Think Business. Think Chicago. World Business Chicago Brochure


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Think Business. Think Chicago. World Business Chicago Brochure

  1. 1. Think Business. Think
  2. 2. We’re your  advocate…World Business Chicago is a businessadvocate and a connector. We helpcompanies navigate site relocation andretention by uniting all the necessaryparties and assuring that Chicago is theultimate global business destination.
  3. 3. yourconnection…Our business development specialists are authorities in industriesas diverse as Chicago’s economy. We have the connections andknowledge to serve as liaisons in nearly every sector.SPECIALTIES INCLUDE :• Financial & Business Services• Technology & Life Sciences• Transportation & Advanced ManufacturingPOINT- OF - FIRST- CONTACT FOR :• Site location• State and local incentive packages• Linking the region’s private, public and non-profit organizations
  4. 4. your “ As the premiere digital map company in the world, NAVTEQ knows the importance of location! We consider Chicago to be uniquely located to serve thesource. world.” JUDSON GREEN , FORMER CEO OF NAVTEQ “ Chicago has become a catalyst in the transformation of the global financial marketplace… WBC and the City are laying the foundation for jobs of tomorrow.” TERRENCE DUFFY, EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN , CME GROUP AND WBC BOARD MEMBEROur research department maintains far-reaching informationhighlighting the region’s economic strengths, business-friendlyenvironment, and quality of life—everything a company needs tomake an informed location decision.Our marketing department creates and distributes materialsand tools that showcase Chicago’s position as a world-classbusiness destination. “ World Business Chicago has been a fantastic partner for us, helping Willis navigate the relocation process and providing guidance that allowed us to work cohesively with all of our public and private-sector partners to make this historic move happen” JOSEPH J . PLUMERI , CHAIRMAN AND CEO, WILLIS GROUP HOLDINGS “It’s a textbook example of what can happen when government and the private sector work together.” GLENN TILTON , CHAIRMAN , UNITED CONTINENTAL HOLDINGS AND WBC BOARD MEMBER
  5. 5. We’reChicago.Under the visionary guidance of Chicago’s most influential businessleaders, World Business Chicago highlights the attributes of thecity as the ultimate global business destination.• Highly diverse and talented labor pool • State-of-the-art airports and public infrastructure• Strong pro-business environment • Hub for higher education, including two• Exceptional access to domestic and of America’s top business schools global markets • Center for innovation and new technologies• Nexus of international trade • World-class culture and unequalled• America’s most diversified economy recreation• Vibrant and dynamic downtown • Forward-thinking center for “green” living• Affordable cost of living
  6. 6. 177 North State Street Suite 500 Chicago Illinois 60601