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Ball blast


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For acheiving faded and other effects on celluloses.

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Ball blast

  1. 1. What Is Ball BlastBall blast effect is localized abrasion/bleaching andaesthetic changes on the surface of the dry garment.In most cases thermocol balls of varying sizes, which arepreferably treated with hypochlorite solution & Calciumcarbonate powder, are used for blast effects.In similar way for achieving other aesthetic lookhypochlorite can be replaced by any suitable oxidizing orreducing agent to achieve variation in color cut.Application:Drum washer is filled with ¾ of its capacity with thermocolballs. Dilute solution of active substance is poured over itand drum is rotated followed by addition of Calciumcarbonate powder which forms a pasty mass on thethermocol ball, once this is done drum is loaded with drygarments and run for 10-30 mins depending on level ofbleach effect/color cut required. In case of Ultrafresh-MGonly product is used and no calcium carbonate is added.After achieving the required effect the garment may begiven antichlor treatment or simply washed and dried.
  2. 2. LNCI Technical Information ULTRAFRESH-MG [A powdered product used to produce unique bleach finishes]Description:It is powder bleaching composition for fading and other special effect oncellulosic fabric. It is non-aqueous system designed to produce washed outlook.Properties: Appearance : Purple powder Chemical nature : Semectite clay & alkali metal salt pH : 7 ±1 Storage : Has to be stored in sealed containers to prevent powder from drying out and becoming dusty. It has to be stored in sealed and dark containers in a cool environment, because it decomposes under influence of light, elevated temperatures & oxygen from the air.Features: Used for finishes on denim such as French Frost, ice wash, white wash, snow wash and acid wash. Also used to achieve a ‘worn’ appearance on light weight garments like fleece and T-shirts Can be used at different dosages to obtain many finishes. Gives very good ocean wash effect on corduroy fabric It is non-aqueous method for fading a previously dyed denim fabric. When use suitably it can achieve the following effect: • Cracked look • Ice look • Bright white look • Black sky lookHandling recommendations:When working with this product, as such or on the machines, the use ofmouth protection is recommended to avoid inhalation of dust. The use ofgloves and protective goggles is also recommended. Direct contact with skinor eyes may cause irritation. If this occurs, flush thoroughly with a gentlestream of water for 15 mins. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.Mop up small spill or absorb it on inert material. Confine and collect largespill. Disposal of this material, its mixtures, rinsing and spill residues must bein accordance with local, state and federal regulations.
  3. 3. :2 :Application:Ball Blast effect:Drum washer is filled with ¾ of its capacity with thermocol balls of varyingsizes. Balls are wetted with adding little quantity of water & then Ultrafresh-MG , 20-30% owg is sprinkled over it and drum is rotated for 5-7 mins sothat it forms a pasty mass on the thermocol ball, once this is done drum isloaded with dry garments and run for 10-12 mins depending on level ofbleach effect/color cut required.After achieving the required effect the garment may be given antichlortreatment or simply washed and dried.Crackle wash: • Dip or spray garments with 25-40% Finish-COM • Extract at 250 rpm for 3 mins of the garments are dipped • Scrunch garment to desired pattern • Apply heat at press to form ‘cracks’ • Allow to cool for 3 mins – if film present continue, if not apply higher concentration of Finish-COM • Place garments in tumbler • Add 20-40% owg Ultrafresh-MG • Add weight to improve smoothness – golf balls are very effect at 5 or 10:1 ratio of garments to weight • Tumble for 5-10 mins depending upon desired effect • Transfer to washer • Fill • Add 2-3% owg Quench PN & run for 20-30 mins • Add 1% acetic acid & run for 5-10 mins • Check that all potassium permanganate has been reduced; take sample of bath water [100 ml] and add a few grains of ocean magic powder. If the pink color remains, more Quench PN is required. If the solution turns clear, then proceed • Drain • Rinse for 2 mins • Drain • Fill • Drain • Soften as usual
  4. 4. : 3 :Key points: Machine capacity 30-60% for a rotary tumbler, depending upon effect. If Ultrafresh-MG is used in a washing machine where the barrel has perforations, then the perforations must be sealed to prevent loss of powder and inconsistent results. This can be done with for example temporary boards of Teflon or contact paper Processing time with Ultrafresh-MG should be kept constant from load to load to minimize variations To aid the process, weights such as balls, plastic tubing, hockey pucks or similar items can be added to the load. Balls are very effective at ratio 5:1 or 10:1 of garments to weight The removal of brown color and remaining product is essential to prevent discoloration (yellowing). To check that the neutralization is sufficient, take a sample of the wash liquor before draining and sprinkle a few grains of powder on the surface. If the solution remains pink, then the neutralization is insufficient. Add more Quench PN and run for 5 mins more. Check again.Handling Precautions Safety information required for the safe use of this product isnot included. Before handling the product read the product Safety Data Sheet whichprovides information for its safe use and physical and health hazard information. TheMaterial Safety Data Sheet is available with the marketing department and on theL.N.CI. site.Product Life and Storage This product may be stored upto six months in a sealedcontainer. Containers should be stored in a cool, dry area. Extended storage atelevated temperatures or exposure to direct heat or sunlight could reduce productlife. Keep containers sealed when not in use.Packing: 50 & 200 kg HMHDPE containers.LNCI Warranty The above information is believed to be accurate based on LNCI’scurrent state of knowledge and is made in good faith. This information cannot beused as a substitute for preliminary tests. These tests are essential before thematerial is used in a full scale production as we have no control on conditions duringprocessing, especially where other companies materials are being used. Our solewarranty is that the product will meet our current specifications. LNCI disclaims anyother express or implied warranty, and our sole liability for breach of warranty islimited to refund of purchase price or replacement of the product shown to be otherthan warranted. We expressly disclaim any liability for incidental or consequentialdamages. The information in the datasheet is based on our present state of knowledge & is published without any obligation on our part.