Above Average Group 3


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Above Average Group 3

  2. 2. growing up & that passion…
  3. 3. Entrance studies…
  4. 4. Was it all that easy…?
  5. 5. And more hard work…A
  6. 6. At last….it pays off..
  7. 7. This is IIT, Delhi.
  8. 8. So is this…
  9. 9. And this…
  10. 10. Broken drum sticks…
  11. 11. And those magical moments…
  12. 12. Unmatched in Studies…
  13. 13. Finally
  14. 14. more challenges
  15. 15. And the life goes on..
  16. 16. Was it all worth???
  17. 17. by Amitabha Bagchi
  18. 18. Introduction Above Average is the story of a middle-class Delhi boy with an aptitude for science and mathematics but a yearning to be the drummer of a rock band. Arindam effortlessly graduates from being a colony kid to being amongst an elite bunch of techies in IIT. Published in 2007 by Harper Collins. Set in a first person format Students empathize with the story easily.
  19. 19. Author’s Profile  Amitabha Bagchi was born and brought up in Delhi  Was a good student and took part in Junior Science Talent Search, National Talent Search, Physics and Maths Olympiads  Got into IIT Delhi in 1992  Did his Ph.D in Computer Science in 2002  Currently working as Asst Professor at IIT Delhi in the Computer Science Department  Above Average marked his debut as author 
  20. 20. Arindam Chatterjee - The Protagonist English speaking Bengali Born and brought up in Delhi Tries to settle into new surroundings and establishing early relationships Tries to best fit in but feels like an outsider Gets into IIT Delhi Aspires to be a Drummer Has interest in Research Goes to Baltimore, USA to pursue further studies
  21. 21. Arindam Chatterjee – The Protagonist Known as Rindu Really good at Optics and discerning toughest problems Brought up in Mayur Vihar Loved his family a lot Amongst the toppers at IIT JEE Friends were more of competitors at IIT Hostel Flop Show as a Drummer courtesy Rocksurd Inspired by Algorithm Professor Kanitkar
  22. 22. Initial Stages Attending Study Circle classes for IIT JEE after School hours Made friends Solved difficult problems with ease Worked really hard… Solved Irodov et al Got into IIT Delhi for Computer Sciences programme
  23. 23. IIT Delhi Made a lot of friends Started off with the usual rat race of Grades and Cumulative Scores Fell in love with Drumming Aspired to be in the College Band Got into the band but a faux pas led by a broken stick Inclination towards Research started in the 3rd Year after Kanitkar’s Algorithm Classes Again missed the opportunity and his friend Neeraj got the recommendation for PhD at Stanford
  24. 24. Chapter-wise description
  25. 25. Photocopy The story starts here when Arindam Chatterjee aka Rindu is preparing for his IIT-JEE  Meets Karan and Bagga at the Study Circle  The gullible Rindu gets to know the street smart way of life. Thus, the significance of the word “Photocopy”
  26. 26. Parachute  Introduction to Rindu's family background   Society & Culture in which Rindu was raised   Bobby & his 'Mandawli stories'  The middle class family backdrop is signified by  “Parachute”
  27. 27. Rocksurd  The story transits Arindam's life in IIT, Delhi   Talks about the Rock Scene in IIT   Rocksurd is a Sardarji who plays Drums   Throws light on the life & culture at IIT
  28. 28. Asian Paints Woman Rindu gets to know that Bhavana has been  murdered by Winky, who commits suicide He remembers the times he and Bobby spent  with Bhavana and Abhilasha on Diwali
  29. 29. Hey Joe This chapter is about the IIT Rock festival – Rendezvous Kartik, Rindu's roomie is introduced. He is a topper & the college guitarist Rindu's tryst with drums start, he jams with Pandit and forms a band They perform at the rock fest & Rocksurd messes the show with Rindu
  30. 30. Bandhu The SC ST quota student used the term Bandhu  to address themselves   The carrom culture   And, the college politics
  31. 31. Three bistable partitions Kanitkar, the brilliant professor was introduced Algorithm which was to change Rindu's life was Kanitkar's subject Rindu recieved his first acadamic spotlight His relation with Neeraj and Sheikhu started with Algo research Kanitkar offered help with scholarship at Stanford to Neeraj Rindu met Aparna at a spic macay
  32. 32. Three bistable partitions - contd Rindu enters his third year at IIT Kanitkar Leaves IIT for University of Chicago Rindu and Aparna start a relationship Sheikhu gets admission to IIM A without telling Rindu Rindu and Neeraj deepen their friendship Neeraj is very concerned about his Neice, Chanda Rindu and Aparna meet Chanda Rindu leaves for Baltimore, USA
  33. 33. I climbed Mt Rainer in Jeans Rindu went to Baltimore after IIT to do his Ph.D on the assurance that Kanitkar will send a recommendation which he didn't He tried to keep contact and the relation with his girlfriend but she dumped him for someone else Sheikhu and Kartik met him in India and try to call him back here to work in india cause they need people like him here He comes to know that Neeraj's neice Chanda has been murdered by his father. After years of their last meet He still feels very sad for his friend and cries for him
  34. 34. Key Learnings  quot;I must have decided at some point in my time at school that I should try to get into one of the IITs. But when I made that decision, if I ever made it consciously, I could never remember.quot;  This shows that Arindam was equally confused as most of us are at some point or the other 
  35. 35. Key Learnings  quot;The battle for grades and academic achievement was just one small part of the larger war, the others being the battles to appear unconcerned, in control, well rounded, self confident. Accustomed all our lives to being lauded as exceptional, we were all scared that the true measure of ourselves, our unremarkable selves, would emerge one day.quot;  This just shows that IITians are just humans and not the demi-gods that they are assumed to be
  36. 36. Key Learnings  quot;We aren't what we do or what we achieve or what we acquire or about what we become, we are and we always will be what we want.“   It means that ‘Success in Life’ is as much about talent as desire
  37. 37. Key Learnings  If you have ever felt the desire to be some one in your life, then this book will find an instant connect with you, because its all about growing up, fighting to be the best, well almost the best .   It proves that if you have a dream and you stick to it with all your heart you will most probably get it sooner or later   Only professional success without enriching relationships wont make your life any better
  38. 38. Thank you Group 3 Aneesh Bhandari Sushant Gaur Akshay Moghe Pranay Sharma Rahul Mittal Anju B. Ahuja Kshitiz Pratap