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Download, Monavie mlm compensation presentation plan business plan

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Download Monavie mlm compensation presentation plan

  1. 1. http://MLMTrainingIndia.BlogSpot.Com
  2. 2. A MORE MEANINGFUL LIFEhttp://MLMTrainingIndia.BlogSpot.Com
  3. 3. BE IS
  4. 4. “The Wellness Revolution” For Global Healthhttp://MLMTrainingIndia.BlogSpot.Com
  5. 5. Wel Come to MONA·VIE The Tree of Life
  6. 6. MONA·VIE• A US based Multi National Company.• Established in 2005 and spread over 20 countries.• In 18th place among the global Fortune-500 direct selling companies .• A Billion Dollar company-faster than Apple, Micros, Microsoft, Herbalife etc.• 5 million active distributors.• Accounts more than 50% of top global-500 earners.
  7. 7. MONA·VIE• Company have 12 patents and many more on pipeline.• Top World Renowned Nutritional Scientists in the Mona-vie Advisory board.• $ 250 million budget for R&D.• No.1 Anti Oxidant, blended with 19 fruit‟s juice.• Thousands of testimonials of recovery from Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis and many more disorders.• An Opportunity to serve the Global Society.
  8. 8. Are You Healthy ???WHO (World Health Organisation) says: Only Physical wellbeing is not Health. THEN???• Physically• Mentally• Psychologically• Socially• Spiritually• FINANCIALY well balanced…
  9. 9. What your body really needs !!!• Nutritional Food• Mineral Water• Fresh Air• Sun Light• Peace of Mind• Stress less Life
  10. 10. Does your wonderful body gets all these ??? Nooooo !!!!!!!oo
  11. 11. Why Soooooooo !?!?Because…• FOOD Contains Pesticides, Insecticides & Harmful Chemicals.• WATER Chlorinated, Fluorinated & Polluted.• AIRHighly mixed with carbon monoxide / carbon dioxide/ Sulphur dioxide/ Nitrogen Oxide.• SUNHole in the Ozone layer.• MINDHigh Stress due to busy life.
  12. 12. Causes of Free Radicals - means unstable compound which is in and around us in the atmosphere.mainly Everyday living Insufficient sleep Tobacco smoke Strenuous exercises Alcohol Pollution Stress Insecticides / Chemicals Excessive sun Light Radiation
  13. 13. Effect of Free Radicals“It attacks and damage millions of Healthy functioning cells”RESULT: • Oxidative stress • Metasis (Cancer cells) – Mutation defective cells • Plaque in blood vessels • Ageing Chromosome degenerationEx: Cut apple
  14. 14. What‟s the Effect on your BODY ???• Early Aging • Glucoma• Obesity • Skin Diseases• Diabetes/Gangrene • Asthama• Heart attack • Orthoraites• Brain Hemorrhage • Gastritis• Paralysis • Piles• Liver Failure • Cancer• Kidney Failure • Many more• Blood Pressure chronic diseases
  15. 15. Statistics• As per Survey conducted from 2007 to 2011, out of 5 urban Indian ONE is Diabetic.• 60% prone for heart diesease due to Stress.• 9,50,000 ppl suffered from Heart diesease – 2010 world survey.• 1,60,000 ppl affected from Paralysis/strokes.• 44,00,000 ppl are victims of High blood Pressure.• 150,00,000 ppl suffering from Bronchitis (Lungs) and CPD (Chronic pulmanary diesease).• 70Million ppl suffering from Cancer, Blindness, catract. .............Then What‟s the SOLUTION ?????
  16. 16. Scientific Research.....• In America More than 3,00,000 published articles says “By consuming Nutritional fruits & Vegetables could reduce 30% of the above disorders”. (Fellow associate Royal Society of Medicines USA)• Dr. Paul Clayton Says “World health can not be produced in Clinical Laboratories ”
  17. 17. Now “WE NEED TO CHANGE” From “illness to Wellness”
  18. 18. One Solution for many problems MONA·VIENow in India
  19. 19. World Renowned Brains behind MONA·VIE Dr. Nathan D. Wong, PhD, MPH Dr. Penny Kris-EthertonPhD, RD Professor & Director of the heart Faculty at Pennsylvania state disease prevention Program University. (Cardiology) Member of American Society for University of California Clinical Nutrition Dr. Paul Clayton Dr. Alex Schauss, PhD,FACN Fellow of The Royal Society of Lead Scientist in the Natural and Medicine & Medicinal Products Division of former Senior Scientific Advisor AIBMR Life Sciences to the UK government‟s committee on the safety of Medicines Dr. Stephan T. TalcottPhD Dr. Bernie Landes, Associate Professor of Food President of Nutritional Chemistry in the Department Products consulting Group. of Nutrition & Food Science at Texas A&M University President, Mona·vie Scientific advisory board
  20. 20. Mona·vie Main Fruit - ACAIAcai Berry• Miracle fruit from Amazon.• No 1 Anti oxidant in the world.• No 1 supporter for immune system.• Highest ORAC (Oxygen Radicals Absorbents Capacity) compare to any other fruits and vegetables found till date, ORAC Score is 3000 to 5000.• ORAC Score is 15 times Higher than Rose berry and 20 times Higher than Blue berry.• From centuries Acai is used as food (Medicinal value).• More than 60 Scientific studies, proved Acai is the best.
  21. 21. Fruits from Heaven for Mankind.Powerful Acai fruit blended with other 18 nutritional fruits
  22. 22. How Mona·Vie Helps• Our bodies need a balance of • macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), • micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and • phytonutrients (antioxidants and polyphenols) to maintain excellent health.• Plant sterols: 1st time in the world added with the beverage which helps to reduce LDL Cholesterols.• Cetylated fatty acid: helps to reduces inflammation in the body.• Glucosamine: Regular use help maintain lubricating fluid in Joint promote flexibility range of motionAbove these are available in MONA·VIE in natural form as FOOD
  23. 23. MONA·VIE ESSENTIAL™KEY BENEFITS:• Protects your body at the cellular level against free radical damage with potent antioxidants.• Fights oxidative damage and the effects of aging.• Provides nutritional benefits for all ages.• Delivers the antioxidant capacity of approximately13 servings of common fruits and vegetables in just four ounces
  24. 24. MONA·VIE PULSE™KEY BENEFITS:• Boasts healthy levels of plant sterols to protect your heart and cardiovascular system.• Features resveratrol, which helps protect healthy blood vessels.• Fights oxidative damage and the effects of aging while helping to naturally lower cholesterol.• Features a wide array of essential nutrients for optimal health.• Delivers the antioxidant capacity of approximately13 servings of common fruits and vegetables in just four ounces
  25. 25. MONA·VIE M(M)U – N™KEY BENEFITS:• supports the immune system by priming key immune cells for action without stimulation.• Features Wellmune, which has been clinically shown to promote vitality and improved feelings of well-being.• shown to be safe and beneficial in seven clinical trials.• Fights oxidative damage by managing the effects of aging with powerful antioxidants and polyphenols
  26. 26. MONA·VIE EMV™KEY BENEFITS:• Scientifically formulated to provide longer lasting energy, without the unhealthy „high‟ and „low‟ typically associated with energy drinks.• Features healthy, all natural sources of energy to boostperformance, alertness and endurance.• Contains no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives
  27. 27. MONA·VIE RVL™KEY BENEFITS:• The most nutritious weight solution available.*• Helps maintain lean muscle mass.**• Fights hunger so you consume fewer calories. *** Compared to leading US. brands.**When used as a complete system and combined with a sensible diet andregular exercise
  28. 28. Thank you!!!http://MLMTrainingIndia.BlogSpot.Com