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Intro presentation


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Intro presentation

  1. 1. WorkInField: Tracking made easy Tracking business on the go “Trusted by thousands of small businesses worldwide”
  2. 2. How do I efficiently track my workforce? Today’s solutions are complex and costly (must buy GPS unit, in-car installation, high monthly costs) Miles Location Time
  3. 3. Solution: DIY, Multi-purpose, Always-synced User installs the GPS appAdmin invites users All users data are available online
  4. 4. GPS App: Easy to Use Trip Logs Always Synced Social START
  5. 5. Cloud-based Admin Console Live Map Multi-UsersStats & Reports
  6. 6. $ 5 per user/month 30 days free trial. Cancel Anytime Tracking business on the go
  7. 7. Go to: 7 Try Free Admin Console Demo Account Download app: UID: PSW: pass