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1 15-14-pen-sweden

  1. 1. Sweden – Political Reinvention Peninsula Chapter and Los Altos Public Library JANUARY 15 WEDNESDAY Sweden and the Case for Liberal Conservatism Göran Montan Member of the Swedish Parliament Sweden and the other Nordic countries were declared by the Economist to be the best governed countries in the world. Are there lessons to be learned from this region that is not suffering from threatened uprisings, economic collapse or other political crises? Some of these positive conditions are attributable to relatively small and homogeneous populations. Still, there are issues of immigration and changing demographics and political transitions that present tough challenges. Göran Montan, a member of the Swedish Parliament will describe the resurgence of the non-socialist, moderate, center-right party and how they dealt with and avoided the financial meltdown that overwhelmed many other European Countries. There are similarities between Swedish and American political parties, but debates in Sweden about major issues like climate change, social issues and taxation are more about how to implement solutions than about if these challenges actually exist. MP Montan will describe this environment under the governance of the Moderate Party – the “world’s most liberal conservatives.” Göran Montan has been a member of the Swedish Parliament since 2006 and he serves on the committees on Cultural Affairs, Taxation and on the Cultural Affairs of the Nordic Council. He has had a distinguished career as the CEO of several companies, is fluent in four languages and is a former corporal of the Royal Cavalry Regiment. He holds a degree in Political Science from Stockholm University. Free to All Refreshments: 7:00 PM Program: 7:30-9:00 PM Los Altos Youth Center 1 North San Antonio Road Los Altos, CA 94022 Co-sponsored by: For more information, visit the Council’s website at or call 415.293.4601 Los Altos Public Library: visit or call 650.948.7683