The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing


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Want to increase your ROI with social media marketing? Allow your HR department to recruit on your Facebook page. In this whitepaper, you will learn how social recruiting:

- Saves you time, money, and other resources
- Brings more quality fans and customers to your Facebook page
- Increases the value of your social marketing

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The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing

  1. 1. Mar 2013 The Value of Facebook Recruiting for marketing BRAND 1 FAN # YOUR
  2. 2. Share This Whitepaper The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing // 2 INTRODUCTION Get Thy Brand a Facebook Page By now, it has become an undeniable commandment: your brand needs an actively engaged Facebook page. And it is gospel that the more “likes” you have, the closer you become to reaching 1/7th of the earth’s population with your brand message. But two lingering questions often remain in the minds of most marketing professionals before they begin following the popular dogma: 1. Why are Facebook fans necessary to the success of my brand’s social message? 2. How can I spread the good word and convert more users into fans? We can start with number one, since it’s fairly simple to address: your Facebook page is one of the most powerful tools you have to generate new leads and drive sales. Our online and offline buying behavior--as well as our ability to discover new products or services and develop brand loyalty--has always been driven by the power of personal recommendation. More than half of Americans are more likely to trust user-generated recommendations1 (from family, friends, and even strangers with the right kind of clout*) than the company itself, so it becomes imperative that you use your social campaigns as a way to get your fans talking--loud and often. So how do you find fans and convince them to speak on your behalf? Considering the fact that 75% of people are more likely to make a purchase if referred to a brand, product, or service through social media2 , along with the fact that there are 1.06 billion people3 who, in 70 different languages4 , interact for an average of 8 hours each per month5 , Facebook is the marketer’s platform of choice. And because every “like” comes with a soft-opt in for your message and every post another touch along the customer journey, you can’t afford not to build up a dynamic base of rabidly loyal fans who can convince their friends to “like” your brand too. The question remains: how can I spread the word and convert more fans? And will those fans be willing to help convert others? The answer lies in the quality of the fans you attract--the fans who most want to be a part of your brand, your company, and your message: the fans who want to work for you. *i.e. Fans and brand advocates. 1. whitepapers/BV_whitepaper_millenials.pdf 2. tabid/6307/bid/30239/71-More-Likely- to-Purchase-Based-on-Social-Media- Referrals-Infographic.aspx 3. cfm?ReleaseID=736911 4. internationalization/ 5. wasting-time-on-facebook/
  3. 3. Share This Whitepaper The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing // 3 CONTENTS COPYRIGHT © 2013 Work4 Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing Quality vs Quantity Defining a Quality Fan Finding Your Most Valuable Fans Suggested Solutions for Building a Network of Quality Fans What are the Costs? The Value of Recruiting on Facebook Sources About 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  4. 4. Share This Whitepaper The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing // 4 Quantity vs. quality While the quantity of “likes” may measure the popularity of your brand to some extent, if the people who “like” your page don’t continue to engage with it, then they are not contributing to your lead generation or sales growth efforts. “Likes” can be bought and sold; engagement cannot. Fans can be accumulated, but they can’t be forced to care, comment, or eventually purchase what you have to offer. The opportunity lies in the quality of the fan: do they truly “like” your brand? Are you targeting, engaging, and retaining your most valuable fans? LIKE SHARE COMMENT BUYLIKE
  5. 5. Share This Whitepaper The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing // 5 defining a quality fan Engagement (n.): Interaction between users (fans) and your messages. Engagement is measured by how often how many people “like,” comment, and share your posts. Engagement not only encourages conversation about your brand message, but can also lead to conversion through calls to action, such as promotional deals, product/service information, or redirects to your website/email list. Brand Loyalty (n.): The commitment of a person to consistently purchase a product or service from a single company or brand, regardless of the incentive to purchase from another company or brand. Brand loyalty is best cultivated through social media via commitment to good customer service, two-way communication, personal responses, and a consistent message. All of these methods of cultivation stem from a commitment to showing your fans that your company wants them to feel a sense of ownership when it comes to your brand. Brand Advocacy (n.): Spreading positive word-of-mouth about or referrals for a company or brand. Brand advocates are brand loyalists who, without incentive, try to convert others into brand consumers or brand loyalists simply because they feel passionate about the company or brand. Brand advocates act and feel as though they have a stake in the company, product, or service, and will often be your best marketers on social channels. Your employees (and your future employees!) are often your biggest brand advocates. (For an extreme example of a brand advocate who used social media to become an employee, check out the Google Please Hire Me campaign.) Social Proof (n.): The influence of apparent popularity. Social proof occurs when we assume that the crowd knows something we don’t--and we feel that we must join the crowd. An example of social proof in action would be two similar Facebook pages, one of which has high engagement, with many fans who often comment on and share posts, and one of which has little engagement from fans. You will be more likely to “like” the page that has the highest number of fans, “likes,” shares, comments, etc., regardless of the quality, because there is proof that this brand is more popular or worthy than the other. Quality Fans (n.): Fans who increase and continue engagement with, as well as drive lead generation and sales growth for, your brand. Higher engagement becomes fuel for brand loyalty, and brand loyalty becomes brand advocacy. In most cases, that advocacy becomes the social proof that attracts more quality fans.
  6. 6. Share This Whitepaper The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing // 6 79%BRAND FOLLOWERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOW VIA FACEBOOK finding your most valuable fans How can you find the largest number of high quality fans to help increase engagement with your brand? According to an Edison Research study, 56% of people follow a brand on social media because they like or support that brand6 (and 79% of people who follow brands on social media, follow those brands on Facebook7 ). Your goal is to nurture that 56% toward your sales funnel, and to leverage the social proof (and the 56% of fans who also say that they are more likely to recommend a brand once they begin following it8 ) of your brand’s value to help convert the other 44%. Your task is to find the fans that are going to engage with and share your Facebook page. These are the people who use and stand behind your products and services, who breathe your company culture, who live and die by your brand: your employees, their friends...and the people who want to work for you. Think about it: candidates who are actively searching for, or even passively considering, a job with your company are doing so for a reason. They show up on your page not only to research your company and to interact with your employees, but also because they simply like your brand and want others to know it. 6. content/uploads/2012/10/Slide047.png 7. content/uploads/2012/07/The-Social- Habit-2012-by-Edison-Research.pdf 8. facebook-engagement-statistics/ 56% FOLLOW BRAND FOLLOWERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA DO IT BECAUSE THEY LIKE AND SUPPORT THE BRAND
  7. 7. Share This Whitepaper The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing // 7 Suggested Solutions for Building a Network of Quality Fans How do you build quality fans? It’s simple: Allow HR to recruit on your Facebook page. Find a solution that allows candidates to apply directly from your Facebook page in 1-click. Draw your active and passive candidates to your page with targeted Facebook ads. Leverage your employees’ networks to bring in quality users with automated referrals. Cultivate a talent community in which your employees and your future candidates engage with, discuss, and share your brand and your message.
  8. 8. Share This Whitepaper The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing // 8 What are the costs? You may have to invest resources at the outset to include HR in your Facebook marketing campaign. If you choose to set up a separate careers page within your Facebook page, you will need to monitor and update it to ensure consistent branding, which means more time and manpower spent on engaging fans and maintaining a consistent brand message. However, if you’re already working with a Facebook page, then you already have resources allotted for engagement and branding, so the inclusion of a careers site or a careers link on the main page shouldn’t require a large extra expenditure. For example, one large retailer’s marketing department was resistant to letting HR post anything to their Facebook page, because they were concerned that posts about jobs would negatively affect engagement with their millions of fans. As an experiment, they let HR post a single job-related status--and within four hours, 14,000 people had “liked” it. In fact, it was their highest engaged post to date. You may also want to invest in targeted job ads to specifically draw potential candidates to your page. Those ads, however, can help with your conversion because candidates are, in essence, fans who have extra incentive to “like” and become a part of your brand. And while those ads may require an investment now, they have the potential to pay you back tenfold. In another example, a multinational retailer with traction in Asia and Europe, recently opened its doors in the US with limited brand recognition and a limited budget. However, by using targeted Facebook ads, the company was able to recruit several hundred new retail employees for their San Francisco stores--while also generating over 3 million ad impressions. These free impressions led to increased brand recognition and awareness, as well as more traffic on both the careers site and the main Facebook brand page. News of this success reached the C-Suite, and, due to the low cost of recruiting and the high pay off, budget for the marketing department was dramatically increased.
  9. 9. Share This Whitepaper The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing // 9 The Value of Recruiting on Your Facebook Page There is a high value attached to recruiting your potential candidates to become not only employees, but also fans of your Facebook page. The better the quality of fans that visit and interact with your page, the more likely others who are researching your company or product will do the same. This social proof, coupled with the opportunity to consistently engage consumers who have “opted in” to hear your message, can make your Facebook page even more powerful than your email list when it comes to broadcasting a message to your truest fans. You can find your quality fans by asking those who want to work or would consider working for you to take ownership of the brand message by applying for jobs through your page and hitting “like.” These are the users that are more likely to spend time with and invest energy in your company, and they are also the people most likely to spend money with and invest energy in recommending and taking ownership of your company, product, service, or brand! So, I will ask again: Are you targeting, engaging, and retaining your most valuable fans? You can find them now by “sharing” with your company’s HR department.
  10. 10. Share This Whitepaper The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing // 10 SOURCES Based-on-Social-Media-Referrals-Infographic.aspx by-Edison-Research.pdf
  11. 11. Share This Whitepaper The Value of Facebook Recruiting for Marketing // 11 FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION +1 (877) 509-0403 CONNECT WITH US ABOUT WORK4™ Work4 develops the #1 Facebook Recruiting Solution, which enables tens of thousands of companies — including VMware, Gap, and L’Oreal — to hire qualified candidates across industries, geographies, and pay-grades. Our award-winning products help recruiters easily launch branded corporate career sites on Facebook and mobile devices, and drive traffic, job applications, and employee referrals from the network’s 1 billion users. Work4 was founded in 2010, and is headquartered in San Francisco with an additional office in Paris. Read: Facebook Recruiting Basics: A Guide to 21st Century Employment Branding ENJOYED THIS? WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT FACEBOOK RECRUITING?