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Chinese Powerpoint

  1. 1. CHINA By: Kirsten
  2. 2. LUCKY NUMBERS There are many superstitions in China about certain numbers. All of the numbers associate with the number being either good or evil. However some numbers are more superstitious than others. 8
  3. 3. Number 9 The number nine means everlasting, because 9 is the highest number. There are 999 rooms in Beijing’s Imperial Palace. And there are 9,999 rooms in the forbidden city.
  4. 4. NUMBER 4 The number four in the Chinese culture is very unlucky. In the chinese language the word “four” sounds like the word “death”. Most chinese people don’t want the number 4 in their house number or telephone number.
  5. 5. NUMBER 3 The number 3 in China is considered extremely lucky. Number 3 stands for the Holy Trinity. In China it is good to have 3’s in your phone number. People in China say “good things come in 3’s.
  6. 6. NUMBER 1 The number 1 in the Chinese culture is considered both lucky and unlucky. When combined with another lucky number it is considered very lucky and when combined with an unlucky number it is considered very unlucky. This is because one in Chinese culture does not mean loneliness, but it means guaranteed. Therefore the number one combined with either a lucky or unlucky number makes it either extremely lucky or extremely unlucky.
  7. 7. NUMBER 7 The number 7 is a lucky number in most cultures, but not in China. This is because in Chinese the number “seven” sounds like the word “gone”. Also in China any number that ends in the number 7 in China is also considered unlucky.
  8. 8. NUMBER 8 The number eight is another one of the luckiest numbers in the Chinese culture. This number is lucky because it means sudden future. It also means prosperity. Almost everyone in China believes that the number eight is a very lucky number. The number “eight” in the Chinese language sounds like the word “good fortune”.
  9. 9. NUMBER 14 The number fourteen is considered by many the most unlucky number in the Chinese culture. This is because the number one means guaranteed. Also because the number 4 means death. With both the numbers 1 and 4 in the number 14 the number means “guaranteed death”.
  10. 10. Chinese culture is very interesting, considering the lucky and unlucky numbers. They have many beliefs into whether or not the numbers are considered lucky and unlucky. Their language tells a lot about all of the different numbers. If a number sounds like a word in the Chinese language it is often found that the words and numbers are associated with each other. SUPERSTITIONS OF NUMBERS