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How To Create A PDF From A Blog Post


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If you are looking for an easy way to create a PDF from your blog post lookmno further. Check this out to find out how easy it actually is.

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How To Create A PDF From A Blog Post

  1. 1. empowernet work.com To Turn Blog Posts Into A PDF Made Easy.So you want to create a PDF f rom your latest blog post hey? If youare anything like me you’ve tried a heap of things to get it right. Isearched f or the answer every way I knew how but I could not f ind asolution that worked the way I wanted it to.Well, Im here to tell ya f olks that I have the answer. I have f ound thebest wayTo Convert A Blog Post Into A PDFBut why would you want to convert your blog posts to a PDF anyway? Well it’s all about milking everylast drop of traf f ic f rom your content. It’s know as syndication. Why just rely on the potential traf f ic f romGoogle when their are so many other sources of great traf f ic that you can benef it f rom. I’m not saying thatI don’t love traf f ic f rom Google however why just stop there when you can spread your love around.The beauty of creating a PDF f rom your blog post is that you can then syndicate it to many of the f reedocument sharing sites on the web such can pick up 100′s even 1000′s of views when youturn your existing blog post into a PDF and submit it to sites such as the ones above.OK, so that’s why you need to turn your blog posts into pdf s this is the how.Please pay attention!!! This is complicated!No seriously, all you have to do is visit www.printf enter your URL and BAMyour blog post becomes a PDF.Once this is done you are still able to edit everything. You can remove images & paragraphs f rom yourdocument bef ore you PDF it. Pretty cool hey?You can also get the Print Freindly button f or your bookmarks if you wish. Then simply click the PDF buttonand your PDF will be created.
  2. 2. Obviously this is just one way you can syndicate your content f or massive traf f ic. You should also considersubmitting your post to a handf ul of article directories such as Ezine Articles as well. On top of that, itnever hurts to make a video f or Youtube as well. You can also get some amazing traf f ic by doing that aswell. Another idea is to also take the image of your document and put it on Pinterest. It’s also amazing howmuch traf f ic you can get f rom that site. Whichever way you decide to syndicate your content be well awarethat it is worth the ef f ort. For what will take you an extra 5 or 10 minutes to do could translate into 100′s or1000′s of extra visitors to your site. Extra visitors = extra $$$.I hope this article has helped you realise that there are many ways to drive traf f ic to your blog and posts.If you would like to f ind out how I make money by blogging and sharing videos visit the link here.Make Money With Blog Posts & Promoting Videos.I wish you all the best with your blogging career.To your prosperity.Brett.