2013 Kingdom Partners Annual Report


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2013 Kingdom Partners Annual Report

  1. 1. Contents Sponsorship __________________ 4 honduras ____________________ 20 india ____________________________ 6 gifts of hope ________________ 22 Peru _____________________________ 8 nepal __________________________ 24 syria ____________________________ 10 uganda ________________________ 26 guatemala ___________________ 12 myanmar _____________________ 28 causelife ______________________ 14 fundraisers _________________ 30 spiritual development __ 16 impact _________________________ 31 For 14 years, Kingdom Partners has taken a stand and led the way in a biblical response to the needs of our world alongside World Help. You have allowed yourself to be moved and have taken inspiring measures to reach the hurting, the broken, and the lost. operation baby rescue __ 18 In 2013, Kingdom Partners reached 93,237 people with the power of help and hope. Today, your compassion is being manifested in the lives of Indian orphans, now with families of their own. It’s in the hallways of African medical clinics where families are rejoicing after receiving a good report. It’s flowing through the crystal-clear water of a pipeline in Guatemala. It’s leaving a legacy that will last forever. World Help celebrates the lives impacted by your love and compassion. Thank you for investing in something that will outlive you and last for eternity. Help for today . . . Hope for tomorrow, Vernon Brewer
  2. 2. Sponsorship Sandra Perry with sponsored children in Honduras, February 2013. I n 2013, you gave to care for hundreds of children in India, Mexico, Guatemala, Nepal, Honduras, Kenya, Uganda, and Haiti. Overall, you have empowered thousands of children to pursue their full potential—potential that is so often annihilated by the hardships of extreme poverty. Daniela is from Honduras, and a vibrant example of your love in action. Take a moment to consider the difference you have made by investing in children like Daniela. By bringing them into safe and nurturing environments, filling their bellies, providing them with medical attention, educating them, and modeling the love of God . . . you have rewritten their futures—one by one— into stories of hope. Thank you. 2013 Impact Report | 4 When Daniela was just 6 years old, her father was murdered and his body brutalized. The tragedy traumatized Daniela, leaving scars too deep for her to understand. As she tried to comprehend the magnitude of such evil, she became paralyzed by extreme loneliness. But sponsorship poured healing into Daniela’s broken world. “At ‘Jesus, Friend of the Children,’ my teachers and classmates were always by my side, giving me encouragement, love, and strength in my anguish. I have gradually overcome this pain. I feel this place is my second home.” Daniela is now 9 years old and excelling in her third-grade year.
  3. 3. India Bruce Patterson and Jim Hofheinz attend the annual Kingdom Partners golf tournament to help fund the Maru Asha expansion, September 2013. 2013 Impact Report | 6 F or years, your legacy in India has been lived out every day in the lives of thriving individuals across the country, particularly at the Gilgal and Maru Asha Children’s Homes. And this year is no different. In the summer months, many of the children at the Gilgal Children’s Home would contract typhoid fever, chicken pox, and other contagious illnesses. Without a medical facility, quarantine was nearly impossible, and the Gilgal staff struggled to contain the spread of these sicknesses. But today, through Kingdom Partners’ investment in the new Gilgal Medical Clinic, they are now able to provide prevention treatments and help save lives. The completion of this project is an answer to nearly a decade of prayers from the Gilgal staff! At the Maru Asha Children’s Home and School, now impacting over 230 children, your gifts have brought incredible development. The new school expansion will make way for 300 new students from the Jaipur area—an opportunity that will affect generations to come. And most recently, you have given to reach some of the world’s most desperate—families impacted by leprosy. By providing the safety of new homes and giving to help care for perhaps some of the world’s most neglected communities, you are helping restore dignity while communicating the renewal of Christ’s boundless love.
  4. 4. PERU Hal Klein and his daughter Amanda distribute wheelchairs in Peru, November 2013. L ast year, Kingdom Partners joined World Help in launching a Christian rehabilitation facility that is now flooding light into one of Peru’s darkest secrets . . . the pervasiveness and consequences of sexual abuse. Through every step of this process, you have been by our side sharing vision, enthusiasm, and prayer. This year, we had the privilege of seeing your investment come to fruition at the ceremony of Grace Home’s first graduate, Andrea. Her story is just a taste of what is in store for thousands more Peruvian women battling the grip of self-harm and abuse. 2013 Impact Report | 8 “I was sexually abused when I was a little girl and I grew up in a very unstable family. I wanted to die ever since I can remember. I came to Grace House giving [God] a last chance, and He took it. I have seen God work firsthand in my life and in the lives of all the girls that are in this place. He has rewritten my life.” - Andrea Kingdom Partners is also partnering to provide physical and spiritual freedom by mobilizing disabled Peruvians with wheelchairs and their own copies of God’s Word. On behalf of those who are experiencing independence they never thought possible . . . thank you.
  5. 5. Syria Jody and Mona Thomason at World Help’s Board of Directors dinner, W hen the world turned from the complexities of Syria’s civil war, too paralyzed and exhausted to respond, you stepped in with overflowing compassion. October 2013. Since the beginning of our Syrian relief campaign, your involvement has saved lives and provided care for Syrian refugees demonstrating the love of Christ. You gave to provide food, clean water, blankets, clothing, hygiene items, medicine, and more to children and families who have literally lost everything. And this Christmas, you aided greatly in the printing and distribution of 250,000 illustrated children’s Bible storybooks throughout dozens of refugee communities. 2013 Impact Report | 10 “We are sure [God] is using our efforts to bring peace into the hearts of many. We are happy to work with you on bringing more help to these families who are at a point where they have almost nothing left to hope for.” —National partner Over the last year, you refused to look away, but gave in faith, trusting God to use your gifts to mend lives.
  6. 6. Guatemala The Rand Family serves in Guatemala, August 2012. F rom the flow of clean water throughout Guatemala’s poorest communities, to the bustling schoolhouses packed with sponsored children, to the healthy cries of babies rescued from malnutrition . . . your work in Guatemala is alive and flourishing. We are also proud to report that three floors of St. Luke’s Hospital in Zacapa are operating. Currently, these units are functioning as the nutritional and rehabilitation centers for the Operation Baby Rescue program. In fact, the facility is strategically serving in the midst of one of Guatemala’s largest malnutrition crises to date. We praise God for the timing and success of this incredible outreach—a blessing that would not exist without your efforts. 2013 Impact Report | 12 In 2013, you partnered to build new homes for families formerly living in abject conditions. Today, they are safe from predators, poor weather, and the cold. You also gave the gifts of chickens and goats to families struggling to feed their children. Now they have a sustainable source of both nutrition and income. The results of your investments in Guatemala are felt across the nation. Thank you for helping build foundations of long-term health for a country breaking free from the chains of poverty. You are laying the groundwork for physical, social, and spiritual infrastructures that will bring holistic well-being to thousands.
  7. 7. causelife Cotton Verhoeven at the causelife golf tournament hosted by Kevin Foster, October 2013. I n thousands of communities around the world . . . in the lives of millions fighting against sickness, poverty, and hunger . . . health and development must begin with clean water. This principle has been the mainstay for Kingdom Partners’ clean-water initiatives over the years. And because of your efforts to alleviate the World Water Crisis, people around the world are experiencing health and prosperity never thought possible. Since the beginning of your partnership with World Help, you have saved and transformed thousands of lives by providing clean water. From fundraising, to providing wells, implementing innovative water projects, and dedicating these projects in person—no part in the process has returned empty-handed. 2013 Impact Report | 14 And in 2013, you inspired us once again. You campaigned, strategized, golfed, and ran! Now clean water can flow into the lives of individuals who need it the most. Your gifts this year are reaching destitute Amazonian villages in Peru, the arid flatlands of Zimbabwe, mountaintop communities in Guatemala, Honduran slum sites, and the low-caste people groups of India. Thank you for giving them the promise of a healthy tomorrow.
  8. 8. Spiritual Development A t the very core of Kingdom Partners’ work is the desire to stir the souls of hopeless individuals with the love of Christ. Your support of spiritual development projects in dark and desperate countries around the globe has left an impact that will last for eternity. Over the last year, you have been instrumental in our massive evangelism initiative in China—the distribution of USB drives formatted with the Bible and other biblical resources—which has the potential to reach millions of university students. 2013 Impact Report | 16 You also funded the production and distribution of Farsi Children’s Bibles in Iran—a nation well known for its hostility toward Christians— where less than 2 percent of the population confesses Christ. World Help firmly believes these gifts will pave the way for true knowledge and understanding of God’s love in Iran. Additionally, your dedication to global church planting reaches thousands of lives with the power of the Gospel, year after year. In 2013, you supported World Help’s church-planting initiatives, which saw the beginning of 8,200 churches in China, India, Cuba, and Nepal this year—impacting over 230,000 people with the Gospel.
  9. 9. operation baby rescue Jonathan and Kristen Chambers are honored at the President’s Council, May 2013. K ingdom Partners has supported Operation Baby Rescue throughout rural Guatemala since the beginning of this incredible initiative. Throughout the last several years, you have rescued more than 100 suffering Guatemalan children. And now, your impact is overflowing into Uganda and Haiti. Your gifts have greatly aided the rescue center on the campus of Destiny Village of Hope near Kampala, Uganda. The center continues to grow as a second baby dorm was built this year, allowing our staff to provide for twice as many abandoned children rescued from local slums. This year also saw the official launch of World Help’s Operation Baby Rescue initiative in Haiti, where 2013 Impact Report | 18 malnutrition is considered the leading cause of death in children. Vena is just one of those rescued by your compassion. At 2 years of age, Vena came to our rescue center in Ouanaminthe, Haiti, weighing only 10 pounds. After several weeks of intensive nutrition therapy, he took his first steps toward health . . . toward hope. Without Kingdom Partners’ involvement with Operation Baby Rescue, we would not experience the current success of this outreach in impoverished Haitian communities. You’re not only rescuing lives and restoring children to their full potential; you’re helping write history in Haiti, Uganda, and Guatemala.
  10. 10. Honduras David and Sandra Perry on a trip to Honduras, August 2013. H onduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America, but you have recognized the incredible opportunities to share hope there. Today, you are building toward a healthier future for Honduras by ensuring the best quality of care for hundreds of its children. Many of the children you support are immersed in dangerous environments, all too familiar with gang violence and crime. Our partner program is a much-needed positive influence in their lives. In addition to personal tutoring and spiritual nurturing, the children also receive two meals every day—the best source of nutrition any of them have. 2013 Impact Report | 20 Kingdom Partners has also given extensively to support feeding programs and to supply life-saving humanitarian aid in Honduras, including medicines and medical equipment. In 2012 and 2013, you built several small homes for families devastated by poverty that continue to make an impact in their communities. “I feel very happy and also very grateful for the great help I received,” said one mother named Eybi, a school aide and mother of three. After caring for six other people in a cramped, ramshackle two-bedroom hut, her new home has restored a sense of dignity and given her a reason to hope.
  11. 11. Gifts of hope Paul and Billie Szumiak with a wheelchair recipient in Peru, November 2013. K ingdom Partners knows very well the necessity of sustainable investment in impoverished communities. Your work has never been about “charity” but rather a philosophy of cultivation and strengthening so that true hope is achieved. Your contributions to Gifts of Hope in 2013 are now helping struggling communities and families grow closer to a healthier, stronger, more holistic way of life. In addition to investing in ecological community projects all around the world, you also gave livestock to some of the earth’s most destitute people this year. The gift of animals may seem simple, but to their recipients, they’re enough to transform lives and 2013 Impact Report | 22 futures. Just think, one goat or a pair of chickens means an immediate supply of nutrition for malnourished children, plus an in-demand product to sell in local markets. Your gifts begin to make a difference overnight! You also gave school supplies, uniforms, books, sports equipment, and more to children in Africa, Nepal, India, Peru, Guatemala, and Honduras. These children aren’t simply growing as students; they’re working toward breaking the threshold of poverty that has enslaved their families for centuries. Your gifts cannot be downplayed. Thank you for changing lives . . . for bringing hope where little exists.
  12. 12. nepal Skip Taylor reunites with Anna, a former sponsored child he first met in Nepal 10 years ago. She now serves as a Children of the World chaperone, M any years ago, Kingdom Partners came alongside the ministry of our long-time friend and partner Pastor Kam. Today, this partnership continues to overflow into the lives of precious children and communities in significant spiritual and humanitarian need. April 2013. Your ongoing support of development programs in Nepal is contributing toward movements of incredible scale. In 2013, you gave to support five different children’s homes and invested in the work of dozens of committed church planters. Pastor Kam recently shared the story of one young woman named Anita, who was introduced to Christ though one of our churchplanting initiatives. 2013 Impact Report | 24 Anita received harsh backlash from her family when they discovered she had made a declaration of faith in Christ. As strict Hindus, they discouraged Anita from attending her new church. Yet she remained faithful to Christ and prayed fervently for her family’s salvation. After her father became gravely ill, Anita asked local church leaders to pray over him, and several days later he was miraculously healed. Moved by her commitment to Christ, Anita’s family recognized the power of her newfound faith. Today, they are worshipers of the one true God and attend church every week with Anita.
  13. 13. Uganda U gandans are a resilient people who have risen above national loss and heartache—and you have helped them soar. From supporting “Good Samaritan” Forgotten Children Centers, that provide for those affected by genocide, civil war, and displacement, to funding the ongoing development of children’s homes . . . you are making sure that Uganda’s next generation receives the resources it needs to achieve full potential. This year, 100 former sponsored children launched their own church plant just outside the slums of Kampala. Your years of compassion have left an impact beyond imagination and we are thrilled to see the fruit of your labor being lived out in their lives. 2013 Impact Report | 26 Your most recent gifts in Uganda have included the backing of brandnew medical clinics—life-saving facilities in regions where even the simplest sickness can turn deadly. Combined with your support of the new Operation Baby Rescue outreach, these new healthcare amenities will bring total restoration to thousands while building stronger families. Today, World Help is celebrating with the Saints Gate Church in Katwe over their nearly finished building—a dream many thought impossible— now a reality because of your giving. Kingdom Partners’ involvement is being manifested in a thriving church congregation of more than 2,000 people! With your help in 2013, they were able to begin the process of installing an updated window system.
  14. 14. Myanmar W In response to Myanmar’s growing drug trafficking crisis, the MYC’s drug rehabilitation facility has been a pivotal ministry for dozens of young adults. Your support of the Young Crusaders’ work is allowing them to help reclaim lives from the dark world of Myanmar’s ever-present corruption and crime influences. Over the past year, Myanmar has experienced a time of political and social development like never before. Our partners have been given incredible opportunities to invest in the forward development of thousands . . . and your work here is playing an undeniable part. 2013 Impact Report | 28 orld Help is so grateful for Kingdom Partners’ involvement in our long-standing relationship with the Myanmar Young Crusaders (MYC) ministry and children’s home in Yangon. Through sponsorship, you are helping care for children affected by extreme poverty, abandonment, and trafficking. Additionally, our partner’s churchplanting efforts in Myanmar are opening doors for the light of the Gospel to shine in so many broken areas plagued by spiritual blindness. Thank you for joining with World Help and MYC to transform lives in Myanmar.
  15. 15. Fundraisers C impact ommunity-building fundraising and enthusiastic advocacy have always played an integral role in Kingdom Partners’ work. Thank you for your tireless planning and preparation as you advocate for those in need. The success of your events is being translated into healthy, hope-filled lives around the world. The last 12 months have been brimming with activity for Kingdom Partners as you hosted some of your most exciting fundraisers yet! The 2013 Kingdom Since 1999, Kingdom Partners has raised and personally given $5,845,960 . . . impacting 1.3 million lives. This year alone, your efforts yielded over $660,000 given directly to reach individuals with help and hope— impacting over 93,000 people. The Children of the The 2013 Partners’ golf World concert Huntington Beach tournament raised hosted by Kingdom Turkey Trot hosted funds to assist in Partners was attended by Harvey Saarloos by 650 people, resulting in was attended by 1,600 expansion, which will new child sponsorships, people and raised over impact hundreds of $16,426 raised for Operation $35,000 to provide clean slum children. Baby Rescue, $835 worth water in the Philippines, of merchandise sold, and Here are some highlights the Maru Asha campus Guatemala, and India. hundreds of individuals awakened to the needs of the world. 2013 Impact Report | 30 W orld Help could not be more grateful for our relationship with Kingdom Partners and the work you are accomplishing around the world. Our earnest desire is to give you a clear representation of the eternal impact you are making. Your vision, love, and sacrifice are writing a story here on earth that will outlive you. Just think, in the course of a year . . . • You planted churches where none existed. • You provided the care to nurse starving children back to life. • You gave the gift of Bibles to people who have never heard the name of Jesus. • You revived crippled villages with the power of clean water. • You set up foundations of hope for children to build their futures on. Thank you for impacting lives by committing your time, energy, and resources to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow worldwide. 2013 Impact Report | 31
  16. 16. Thank you for investing in something that will outlive you and last for eternity. P.O. Box 501 Forest, VA 24551 800.541.6691 worldhelp.net @world_help fb.com/worldhelp