17 most important questions to ask about health and safety in the workplace


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We pose a number of critical questions regarding Health and Safety in the Workplace which need to be considered in each and every working environment.

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17 most important questions to ask about health and safety in the workplace

  1. 1. 17 Most Important Questions to Ask about Health and Safety in the Workplace.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  2. 2. Health & Safety in the Workplace In this series of slides, we pose a number of critical questions regarding Health & Safety in the Workplace which need to be considered in each and every working environment. Some may need to be reviewed on a regular basis whilst others may not relate to your business after an initial investigation. We recommend that you consider each slide and then decide if you need to take any further action on the topics discussed.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  3. 3. Q1 – Have you got Health and Safety under Control? If you have five or more employees, as a minimum you will need a written Health & Safety policy statement. You will need to do Risk Assessments for your staff and review their working environment.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  4. 4. Q2 – What are the Chances of Slipping or Tripping at Work? This is the most common cause of injury in the workplace and can occur in any working environment. Estimations of the cost to employers exceeds £300m a year for these types of injuries.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  5. 5. Q3 – Do your Staff work with, or come into contact with, Asbestos? Asbestos can be found in many buildings constructed from 1950 to the mid-80’s as an insulation material, etc. Avoid working with Asbestos, if possible, but if not, make sure that you do safely!www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  6. 6. Q4 – Do your staff perform Work at Height and, if so, is it done safely? This covers falls from ladders and is no respecter of height. Even a fall from a few steps can cause injury! There are over 50 fatalities a year and 4000 major injuries a year involving falls from height.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  7. 7. Q5 –Do your Staff work with Hazardous Substances? This covers the materials they are working with and the environment in which they are working The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations covers this aspect of Health & Safety management.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  8. 8. Q6 – Do your Staff suffer from Sprains, Strains and Pains? Training people in the correct way to lift and carry loads in the workplace can reduce the number of days lost to these types of injuries. It is not just heavy loads that cause these problems, but usually just the way that they are picked up or carried.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  9. 9. Q7 – Are your Staff using Computers or other Display Screen Equipment? Staff using computers on a regular basis can cause a variety of problems including bad backs and eye strain. Correct design of the work station can minimise these problems and reduce the time lost by staff.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  10. 10. Q8 –Is the Work Environment Noisy? The protection of hearing is critical in the workplace and can affect old and young alike. Do people need to wear ear protection anywhere in the workplace? Are there any areas in the factory/office where people always have to shout to be heard?www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  11. 11. Q9 – Are your Staff exposed to Vibration? This can include the use of hand operated equipment ranging from angle grinders through to concrete breakers Driving heavy equipment or fork-lift trucks is another area of possible exposure and needs to be monitored.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  12. 12. Q10 – Hoe Safe is the Electricity in your Workplace? Electricity can kill so the need to ensure that all your equipment is safe is a major function of Health & Safety management. Poor electrical installations can also lead to fires which may result in injuries and, in the worst cases, deaths.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  13. 13. Q11 – What are the Risks from Transport in your Workplace? Even an office environment can have issues with danger from moving vehicles if they accept deliveries so the risks must be assessed. The danger of vehicles in the workplace can be more than on the public highway due to the operating conditions so must be considered where applicable.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  14. 14. Q12 – How do you Select and Use the Equipment in your Workplace It is important that you select the right equipment for doing each job and that staff are correctly trained in the safe use of this equipment This applies from photocopiers through to heavy equipment and that every person who does use the equipment is fully conversant with the correct working practices.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  15. 15. Q13 – Are you Aware of the Risks associated with High Pressure Systems? This covers the full range of equipment from high pressure systems through to the equipment used in dentists. The risk of failure of these systems due to poor maintenance or unsafe working practices needs to be monitored and managed.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  16. 16. Q14 – Do you know how to prevent Fire or Explosion? There are a number or regulations covering fire and explosive risks in the workplace. There are a wide range of possible sources of fire in the workplace and these all need to be assessed and managed.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  17. 17. Q15 – Are You, or your Staff, feeling Stressed at Work? There is a need to manage the stress felt by staff at work as this can lead to ill health and high staff turnover rates. This can be identified by carrying out a similar analysis as any other risk to health and then the necessary steps can be put into place to reduce and remove these risks.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  18. 18. Q16 – Are your Staff at Risk from Harmful Radiation? This can apply to any of your staff who are usually working outside in the sun as this is classed as UV- radiation so the risks to them must be assessed. There are other obvious sources of radiation in some workplaces such as lasers, x-ray equipment, etc.www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  19. 19. Q17 – Do you know what to do fi there is an Accident at Work? Are there enough first aid staff and equipment for your size of organisation? Are all your staff aware of the need to report every accident, no matter how small? Remember this is a legal requirement and must be recorded!www.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com
  20. 20. Health & Safety in the Workplace You need to have Health and Safety procedures in your business and we have the solutions to help you. Visit our site at Health and Safety in the Workplace and sign up for our reportwww.HealthandSafetyintheWorkplace.com