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Motivational Inspirational Famous MLM Quote Pdf Document

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Motivational inspirational mlm_quote

  1. 1. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!!I am very please to introduce this e-book to you. You can distribute orshare this e-book with anyone you know.In this e-book you will find famous quote aboutLife/Success/Happiness/Workplace/Job/Business featuring quote fromvarious famous people.By MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  2. 2. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 1. “ Your Attitude, Not Your Aptitude, Will Determine Your Altitude." Zig Ziglar 2. “Any Experience Can Be Transformed Into Something Of Value." Vash YoungBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  3. 3. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 3. “The Horizon Leans Forward, Offering You Space To Place New Steps Of Change.” Maya Angelou 4. “Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson 5. “Adversity Does Not Build Character, It Reveals It.” James Lane Allen 6. “A Dreamer Is One Who Can Only Find His Way By Moonlight, And His Reward Is That He Sees The Dawn Before The Rest Of The World.” Oscar Wilde 7. “Out Imagination Is The Only Limit To What We Can Hope To Have In The Future.” Charles F. Kettering 8. “Any Change, Even A Change For The Better, Is Always Accompanied By Drawbacks And Discomforts.” Arnold Bennett 9. “Life’s Hurdles Can Be Great Opportunities When We Fix Our Minds To Rise above Them.” Lincoln PatzBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  4. 4. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 10. “There Are Only Two Ways To Live Your Life, One Is As Though Nothing Is A Miracle. The Other Is As Is Everything Is.” Albert Einstein 11. “And In The End, It’s Not The Years In Your Life That Count- It’s The Life In Your Years.” Abraham Lincoln 12. “Pleasure In The Job Puts Perfection In The Work.” Aristotle 13. “When One Starts To Visualize The Impossible, One Begins To See It As Possible.” Cherie Carter-Scott 14. “You Have To Learn The Rules Of The Game And Then You Have To Play Better Than Anyone Else.” Albert Einstein 15. “When Brilliant Minds, Attitudes, And Talents Come Together To From One Goal- Expect A Masterpiece.” John Ruskin 16. “The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It.” Alan KayBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  5. 5. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 17. “Leading by Examples Is Not the Main thing influencing Others, It Is the Only Thing.” Albert Schweitzer 18. “Experience Is Not What Happens To You; It Is What You Do With What Happen To You.” Aldous Huxley 19. “Quality Begins On The Inside, And Then Works Its Way Out.” Bob Moawad 20. “Prosperity Discovers Vice, Adversity Discovers Virtue.” Sir Francis Bacon 21. “Perhaps Our Eyes Need To Be Washed By Our Tears Once In A While, So That We Can See Life with A Clearer View Again.” Alex Tan 22. “The Art Of Progress Is To Preserve Order Amid Change And To Preserve Change Amid Order.” Alfred North Whitehead 2 3. “Peopl e Living Deeply Have No Fear Of Death.” Anals Nin 2 4. “The Way We Live Our Days Is The Way We Live Our Lives.” Annie DillardBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  6. 6. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 25. “Leaders Keep Their Eyes On The Horizon, Not Just The Bottom Line.” Warren G. Bennis 26. “Change Alone Is Eternal, Perpetual, And Immortal.” Arthur Schopenhuer 27. “When You Reach The Top, Keep Ascending; Otherwise You Start Descending.” Lincoln Patz 28. “Anyone Who Has Never Made A Mistake, Has Never Tried Anything New.” Albert Einstein 29. “We Are Repeated What We Do, Excellence, Therefore Is Not An Act, But A Habit.” Arnold Bennett 30. “In Life You Need Either Inspiration Or Desperation.” Anthony Robbins 31. “Ability Is What Gives You The Opportunity; Belief Is What Gets You There.” Apollo BeliefBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  7. 7. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 32. “Do Unto Others As You would Have Them Do Unto You.” Mathew 33. “Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves.” Aristotle 34. “The World Is A Dangerous Place, Not Because Of Those Who Do Evil, But Because Of Those Who Look On And Do Nothing.” Albert Einstein 35. “It’s Easier to Go down a Hill than Up, But The View From The Top Is Better.” Arnold Bennett 36. “Seeing Within Changes One’s Outer Perspective.” Joseph Chilton Pearce 37. “If Life Were Predictable It Would Cease To Be Life, And Be Without Flavor.” Eleanor Roosevelt 38. “Things Turn Out Best For The People Who Make The Best Of The Way Things Turn Out.” Art Linkletter 39. “The Dictionary Is The Only Place Where SUCCESS Comes Before WORK.” Arthur BrisbaneBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  8. 8. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 40. “Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge.” Albert Einstein 41. “We Must Embrace Pain And Burn It As Fuel For Our Journey.” Kenji Miyazawa 42. “Determination Is The Wake-Up Call To The Human Will.” Anthony Robbins 43. “Many Of The Things You Can Count, Don’t Count. Many Of Things You Can’t Count, Really Count.” Albert Einstein 44. “Things May Come To Those Who Wait.. But Only The Things Left By Those Who Hustle.” Abraham Lincoln 45. “In The Hopes Of Reaching The Moon, Men Fail To See The Flowers Blooming At Their Feet.” Albert Schweitzer 46. “Anyone Who Keeps And Develops The Ability To See Beauty Never Grows Old.” Franz Kafka 47. “The Safest Principle Through Life Instead Of Reforming Others, Is To Set About Perfecting Yourself.” B.R. Haydon 48. “He Is Rich Or PoorBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  9. 9. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! According To What He Is, Not According To What He Has.” Henry Ward Beecher 49. “Respect Yourself If You would Have Others Respect You.” Baltasar Gracian 50. “Life Is A Game Board, Time Is Your Opponent. If You Procrastinate, You Will Lose The Game. You Must Make A Move To Be Victorious.” Napoleon Hill 51. “It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been.” George Eliot 52. “Action May Not Always Bring Happiness, But There Is Not Happiness Without Action.” Benjamin Disraeli 53. “A False Friend And A Shadow Attend Only While The Sun Shines.” Benjamin Franklin 54. “To Live Is The Rarest Thing In The World Most People Exist, That Is All,” Oscar Wilde 55. “It Is Hard For An Empty Bag To Stand Up.” Benjamin Franklin 56. “Well Done Is Better Than Well Said.” Benjamin FranklinBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  10. 10. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 57. “Regret For Wasted Time Is More Wasted Time,” Mason Cooley 58. “He Who Believes In Nobody Knows He Himself Is Not To Be Trusted.” Berthold Anerbach 59. “Great Works Are Performed, Not By Strength, But Perseverance.” Samuel Johnson 60. “Because Things Are The Way They Are, Things Will Not Stay The Way They Are.” Bertolt Brecht 61. “The Only Limits On Human Achievement Are Self-Imposed.” Dr. Denis WaitleyBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  11. 11. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 62. “Joy Is The Holy Fire That Keeps Our Purpose Warm And Our Intelligence Aglow.” Helen Keller 63. “There Are No Shortcuts To Anywhere Worth Going.” Beverly Sills 64. “There Is Power In Simplicity.” Ronnie 65. “Yesterday’s The Past. Tomorrow’s True Future. But Today Is The Gift. That’s Why It’s Called The Present.” Bil Keane 66. “For Fast Acting Relief Try Slowing Down.” Lily Tomlin 67. “Decide That You Want It More Than You Are Afraid Of It.” Bill Cosby 68. “Obstacles Don’t Have To Stop You. If You Run Into A Wall, Don’t Turn Around & Give Up. Figure Out How To Climb It, Go Through It, Or Work Around It.” Michael Jordan 6 9 . “I Don’t Know TheBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  12. 12. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! Key To Success, But The Key To Failure Is Trying To Please Everybody.” Bill Coaby 70. “The Highest Reward For A Man’s Toil Is Not What He Gets For It, But What He Becomes By It.” John Ruskin 71. “Happiness Resides Not In Possessions And Not In Gold; The Feeling Of Happiness Dwells In The Soul.” Democritus 72. “You Can Determine How Confident People Are By Listening To What They Don’t Say About Themselves.” Brain G. Jett 73. “Start Planning For The Future Today, So That You May Be Prepared And Ready For Tomorrow.” Lincoln Patz 74. “The Man Who Makes No Mistakes Usually Doesn’t Make Anything.” Bishop W.C. MageeBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  13. 13. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 75. “There Is Nothing In A Caterpillar That Tells You It’s Going To Be A Butterfly.” Buckminster Fullter 76. “As We Let Our Light Shine, We Unconsciously Give Other People Permission To Do The Same.” Marianne Williamson 77. “I Am Not Discouraged, Because Every Wrong Attempt Discarded Is Another Step Forward.” Thomas Edison 78. “There Are Two Mistakes One Can Make Along The Road To Truth. Not Going All The Way & Not Starting.” Buddha 79. “Make Failure Your Teacher, Not Your Undertaker.” Zig Ziglar 80. “That’s One Small Step For A Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind.” Neil ArmstrongBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  14. 14. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 81. “Nobody Rises To Low Expectations.” Calvin Lloyd 82. “A Man Who Suffers Or Stresses Before It Is Necessary, Suffers More Than Necessary.” Seneca 83. “Worry Does Not empty Tomorrow Of Sorrow, It Empties Today Of Strength.” Come Ten Boon 84. “You Can Set Yourself To Be Sick, Or You Can Choose To Stay Well.” Wayne Dyer 85. “The Important Thing Is To Be Able At Any Moment, to Sacrifice What We Are For What We Could Become.” Charles Dubois 86. “Making The Simple Complicated Is Commonplace. Making The Complicated Awesomely Simple, That’s Creativity.” Charles MinguBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  15. 15. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 87. “Not The Cry, But The Flight Of The Wild Duck, Leads The Flock To Fly And Follow.” Chinese Proverb 88. “A Fool Despises Good Counsel, But A Wise Man Takes It To Heart.” Confucius 89. “Looking At Small Advantages Prevents Great Affairs From Being Accomplished.” Confucius 90. “ T o Be Aware Of A Single Shortcoming In Oneself Is More Useful Than To Be Aware Of A Thousand In Someone Else.” Dalai Lama 91. “People Rarely Succeed Unless They Have Fun In What They Are Doing.” Dale Carnegie 92. “It’s Important To Know What Words Don’t Move Mountain, Work Moves Mountains.” Danilo Dolici 93. “You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything.” David AllenBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  16. 16. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 94. “A Successful Man Is One Who Can Lay A Firm Foundation With The Bricks Others Have Thrown At Him.” David Brinkley 95. “ I Am A Great Believer In Luck, And I Find The Harder I Work The More I Have Of It.” Thomas Jefferson 96. “Real Success Is Finding Your Lifework In The Work That You Love.” David McCullough 97. “Small Opportunities Are Often Tge Beginning Of Great Enterprises.” Demosthenes 98. “Wisdom Is Knowing What To Do Next, Virtue Is Doing It.” David Starr Jordan 99. “The Only Difference Between A Good Day And A Bad Day Is Your Attitude.” Dennis S. Brown 100. “Goals Are Dreams With Deadlines.” Diana Scharf HuntBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM
  17. 17. 107 Famous Motivational Inspirational Quote Saying!! 101. “Sanity May Be Madness But The Maddest Of all Is To See Life As It And Not As It Should Be.” Don Quixote 102. “The Way To Get Good Ideas Is To Get Lots Of Ideas, And Throw The Bad Ones Away.” Dr. Linus Pauling 103. “Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened.” Dr. Seuss 104. “A Problem Is A Chance For You To Do Your Best.” Duke Ellington 105. 105.“Leadership Is The Art Of Getting Someone To Do Something You Want Done Because He Wants To Do It.” Dwight Eisenhower 106. “Pull The String And It Will Follow Wherever You Wish. Push It, And It Will Go Nowhere At All.” Dwight Eisenhower 107. “Remember The Difference Between A Boss And A Leader, A Boss Says”Go!” A Leader Says “Let’s Go!.” E.M. KellyBy MLM Training India Http://MLMTRAININGINDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM