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Slideshare workshop buffet's_get_tech_savvy_workshop_ppt_11aug2012


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This presentation was made on 11th Aug 2012 by Workshop Buffet at their Get Tech-Savvy workshop. For future workshops see

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Slideshare workshop buffet's_get_tech_savvy_workshop_ppt_11aug2012

  1. 1. Get tech- savvy with your laptop, tab and phone .Discover services/apps for a simpler life.
  2. 2. What’s the y-app about?• Platforms (Operating Systems) • Microsoft | iOS • Andriod | Blackberry• Apps (Software) – Evernote, Temple Run, SugarSync• Marketplace (Apps Mall)• Regular Apps V/S Cloud based Apps.
  3. 3. What’s the y-app about, really?• The Apps ecosystem and you.• Sign up for your Apple/ blackberry id.• Downloading Chrome, Evernote, Sugar Sync, Picasa, Skype & uTorrent.
  4. 4. Get Organised: Manage your data.• Anyone lost any contacts?• Never lose a Contact. EVER – Back up your data. – Sync your data with Outlook. – Put your Contacts on the ‘Cloud’ using Plaxo. – What is Plaxo – Watch this.
  5. 5. Get Organised: Manage your data.• Are your office files available at home? How?• Backups on the cloud.• Access from anywhere, anytime.• SugarSync – Installation on your tab & phone.
  6. 6. Get Organised: Manage your data.• Manage your media.• Photos.• Videos.• Let’s make a collage.
  7. 7. But I need more data..• Torrents.• About Torrents• Download whatever you need using: – Torrents – Using a torrent downloader: Utorrent, Bittorrent and even download managers like Flashget! – Hunt down whatever you need from (Torrent Search Engines) • • The Pirate Bay • Let’s download a Movie & some music.
  8. 8. Evernote..• Create a Personal and Work Notebook• Add 1 note each. ‘The 1st one’• Install Evernote on your tab & phone.• Access note ‘The 1st One’ from your tab/phone.• Edit the 1st One from your tab/phone.• Create a new note from your tab/phone.• Sync and view on your desktop.
  9. 9. Staying connected• Facebook: – Post a message. – Upload a picture. – Create an event. – Follow a Company/your interest. (like WorkshopBuffet) – Accessing all these on all devices.• What is Twitter – Create your account. – 1st Tweet. – Follow Workshop Buffet, each other and get followed. – Mentions. – ReTweet – Trending..
  10. 10. Staying connected - II• Google Plus – Post a message. – Upload a picture. – Create an event. – Follow a Company/your interest. (like WorkshopBuffet)• Skype – Create your account. – Add each other. – Video Conference.
  11. 11. Follow your passions..Sign up for:• Stumble Upon – Add Interest. – Stumble.• Pinterest – Sign Up. – Add interests.
  12. 12. Blog Log• Blogging. What is Blogging. – Who does it? – Blogger. – Sign up for a free blog. – First article. – Search for top blogs in your interest. • Lifehacker * Technocrati * Search for Blogging tips. – Subscribe for their ‘mailing list’ – Search for Photo Blogs.
  13. 13. Online ShoppingWhy shop online?• Cheaper or Convenient?• Payment options. – Debit/Credit Cards – Net Banking. – Cheque/DD – Cash on Delivery. – Virtual/Prepaid cards. – Want to make a purchase?
  14. 14. Q & A. Feedback. You.