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Social Media For CEOs: What every executive assistant needs to know


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Social Media For CEOs: What every executive assistant needs to know

  1. 1. Social Media For CEOs:What every executive assistant needs to know For  the  CEO  Assistants  Forum   Of  the  Hospital  Council  of  Western  Pennsylvania   Paul  Furiga   WordWrite  Communica=ons  •  June  16,  2011  
  2. 2. Social  media:  Why  should  I  care? • This is the view of digital immigrants •  Digital natives think differently • Which are you?
  3. 3. Social  media:  Why  I  should  care Equalman Social Media Revolution video
  4. 4. Social  media:  Why  hospitals  should  care 1.  87% of nurses use the Internet for business/ professional reasons 2.  65% of nurses plan to use social media for professional development 3.  88% of doctors have visited Facebook 4.  Nearly 25% of doctors spend more than 20 hours a week online 2010 Nicholson Kovac, Inc. study
  5. 5. Social  media:  Why  your  CEO  should  care •  1,188 hospitals on social media •  548 YouTube channels •  1018 Facebook pages •  788 Twitter accounts •  458 LinkedIn accounts •  137 Blogs June 2011, Ed Bennett, University of Maryland Medical Center
  6. 6. Social  media:  Why  you  should  care•  You serve the CEO (lucky you!)•  You’re the trusted advisor•  That means you’ll be the one doing this work
  7. 7. So  where  do  you  start?1.  Monitor first! Get to know Google Alerts2.  One channel at a time, walk before you run3.  What’s most valuable to a CEO? A business network4.  That’s Linked In5.  Let’s get you started
  8. 8. Why?  Let’s  go  to  the  numbers1.  Who s on Linked In: 1.  100 million members (a new one each second) 2.  College Grad/Post Grad: 80.1%2.  What do they do? 1.  Business Decision Maker: 49% 2.  Most popular job categories: •  C-Level Executives 7.8% •  EVP/SVP 6.5% •  Senior Management 14.1% •  Middle Management 18.2% Source: Linked In
  9. 9. OK,  but  how  do  I  make  Linked  In  work  for  me?1.  It s Facebook for grown-ups — FORTUNE Magazine2.  Reveals the relationship patterns that drive executive decisions3.  Generates opportunities via: 1.  Connections 2.  Referrals 3.  Expertise/search results
  10. 10. How to get started:1.  Create/improve your profile2.  Make/add connections3.  Get/give recommendations4.  Create/join groups5.  Remember: Give to get
  11. 11. Tips and tricks: WRONG! An incomplete profile No profile photo, or one that doesnt show your face No website, blog, or Twitter links Profiles that are kept private or choose not to outline the persons name No Connections and Recommendations Obvious lack of interactivity on LinkedIn No LinkedIn groups or use of LinkedIn Applications No Contact Settings or Personal Information
  12. 12. Tips and tricks: Better A complete profile My profile photo looks like me! Website, blog, and Twitter links 860 Connections and 40 Recommendations Notice my Linked In activity 30 LinkedIn groups and Slideshare, my blog, Twitter and Trip It applications Contact Settings and Personal Information (not shown in this slide)
  13. 13. Your  (CEO’s)  Linked  In  to-­‐do  list: –  Build up your profile –  Make connections –  Get (and give) recommendations –  Join groups –  Participate (give to get) –  Develop the relationships that lead to success  
  14. 14. Thank  you!  QuesJons? Linked  In: wordwrite-­‐communica=ons   Twi4er:   @paulfuriga  /  @wordwritepr   Online: