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The Social High Score: Why Facebook Should Be a Major Player in Your Recruitment Strategy

Download this social recruiting white paper to learn:

- Reasons why Facebook is your recruiting “ace in the hole”

- How to score big by connecting with the right talent on their favorite social network

- Top strategies for building a Facebook recruitment game plan

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The Social High Score: Why Facebook Should Be a Major Player in Your Recruitment Strategy

  1. 1. August 2013 The Social High Score: Why Facebook Should Be a Major Player in Your Recruitment Strategy HIGH SCORE 1. FBR 999999 2. OTH 1569
  2. 2. Share This Whitepaper The Social High Score // 2 Don’t play roulette—find who you’re really looking for. Introduction Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? And how about that Waldo fellow? If they’re anything like the other 1.1 billion active users who log on to the world’s largest social network monthly,1 then they’re probably on Facebook. And if you’re looking to hire someone with a specific, hard-to-find skill set (like rogue special agent) or whose interests and quirks fall perfectly in line with your company culture (striped beanies and ironic hipster-nerd spectacles? Check!), then Facebook is where your recruiting message and your jobs need to be. So what are you waiting for? Put your game face on, and let’s take a look at why you should be sourcing and recruiting your winning candidates on Facebook. ? ? ?
  3. 3. Share This Whitepaper The Social High Score // 3 CONTENTS COPYRIGHT © 2013 Work4 Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. The Social High Score: Why Facebook Should Be a Major Player in Your Recruitment Strategy Is Facebook in the Cards for My Recruitment Strategy? Facebook Has a Monopoly on Relationships Recruiting on Facebook is an Adventure The Rules of the Game A Winning Strategy Sources About 4 5 7 8 9 10 11
  4. 4. Share This Whitepaper The Social High Score // 4 Is Facebook in the Cards for My Recruitment Strategy? Our take: Facebook is absolutely your ace in the hole when it comes to social recruiting. Here are a couple of reasons why our money’s on Facebook for finding active and passive candidates across all trades, professions, locations, and hiring initiatives: Specificity With job boards, your careers can get lost in the shuffle, and any old joker may submit an application if the job description seems like it may make a good pair. Scale With professional networks, you’re playing without a full deck. Even though you may find one or two of the suits you’re looking for, you’re limited when it comes to recruiting hard-to-find candidates or fulfilling specific hiring initiatives. Reach While other social networks can bring in results, the lack of specific reach can make the scale a wild card. How many times will you have to deal out your recruiting message before your followers see it or respond? With Facebook, you reach not only fans of your employer brand (and their friends, through their extended networks of an average 31,000 people),2 but also the millions of professionals, executives, and others who might also have a presence on professional social networks, in addition to: 2 million sales and service professionals3 3.2 million health care professionals4 8 million tradespeople5 9.8 million clerical staff6 5.6 million managers and administrators7 3.2 million veterans8 3 million new grads9 And many, many more. Facebook is truly the trump card when it comes to recruiting the largest number of potential candidates in a targeted way. With its 1.1 billion monthly active users each liking an average of 7010 of the 15 million companies with Brand Pages,11 Facebook is the best way for companies to introduce their recruitment message to the people who might consider themselves fans. Because of this ability to connect people and organizations, Facebook is recruiting’s best bet. Here are some more reasons why you should go all-in:
  5. 5. Share This Whitepaper The Social High Score // 5 Facebook has a monopoly on relationships Your Facebook page is prime real estate for posting your jobs where people are likely to see them, share them, or apply for them: One out of every seven minutes online is spent on Facebook.12 With the amount of time and attention Facebook users invest in the platform, making your jobs accessible directly from within your candidates’ networks can be more valuable than a hotel on Boardwalk. At least 1/2 of Facebook’s users consider a company’s Facebook page to be more useful than its website.13 Facebook pages become essential “utilities” more and more each day. You can make your page even more useful by letting candidates apply without having to leave their little square of the internet. 81% of jobseekers actually want to see your jobs posted to Facebook Career Sites.14 Now that’s a stat you can take to the bank! With Facebook, you’re not simply rolling the dice when it comes to making meaningful connections with your candidates: 70% of recruiters say they connect better with potential jobseekers due to the widespread use of Facebook.15 There are more options than ever for reaching your ideal candidates and connecting with them at their level. Facebook is the “short line” between you and your candidates
  6. 6. Share This Whitepaper The Social High Score // 6 Facebook has a monopoly on relationships If you’re not on Facebook, you won’t get ahead. 85% of recruiters who currently use Facebook would recommend it as a tool to other recruiters.16 Creating a Facebook page is free parking for your recruitment message. Talent acquisition is not an expensive proposition on the Facebook platform, between social sharing and targeted ads. Facebook’s narrowly targeted ads reach the intended audience 90% of the time, as opposed to the industry standard of 35%,17 and retargeted ads in the Newsfeed get clicked more than 20 times as often as standard web ads (while the price of those retargeted ads are one-fifth of the web ads!).18 If you’re tired of rolling the dice and hoping that candidates will land on your square, consider targeted ads. Facebook users share 4.75 billion pieces of content every single day.19 Let them share your jobs, your updates, and your recruiting events with their friends and extended networks on the social network where content is king. In other words, if you’re not taking advantage of all of the resources available to you for targeting, attracting, and engaging candidates on Facebook, do not pass “Go,” and do not collect $200!
  7. 7. Share This Whitepaper The Social High Score // 7 Recruiting on Facebook is an adventure With Facebook’s recently released Graph Search, your mission to find and source candidates just got much easier. Instead of waiting for a missive from the Chief or clues from the way your fans interact with your company Facebook updates, you can go out and actively find the people who match your ideal candidate profiles. And you don’t have to be a special agent to collect this information: just click on the graph Search bar at the top of the screen and fill in what you’re looking for. From basic info like job titles, location, schools attended, companies worked for, to interests and special skills, you have instant access to the names of people in your network and beyond. An example of a targeted Graph Search you can do to find your next field operative could be: “friends of my friends who have worked for ACME Crimenet in San Francisco and like PBS.” With Graph Search, the possibilities are endless, and, because they depend upon your network, the results will be of the highest relevance to you. Once you get used to sourcing your candidates by connecting to the right people in your network, you’ll start to believe that all other methods are V.I.L.E.!
  8. 8. Share This Whitepaper The Social High Score // 8 The rules of the game Because Facebook is a multiplayer option, you want to make sure that you know how to handle the controls before you hit “start.” You won’t need any cheat codes if you keep the following in mind: Build a Facebook Career Site Until your jobs are on the map, no one can find them. Sync your ATS to your career site, so candidates can see your jobs in real-time. Spread your employer brand Let people know your company’s true character by creating a compelling “avatar” through banners, videos, and blog feeds. Share your jobs socially Social recruiting is no single player game! Let your recruiters, employees, and their friends share your jobs so you can reach a larger network of potentially fitting candidates. Go mobile Don’t let your recruiting lag when candidates are away from their desktops. Give them the option to search your jobs and apply when they’re between worlds. Target ideal candidates with ads Facebook ads are like an instant level up for your recruiting strategy, because they put your jobs directly in the line of fire of your most likely candidates. Let candidates apply with Facebook Let candidates apply without ever leaving the Facebook platform, and you’ll unlock the achievement of increasing your conversion rate while growing your talent pool. Engage--and get visual about it! Users on Facebook may not always be in career mode, but they are always looking for good content to like, comment on, and share with their friends. Because users are more likely to interact with photos and videos,20 use visual job descriptions and career videos to engage your talent community.
  9. 9. Share This Whitepaper The Social High Score // 9 Use Facebook to become the king of social recruiting. a winning strategy As you can see, Facebook is more than a place for sharing your high score on Farmville or Mafia Wars; it puts you in a prime position for taking home a real prize: the best-fit candidates for any hiring initiative and across any vertical. The question is not whether you should engage, but how soon you can get your piece on the board. Whether you’re just getting ready to plot your opening move or dive deep into a more advanced Facebook recruiting strategy, contact Work4 to get started today: check and mate!
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  11. 11. Share This Whitepaper The Social High Score // 11 FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION +1 (877) 509-0403 CONNECT WITH US ABOUT WORK4™ Work4 powers social recruiting by making everyone a recruiter and everyone a candidate. We help thousands of companies, including many of the Fortune 500, find, engage, and hire top talent with our all-in-one recruiting solution for Facebook. Work4 allows employers to reach candidates through a Facebook Career Site and on mobile devices, take advantage social networks to drive employee referrals, and target Facebook’s 1 billion users with intelligent recruiting ads. Work4 brings cost-effective, efficient sourcing and hiring to the world’s top companies by leveraging the reach and scope of the world’s largest and most powerful social network. Established in 2010 and backed by top tier investors such as Matrix Partners and Yuri Milner, Work4 has offices in San Francisco and Paris. Read: ENJOYED THIS? WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT RECRUITING ON FACEBOOK? Whitepaper: The Future of Facebook for Recruiting Professionals