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Oks global monoline2


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Oks global monoline2

  1. 1. WWW.OKS-GLOBAL.COM S.E.C. No. CS201120850 2nd flor, SRMC Bldg, Aurora blvd. cor Stanford St, Cubao Q.C. Tel. No. : 407-42-65FINANCIAL FREEDOM TIME FREEDOM
  2. 2. BARLEY CAPSULE WITH WHEAT GRASS The young grass of the common wheat plant is referred to as "wheatgrass." It is praised by health- conscious individuals as a great source of nutrients. It is usually consumed by juicing or chewing the young blades. Some individuals grow the grass at home, and it is also a popular item in many health food stores. Barley grass is also a good source of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Both grasses are referred to a "super greens" in health circles. Significance Users of wheatgrass claim that regular consumption promotes general well-being as its mineral content includes calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, potassium, magnesium as well as some trace minerals. Barley grass is very high in organic sodium, calcium, iron and some B vitamins. Some Health Benefits: •Relieves Constipation Wheatgrass and barley grass have both been found effective in keeping the bowels open. •Detoxifier and Digestive Aid Wheatgrass and barley grass both have a high concentrate of chlorophyll, which is believed to improve digestion, detoxify the bloodstream and strengthen the cells. Chlorophyll is also helpful in slowing down the aging process. •Prevents Diabetes and Heals Ulcers The chlorophyll in wheatgrass and barley grass helps stabilize glucose levels in the blood, a preventative measure for diabetes. Regular consumption also helps prevent heart disease. Barley grass is good for healing ulcers. •Promotes Healthy Teeth and Gums Wheatgrass is good for healing mouth sores and strengthening the gums, therefore promoting healthy teeth. It also helps freshen breath and soothe sore throats. •Asthma Barley grass has been found beneficial in dealing with asthma.
  3. 3. - Cleanse and Detoxify the colon. -Treats pimple & other skin- Contains 100% pure chlorella - Pro-biotic have been found helpful in the healing of bacterial, - Promotes hair blemishes growth- Detoxifies and cleanses the body viral and fungal infection. - Treats skin allergies - Whitens teeth- Increase stamina and energy level - They also strengthen intestinal and digestive health in - Whitens skin - Shampoo- Boosts and strengthens Immune System several ways. - Reduces wrinkles - Facial wash- Stimulates growth due to Chlorella Growth Factor - Maintaining the proper balance of pro-biotic bacteria - Protects skin from UV rays - Mouth wash- Reverses Cancer cells and enhances tissue repair cleanses the body which helps prevent diseases. - Remove dead skin - Feminine wash- Fights against liver tumors, leukemia, cancer, - Multi beneficial microbes, pro-biotic health drink also pro- - Eliminates dandruff - Male organ lotion diabetes, hypertension and other diseases duces digestive and metabolic enzymes that aide in the diges- - Promotes healthy scalp - Under arm protector- Improves gastro-intestinal and physiological function tion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. - Boose Alkalinity - It improves digestive system function - Anti venom activity - Anti Malaria - Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen, - Prevent ulceration and protect colon - Respiratory Tract Infection - Anti Oxidant an important structural component of blood cellular linings Theraphy - Anti Inflammatory vessels, tendons, ligaments, and bones. - Controls acidity of lymphatic system - Anti Fertility Effect - Anti hyperglycemic - Good for heart function and strengthen the arteries - It helps normalize vowel movement systemfor strong vitality - Respiratory support for normal lungs function - Helps protect againts the development of infection, - Massive dosage of vitamin C cures viral pneumonia It can helps to ease the pain due to headache, - Delays aging, maintain skin moisture stomachache,dysmenorrheal, stiffneck, arthritis, - Anti-inflammatory,Cataract Eye care backpain,toothache, chest pain, rheumatism and - Anti-ulcer action, Anti allergic action other body and muscle pain - Free radical fighter Preventing damage to important cellular components caused - Protects against heart disease by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals and - Prevent cancer peroxides. It has recently been used as an inhibitor of melanin - Anti Allergic Function in the cosmetics industry. It competitively inhibits melanin - Lungs and Asthma treatment synthesis in the reaction of tyrosinase by interrupting amino - Effective Relief for Headache acids’ ability to bind to tyrosinase during melanin synthesis - Good for inhalation, gives more relax breathing that cause skin whitening. - Helps ease body pain - Good for bronchial protection against Free Radical damage - Anti aging - Good for Muscle relaxant - Life extension - Normalize Ureter Function - Superior for Bladder Function - Helps Better Sexual Function - Provides Balance nutrition to coffee - Protect your DNA lovers with special blend of choice - Improves your memory roots and herbs - Support healthy blood pressure levels - Give Extra Strength for better agility - Alertness to stay active day and night A great supplement for people on - Anti Cancer and Tumors diet and maintenance for a healthy - Increases energy immune system. It contains - Prevent Weight loss vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzyme - Lower Cholesterol Level s, antioxidants, and detoxifying - Improves Blood Circulation compounds. - Promotes Mental Alertness
  4. 4. Monoline Business Opportunity
  5. 5. How to earn• To start earning, purchased Php988.00 OKS Monoline Package, register two(2) new direct members. BENEFITS: Join OKS Up to 50% discount on Repeat Purchases Monoline Sales Kit Personalize Website with me Identification Card (I.D.) now ! 24/7 Online Business Tracking Account Free Health Check-up thru Iris Analysis Free Training – Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personality Development “OKS CARE” Benefits
  6. 6. Ways to earnFor every direct referral you register you earn P 150.00, after completing 2 new sponsor your account will be active. 150 Member A Member B You 150
  7. 7. Ways to earn You• Monoline works this way, all entries are place under the entry of the previous one, AFTER you complete 1st requirement of sponsoring 2 new directs, all new entries spilled over by the company from that time onwards 1 will be part of your cycle, system is going to count every 5 new entries place under you to complete 1 cycle. 2 Then system is going to place a new account of you under the 5th entry on 3 your cycle, for you to start your new cycle. 4 5 new downlines will be counted as part of your 5 cycle You
  8. 8. Ways to earnFor every 5 new registered member that is automatically placed under you is called your cycle, you earn P 50.00/cycle with a maximum of 12 cycles per day per active account, which is Php600/day. 1 Cycle = 50.00 You 5 new downlines
  9. 9. Ways to earn• Leadership Bonus – earn 10% from your first level earning referrals down to your 5th level indirects earning referrals cycle bonusses. 5.00 Cycle Bonus P 50.00 15.00 Cycle Bonus P 150.00 5.00 Cycle Bonus P 50.00 You 10.00 Cycle Bonus P 100.00 5.00 Cycle Bonus P 50.00 directs & indirects earning referrals from 1st up to 5th generation
  10. 10. What to do next• Maintenance – you must maintain your monoline account via automatic daily deduction up to P 988.00 monthly to continue earning monthly
  11. 11. How to join ?• Purchase any monoline entry package worth Php988.00 from OKS Global Office, Centers or Distributors near you.• For existing OKS Global distributors, click monoline tab from your distributor view page and click activate.• For existing OKS Global distributor with multiple accounts, just select account id then click activate• For new members ask your sponsor to assist you in registering your 1st monoline account.• For existing members who sponsor new member thru monoline entry (never been a member yet) go to your binary genealogy, click vacant slot to position your new entry, fill up information, click SIGN-UP, from “Choose your Package” find and click monoline, key- in the activation code, check the “I Agree” box policy then click next to complete new registration
  12. 12. How to join ?• For new members activating multiple accounts, login to your first account, go to your binary tab or genealogy, click plus sign under the vacant slot where you want to place your additional account
  13. 13. How to join ?• After clicking the Plus Sign a new window will prompt-up choose Oks Monoline under the “choose your package” category (e.g. PIX1) then key-in your activation code, (e.g. PIX2) check the box at the lower left side of the window then click next PIX 1 PIX 2
  14. 14. How to join ? PIX 1• The go back to your Binary Genealogy and click refresh• (e.g. PIX1) to view your updated structure, then click the Monoline PIX 2 Tab to view your monoline status (eg. PIX2)