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Dsprds refs


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Dsprds refs

  2. 2. WRANGLER • Celebrate the tribe. • Catch them off guard. • Challenge people to live on their instincts.
  3. 3. DIESEL - BE STUPID • Make your consumer’s world feel heroic. • Turn weakness into strength such as naivety into curiosity. • Behave like a lifestyle brand. • Have a point of view and a Philosophy about life.
  4. 4. JOHNVARVATOS • Deepen the myths and legends and the brand world through story and storytelling with video. • Own the Rock and Roll lifestyle. • Tell the stories behind our artistic associations.
  5. 5. CONVERSE - SHOES ARE BORING WEAR SNEAKERS • Position ourselves against the standard choice- confident and a touch defiant. • Be the pop of colour in a symphony of beige. • Celebrate difference. • Possibility to influence product- increased range?
  7. 7. LONDON CHARITY AGE UK • Give our audience a digital token in exchange for their involvement • “Real” time forecast element tying in to the Gypsy-like world of desperados v=Vsiaghdbb8U&feature=player_embedded
  8. 8. SWISSMISS • Crowdsource tattoo designs for individual tribes • Encourage standing out yet whilst belonging in and have the opportunity for self expression • Expand through differentiation • Enable creativity
  9. 9. PEPSI INTERNET TASTE TEST • How do you do a taste test online? • Our job is to get people to trial Desperados. • Could we do this Digitally? • What is the digital Mini-Bottle? • Help people feel what its like “on desperados” • Like finding the Raven? list=PLE3A99310E24A612A
  10. 10. KELLOGG’S RICE KRISPIE SQUARES • Use their love of digital and “naivety” to tease them into trial • Use Humour to drive sharability
  11. 11. THE BUGGLE • But cooler. It lets you listen to the music going on in a club before you go in...or you can search bars by the music they are playing...let your friends know where you’re going….and tells you the quickest route there. • Can desperados sponsor it? or certain bars?
  12. 12. PUMA - AFTER HOURS ATHLETE • Create a world and merchandise it • Make the consumer’s world more heroic / iconic • Write the language of the consumer’s world
  13. 13. AXE - NIGHTS OUT MOBILE UTILITY • “Get Le Girl” Mobile App - an app for pulling girls (dares, games etc) • Find a way to enhance people’s nights out – Legally • Fresh, funny, relevant content • Mobile contextual to night out
  14. 14. CARLSBERG CLICKABLE PARTY SOURCING • Interactive video invitations • Game based competition to enter party
  15. 15. BLACKBERRY PROJECT GREENSCREEN • Learning and creating and sharing new and original content within our authority • Driving engagement by offering an additional service ambassador/robert-rodriguez.html
  16. 16. THANKS