Improving nutrition through Homestead Vegetable Cultivation


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Promotion of orange flesh sweet potato and other Vegetables for Improving Nutrition in Aquaculture-Agriculture systems

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Improving nutrition through Homestead Vegetable Cultivation

  1. 1. Improving nutrition throughHomestead Vegetable CultivationPromotion of OFSP and other Vegetables for ImprovingNutrition in Aquaculture-Agriculture Systems
  2. 2. Improve nutritional status ofwomen and childrenInvolving with SPRING activitiesFFS member, October 2012 FFS Session Agriculture extension inputs (seeds,poultry shed)
  3. 3. FFS Session• Cultivationmethods,interculturalmanagement, andpost harvest• Importance ofvegetables innutrition aspect
  4. 4. Before SPRINGBeauty Begum lives in Baro baliadangi village under Noapara union in Jessore district.Beauty’s husband, Abdul hai, works as a carpenter (seasonally) and cultivate differentvegetables in his cultivable land which has not yet distributed among his four brothersand two sisters by his father. So he has to depend on his father’s property. The couplehas two children, aged seven yrs and 18 months.Her husband mostly involve with cultivation of cereal crops. She has to depends on herhusband for vegetables from market. Health and nutritious status of her family was notgood. Her family’s monthly income was about taka 3,900 (about US$48.75). Her 18months boy was sick very frequently. It was quite tough for her to manage all theexpenses of her family.
  5. 5. After involving with SPRINGThrough FFS session Beauty has learned to grow diverse, nutritious vegetables as well asimplement practices such as handwashing and improved child feeding to increase healthand nutrition.Following an initial training, SPRING provided Beauty five types of seeds, including leafygreen vegetables, pumpkin and root vegetables, to develop a household garden. Shebegan harvesting different leafy vegetables like spinach, red amaranth, kangkong in lateOctober’12, noting, “I do not have to use scarce household funds to purchase vegetablesany longer. I have learned how to prepare the land with pits and beds and sow seeds fora better harvest. Now, I can cook nutritious food for my family.”Now she can save her money for her school going son. And this savings money was usedto buy vegetables from the market which was amount about taka 500.00 (about US$6.00)
  6. 6. Two column slideThrough cultivating diversifiedvegetables Beauty fill up herfamily nutritious need of herfamily
  7. 7. Beauty Begum, at her homestead vegetablegardenBoro baliadanga FFS, Jessore sadar
  8. 8. Boro baliadangi FFS, Jessore sdarBeauty Begum, at her homestead vegetablegarden
  9. 9. Thank you frombeneficiary
  10. 10. Thank you frombeneficiary