437,500 20 % 87,500.007 78,125 27,343,750 2,187,500 20 % 437,500.00 TOTAL = P534,934!!!!!!!
  39. 39. A Comparison WorldLink Nets Others 1RegistrationMember’s StatusCapitalization JustWays to Earn Invites Use Buy and SellBusiness Means Selling Load through Retailers Your With Street PresenceProducts Cell Phone Load Cell Plus Many OthersBusiness Emphasis Build Your Retailer Network To Phone Generate Much Sales
  40. 40. Summary of Bonuses:A. Network Building Bonuses:– Direct Bonus– Matching Bonus– Link Bonus (For every match of 40Left / 40Right)– Tera Bonus (Once Leadership Status is Achieved)– Area Net Center / Stockist BonusB. Passive Income on Cell Phone Use-- Net Bonus
  41. 41. Leadership StatusPower Netpreneur --- L40 * R40 - 20 Steps ( Or 1 cycle )Mega Netpreneur --- L360 * R360 - 7 to 10 cyclesTera Netpreneur --- L680 * R680 - 11 cycles and above Must be achieved within one month.Once status is achieved, status is PERMANENT.
  42. 42. Selling Load to Non-members - to be launched soonFor every minimum PhP 1,000,00 load purchase,the netpreneur concerned will be given anadditional 2% bonus directlyNetpreneurs sell to non-members at “streetconditions”. ( to help them expand theirnetwork )Note: This is extra over the netbonus netpreneurs areearning through their respective networks
  43. 43. Be the one to bring the business to your barangay, town or city!! For more information, contact: 02 656 1176 0915 871 0678 email:
  44. 44. Sign up Now!Purchase Your 1st Starter Pack And be the Leader of the PACK! Thank you!
  45. 45. WLN Not A Pyramiding ScamPyramiding Features:1. Banking and Financial Services:Borrowing from bank A to pay off bank B and then borrowing from bank C to payoff bank A ... and so on without ever paying off the originally borrowed principal.2. Corporate:Taking control of a firm (subsidiary) through majority shareholding and thentaking control of another firm with the combined shareholding ... and so on tobuild a large holding company that provides managerial and financial (andsometimes marketing) functions for the entire group.3. Finance and Stock Market Speculations:Using paper profits to build up a portfolio of investments.4. Real Estate:Purchasing additional properties by borrowing against the currently ownedproperties.
  46. 46. WLN - Not A Pyramid ScamA very thin line between multilevel marketing and pyramidschemes , The Manila Times/April 28, 2003Statement by Jaime Olmos, DTI Assistant Director and ActingChief of the Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection"We really need to check the business plan or compensationplan, because that is where we can determine if a company is alegitimate MLM or not.”Olmos said the earnings in recruitment should only be incidentaland always smaller than the commission from the sale of theproducts or the continuing conduct of the business.
  47. 47. WLN - Not A Pyramid ScamPyramiding defined (DAO No. 2 s. of 1993).Section 2.2 …” A business sales or marketing plan or scheme is consideredpyramiding if it has these features.1. First, a promoter persuades recruits to buy products, services, credit, title or rank whereby the recruits can receive income primarily from the mere introduction, recruitment or sponsorship of other participants into the scheme rather than from the marketing and sale of products.2. Second, it is pyramiding when the profits of the persons using them are derived primarily from the recruitment of other persons into the plan or scheme rather than from the sale of consumer products and services. Its attributes include the following:3. Revenues or income are derived primarily from participants entry fees.4. Participants are not allowed to return marketable and unused products for refund within a reasonable period of time or the conditions for such product return are contrary to the provisions of the Consumer Act and/or its implementing rules.5. There is no fair market value for the goods received (fair market value is a price determined by an open market system).