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Free energy efficient measures under ECO


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WorkWork ltd is a leading provider of energy efficiency measures & heating solutions all over UK. We are also involved in various government initiatives like CERT, Green Deal, ECO (Energy Company Obligation), FIT (Feed in Tariff) and RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). Currently, we are offering free funding for boiler replacement, cavity wall, room in roof and loft insulation under ECO2 (Energy Company Obligation).

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Free energy efficient measures under ECO

  1. 1. Presented by WorkWork Ltd Free Energy Efficiency Measures under ECO (Energy Company Obligation)
  2. 2. Funding for Energy Efficient Measures Funding available for energy efficient measures:  Boiler replacement  Cavity wall insulation  Loft insulation  Room in roof insulation 02089027290
  3. 3. Free Boiler Replacement  Funding for old boiler replacement.  Free replacement of old low efficient boiler older than approximately 8-10 years.  Replacement with new energy efficient A-rated condensing boiler at free of cost for eligible.  Funding is available for oil & LPG boiler replacement in non- mains. 02089027290
  4. 4. Oil/LPG Boilers for non-mains  Free funding for Oil/LPG boilers.  With LPG/Oil, a modern highly efficient condensing boiler achieves approximately 90% efficiency.  Low maintenance & servicing.  Easy to install.  Greenest form of fossil fuel to non-mains households.  The price of LPG/oil is 02089027290
  5. 5. Cavity wall Insulation  Save up to £275 yearly with cavity wall insulation.  Improves energy efficiency by reducing heat loss through the walls.  Cost-effective way to reduce energy bills.  Free installation for every household which contains cavity. 02089027290
  6. 6. Loft Insulation  Prevents 25% heat loss.  Effective way to reduce energy bills up to £250 annually.  Lasts for at least 40 years.  Free funding available for loft insulation. 02089027290
  7. 7. Room in Roof Insulation  Inserts insulation boards in-between the roof rafters.  ECO (Energy Company Obligation) grants are available for 100% funding.  Keeps home warm & cosy.  Reduces energy bills by preventing heat escape. 02089027290
  8. 8. Book your grant with free survey @ 02089027290 Thank You!