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Chinese Ppt.

  1. 1. China By: Kirstan La Tour
  2. 2. Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac The Rat: 1. Rats tend to be the first and the best at everything they put their energy into. 2. Rats are highly ambitious and strong willed people who are keen and unapologetic. 3. However, they also have long memories and will rarely forgive or forget an enemy. 4. Rats can be arrogant and extremely deceptive and selfish. 5. They often tend to see themselves a cut above the others.
  3. 3. Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac the Ox 1. They're quite dependable and possess an innate ability to achieve great things. 2. Ox people, according to tradition, need peace and quiet to work through their ideas. 3. When necessary, they are articulate and eloquent. 4. These people enjoy helping others. 5. People born in the year of the Ox make good Teachers and parents.
  4. 4. Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac The Tiger 1. Tiger people are difficult to resist, for they are magnetic characters and their natural air of authority confers a certain prestige on them. 2. Tigers can be courageous and friendly. 3. Tigers can be inflexible and self centered. 4. Tigers enjoy a life full of challenges, and unexpected events. 5. Tigers are not afraid to explore the new and unusual.
  5. 5. Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac The Rabbit 1. Rabbits make ideal diplomats and politicians. 2. Rabbits are graceful and well mannered. 3. Rabbits pay attention to everything. 4. Rabbits are very sensitive to the world around them. 5. Rabbits are calm and not east to provoke.
  6. 6. Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac The Dragon 1. Dragons are flamboyant, attractive and full of vitality and strength. 2. The Dragon is the symbol of power and wealth. 3. Dragons have natural charisma. 4. Dragons are gifted with luck. 5. A person born in the year of the dragon wears the crown of destiny.
  7. 7. Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac The Snake 1. Snake may become philosophers, theologians, politicians, or financiers. 2. The Snake is the most enigmatic of the twelve zodiac animals. 3. They are not troubled by the lack of money. 4. They are also usually lucky. 5. These people have a special talent that enables them to judge situations correctly.
  8. 8. Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac The Horse 1. These people are extremely independent and confident. 2. The horse person is very quick-witted, inquisitive and determined. 3. The horse has honesty and genuine warmth. 4. The horse person is very gifted. 5. The horse person has trouble keeping secrets.
  9. 9. Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac The Sheep 1. The Sheep have artistic talents and immense creativity. 2. The Sheep try not to hurt anyone's feelings. 3. The Sheep do like a lot of attention. 4. The Sheep do not find sympathy or happiness like stern people would. 5. The Sheep are to sensitive for the real world.
  10. 10. Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac The Monkey 1. Monkeys are most versatile sign of the Chinese zodiac. 2. They are honest and reliable people. 3. They are careful in not damaging their friendships. 4. They are aware on what is going on around them. 5. They listen to what’s going and a they work hard.
  11. 11. Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac The Rooster 1. Roosters are usually very observant. 2. Roosters are accurate and precise with their observation. 3. Rooster love to meet new people. 4. The also like the spotlight. 5. Roosters are loyal individuals. 6. They do not like dishonesty or mockery of any sort.
  12. 12. Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac The Dog 1. The Dog is loyal. 2. They like to go to their friends when they need help. 3. They are also self-fish. 4. Dog people can be relied upon. 5. Dogs are honest and straightforward.
  13. 13. Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac The Pig 1. Pigs are honest. 2. They do support their friends. 3. They never let down their friends. 4. Everything has to be right with the Pig people. 5. They are not weak on the sense of fighting.
  14. 14. My Thoughts on the Zodiac! My thought on the Zodiac are general. Many people would like to know what they are like in a Chinese sense. I found out I was the Rooster and they seem very cool. Most of what they put for the Rooster is very true about me. I do love to meet new people. I do not like dishonest people or mockery. And I hate the spotlight. So I am very impressed with the Zodiac.