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Our project (1)


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We are totally late by a year. Its better late than never............So finally on a positive note this 2014.

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Our project (1)

  1. 1. . Our PROJECT
  2. 2. First Phase Of Our Project Initially the most important of all are educating children and Empowering Women This is our first phase and will always be our prime focus for all times. Empowering Women and Educating Children go hand in hand and the problem is interlinked, Children are forced to go to work because of the financial situation of the family. Most of the women go through a very hard time running the family because the man of the house is mostly a drunkard or would not have a job or she would be divorced or she would be a widow and has to go to hard labor and find it hard to make ends meet because of which they are forced to send their children to work. In worse cases her husband would be with her as a burden to take her hard earned money from her forcibly to drink and gamble. 2 of 12 Contact Us Email :
  3. 3. Women with no education have to go and do hard labor jobs because she has no professional know how. By training Women and teaching them Tailoring and Embroidery, Candle making, Beautician Courses through which they can earn well and lead decent lives. These courses are not affordable and they sure need help. World Envision is going to set up a training facility where the courses will be taught free of cost to women and children. Here they will be given the latest training and will be given a working environment where they can use the machines and other equipment for their production free of cost. We will form self help groups each group will have a minimum of three and a maximum of ten women. 3 of 12 Contact Us Email :
  4. 4. Tailoring and Embroidery will be taught to women, Tailoring Machines will be provided to them this will facilitate an income for their family. Latest Embroidery Machines will be provided as embroidery sarees and Chudidars are always in demand. All help will be extended to ensure that these activities become fruitful by Advertisements and selling which will also be helped. 4 of 12 Contact Us Email :
  5. 5. Beautician Course is a costly course and there is a high demand for women who have finished the course they can get a good job and they can also start their own self help groups. World Envision will help the groups to earn well as there are lots of Marriages and a beautician plays a vital role in the getting the Bride ready. We will advertise and make sure these groups get good order. The training facility will have all the latest equipments and they will be trained well. All makeup items will be made available free of cost. Applying Mehendi will also be taught to them. 5 of 12 Contact Us Email :
  6. 6. Candle making is also a income earning product. Scented candles are in want everywhere in the world Getting groups ready and giving them all help necessary will give them a nice platform to earn. This product can be exported too. All these works will surely help many women and children. Once their financially free their children can go to school instead of work. Teenage Girls will also be taught all the above. 6 of 12 Contact Us Email :
  7. 7. We plan to teach Kids English and basic computer skills. English is always a problem for children from the suburbs. So this initiative will educate them and help them pronounce English properly . Basic etiquette and cleanliness will also be part of the curriculum. Computer basics , Photo paint, basic internet surfing and the likes will be taught. Children will be sent to school and their fees will be paid by World Envision. Taking care of children’s schooling will ensure that education is not denied to them because of financial constrain. 7 of 12 Contact Us Email :
  8. 8. Boys of 18 years and above will be taught welding, Electrical wiring. Plumbing and driving. All help will be extended to make them self reliant and job placements will be made available with tie ups of the corporate sector. World Envision will organize a Finishing School curriculum for all boys and girls to facilitate jobs for them through training. Certificates will be issued for all students. And all the above activity will be done free of cost . 8 of 12 Contact Us Email :
  9. 9. Second Phase…. Agriculture help is required all around. Framers cannot afford a tractor and other modern farming equipments. World Envision will purchase one set of machinery and give them on hourly basics to farmers free of cost this will be a great help and ensure that they continue farming. Micro financing will also be done for deserving farmers. This is a section that has to be concentrated otherwise eventually farmers will abandon farming. Third Phase…. Building an Old Age home and an Orphanage. This has to be a Concrete structure. This is where the old and the children will stay. So proper dormitories for the old and for girls and boys separately, canteen, toilets for girls and boys separately and all other facilities are to be provided. The old age home and the orphanage will be in the same compound and proper staffs will be employed for each and every work. Nurses will be employed for taking care of basic medical requirement. This can become a reality only with proper funding. 9 of 12 Contact Us Email :
  10. 10. Work done so far…. Purchased six acres of land, Fenced the property, Put one bore well, Built some sheds, Planted trees, Have installed a front gate, Constructed basic amenities, Purchased cows for milk, Purchased a van and a car, These are just a few that come to mind immediately. Lots of work and effort has been put and work is so slow only because of want of funds……. 10 of 12 Contact Us Email :
  11. 11. Work to be done to get the first phase started….. First of all we need our office room. We have been concentrating on the basic amenities and now it’s time we have our office. We are receiving lots of applications for grants which require proper filing. Now to generate income we have our Mushroom unit running which takes care of our electricity bills, salary of the people working in our unit and scarcely takes care of our food expense. For this we are planning to start a Goat Farm which will help us to start financing a few children’s Schooling. Constructing our training facility to teach tailoring & Embroidery, Candle Making and Beautician Courses. Getting this ready will get us started on a better note. Already we have received lots of applications from women and children. Still three more gates have to be installed if the whole property has to be secured for which the material has been purchased only the welding work has to be done. We require an Electricity Board Room for now it’s in the open. As far as the water is concerned we still need two bore wells if the whole properties water requirement is to be met. Installing Drip irrigation will save lots of water. 11 of 12 Contact Us Email :
  12. 12. THANK YOU so much for your time….. Visit For all information's contact : H.E. Emanuela De Marchi Contact Us Email :