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Smart Phones, Smart Farming - Wim Bastiaanssen


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‘We can combining satellite technology with local knowledge and give people information fundamental to improve their world.’ - Wim Bastiaanssen

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Smart Phones, Smart Farming - Wim Bastiaanssen

  1. 1. More “crop per drop” by efficient water management in agriculture
  2. 2. H 2O CO2GROWTHMOISTURE NMINERALSYIELD Proven technology in more than 30 countries that really works
  3. 3. Climatic variability
  4. 4. Crop Water Use
  5. 5. Biomass production (kg/ha/year)
  6. 6. Yield gap per district
  7. 7. Wheat: blue: 9 ton/ha, green: 8 ton/ha; yellow: 6 ton/ha, red 4 ton/ha
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention