How to Set Goals In Life


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Learn how to set goals in your life and how to define your reasons to achieve them.

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How to Set Goals In Life

  1. 1. Are you creating empoweringgoals that push you into take action Mike Bragg
  2. 2. Tonight• What is a goal?• Why are goals so important to our success?• How can I create a goal I will put into action?• How to make sure you will not quit when its tough
  3. 3. What Is a Goal?• A goal by definition is a desired result something someone envisions, plans, and commits to achieve – a desired end-point in some sort of assumed development.• To me a goal is our dream or vision of something that will push us to achieve whatever it is we want to create in our lives and there are different goals for each area . The key is though to not just dream about it but to make it your reality.• Most people know what they should do in their lives,but never take action
  4. 4. Why are Goals important?• Our minds our always in pursuit mode… for if nothing else then at least trying to stop some type of pain or anything leading to more pain.• The brighter side is in the pursuit to create pleasure• But here is the problem we are unconsciously doing this and not tapping into the power we could have over our thoughts.
  5. 5. • What are your current goals? If yours are to just get byand pay your stinking bills your caught like a crab in a trap…• So all you want is to just get by?? Or do you want thrive, to live a blessed abundant joyful life. Creating Goals• First I want you to clear your mind of anythingnegative or a thoughts that say I could never do thator have that. Those beliefs do not serve you. So you needto create new beliefs ones that say if you can envision ityou can create it.
  6. 6. • So if you could have anything you wanted whatwould that be if you knew you could not fail?Nothing is to big just brainstorm and keep writinganything that comes to mind.• Do this for all the different areas in your life:spiritually , mentally, physically, financially, andEmotionally.1. Personal Development Goals2. Career/Business Goals3. Toys/Excitement Goals4. Giving/Contributing Goals
  7. 7. • Now you need to decide when you want to achievethese goals by. If you don’t know and just leave themopen ended they are just a dream. Make a decisionand date it.• Whether it is 1 year or 10 years you must committo a time.• Now pick your most important #1 one year goal ineach category and write out why you want to achievethis goal. What you get by achieving it? What wouldyou miss out on if you didn’t achieve it. Make sure youlink a strong enough why to your goal. Or link pain tonot achieving it. Sometimes pain can push you intoaction.
  8. 8. Don’t give up right before the goal line• Now you have to become certain you can achieve these by feeding your nervous system ahead of time to the pleasure of achieving your goals.• Several times a day you need to act like your reading a script for a movie and give all your energy and excitement into go over that one goal. See yourself getting ecstatic jump up and down scream it out just do it more emotional each time.
  9. 9. • Just like you condition your muscles if you work outYou need to condition the part of your brain to sendout signals of extreme certainty that you can do this.• The certainty will then transform into some type ofaction. When you are certain that you can achieveThis you will be confident and bold. You know whereyou are going and will attract the people, skills, and know how to attain it.• Here is what I have learned... On the way to achievingyour goal your path may curve and you may end upsomewhere much better then what you had pursued.Be open to that!
  10. 10. • The key to happiness is progress and contributing toothers in one way or another.• Remember to create new goals when you get close to achieving your current ones. You want stay in a constantState of growth. You must always be improving yourself!• I hope you all got some value from this• If you would like to connect with me and see what I’mdoing to make money from home part time please emailme at mike@workwithmikebragg.comHave a Blessed night!