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Uppercase Living Photo Prints - Custom life-sized photos for walls, etc.

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Uppercase living Photo Prints FAQ

  1. 1. Jannifer Stoddard www.ExpressYourDecor.com UL Photo Prints FAQs Independent Demonstrator (208) 286-1983 wordsforliving@gmail.com With our innovative UL Photo Prints™ application, your customers can transform any high-quality photo into a larger-than-life, dynamic vinyl décor element in just four simple steps. To help you navigate the Photo Prints application more easily, we’ve compiled a series of Frequently Asked Questions below. We hope this information will help you answer your customers’ questions as they create their Photo Prints and use them to express their unique personalities and interests. UL photo print basics 6. As I select my photo for UL Photo Prints, what 1. What is a Photo Print made of? should I look for? Every Photo Print you create will be printed on special The UL Photo Print application is programmed to vinyl that is easily applied and that can be removed consider general photo quality and will not accept and reused again and again. photos that are too poor of quality to produce even a 2' x 2' Photo Print. The application cannot identify 2. Approximately how many times can I reuse my every aspect of poor quality, however, so we Photo Print? recommend selecting a photo that is: As long as it is applied to a clean, dry surface—free of • Clear and crisp, well lit, and in focus dust and debris—your Photo Print should be reusable • An original photo (cropped or enlarged images over and over again. could result in a blurry or pixilated Photo Print) • Free of shadows or reflections that may be 3. Can Photo Prints be wiped and cleaned like the regular vinyl? more noticeable on an enlarged photo Yes. If you plan to create a contour-cut Photo Print, your object of interest should be the focal point, it should 4. Do I need to be a digital photography expert to fill a large portion of the frame of the photo, and you order or assist someone in ordering a Photo Print? should be able to cut out the background from the No. With some simple digital photography basics and help object without obstructions from other photo characters from the UL Photo Prints application, anyone who can take and without any missing limbs, etc. See the chart digital photos, transfer them to their computer, and shop on under Question #12 for specific details on the size of the Web should be able to order a Photo Print. Photo Print you can create with your camera. 7. What photo file formats do you accept? sELEctinG a photo For YoUr photo print Uppercase Living accepts the following file formats: 5. I want to shoot a photo for my Photo Print. What JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and BMP. should I keep in mind? For the best results, use a 3- to 10-megapixel camera 8. Is there a limit to how big my photo file size can be on its highest resolution setting, avoid using the digital when I upload it in the Photo Prints application? “zoom” function (optical zoom is ok), and do not Yes. The maximum file size is 10 MB. change the resolution of the photo before you upload it in the UL Photo Prints application. See the chart under 9. The Photo Print application states that my photo Question #12 for specific details on the size of Photo should be “complete” in order to create an adequate Print you can likely create with your camera. contour-cut Photo Print. What does this mean, exactly? “Complete” means that the object you choose to cut out of your photo should be an independent image UP Photo Prints FAQs_1009 1 ©2009 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved. www.ExpressYourDecor.com
  2. 2. when it is removed from its background. Pay particular approximatE avaiLabLE photo print sizEs camEra rEsoLUtion attention to whether or not your defined object is obstructed by other objects in the photo, includes 2" x 2" 4" x 4" 5" x 4" 6" x 4" 8" x 4" noticeable shadows or reflections, or is missing legs, 3 megapixels • arms, etc. 4 megapixels • • 10. What does it mean to have my contour-cut Photo 5 megapixels • • • Print object “fill the frame” of my uploaded photo? 6 megapixels • • • • In this instance, we are referring to the edges of your 10 megapixels • • • • • photo as a frame. Look at the object of your photo again with the “frame” in mind. Does the object fill Please remember that the Photo Prints application most of your photo, or is it only a small object in itself will give you your Photo Print size options once the distance? you have uploaded your photo and defined your object (for a contour-cut only), so you don’t need to be overly 11. I want to use a printed photo for my Photo Print concerned with understanding this chart. If in doubt, but I don’t have a digital copy of the photo. Is there simply try it out! still a way to use the photo for my Photo Print? Many photo shops and camera stores will digitize (scan) 13. I know what photo I want to use for my Photo photos and, depending on the quality of the digitizing Print. What size of Photo Print can I create with it? process, can give you a photo that will look great as a The easiest way for most users to determine available Photo Print. However, there are several ways of digitizing Photo Print sizes is to upload a photo in the Photo Prints a printed photo, so digitizing does not guarantee that your application and allow the system to display the sizes you photo will have the same quality as the one taken digitally. can create, based on the quality of your photo and the size of your defined object (for a contour-cut Photo Print). 12. What size of Photo Print can I expect to create with my specific digital camera? Intermediate users can estimate the size of Photo Print To determine the size of Photo Print you can create with your photo can create by first determining the pixel your digital camera, refer to the chart to the right, keeping dimensions of your photo and then comparing those in mind that this is a general guideline and not an exact dimensions with the chart on the following page. This representation. The chart assumes that you have set your can be done by opening your photo in any picture- camera to its highest resolution setting and—if you intend viewing program on your computer and viewing the to create a contour-cut Photo Print—are capturing an image properties. (Sometimes this information is easiest object that makes up at least 75% of your photo’s frame. to acquire by right-clicking on the photo/file reference in Be aware that within the Photo Print application, a full Windows File Explorer and accessing the “properties” photo may yield more size selections and a contour-cut option.) With your photo dimensions, you can then refer to photo with a defined object that makes up less than 75% the Approximate Pixel Dimensions of Your Photo column of the full frame may yield fewer size selections. If your in the chart on the following page to determine the size image is blurred, out of focus, or lacked enough light when of Photo Print your photo can likely produce (depending it was taken, it will not print well, even if it is within the upon the type of Photo Print you wish to create). right dimensions or was taken with the proper megapixels. The chart on the following page is a general guideline and assumes that the object of your photo—if you intend to create a contour-cut Photo Print—makes up at least 75% of your photo’s frame. Be aware that within the Photo Print application, a full photo may yield more size selections and a contour-cut photo with a defined object that makes up less than 75% of the full frame may yield fewer size MyDesign Suite FAQs_1009 2 ©2009 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved. www.ExpressYourDecor.com
  3. 3. selections. If your image is blurred, out of focus, or lacked enough light when it was taken, it will not print well, even some pixilation may be acceptable, since you if it is within the right dimensions or was taken with the will most likely be viewing the picture from a proper megapixels. distance. When you look at your Photo Print from a few feet away, the dots (or pixels) you approximatE pixEL see up close will blend together to form one dimEnsions avaiLabLE photo print sizEs oF YoUr photo solid, great-looking image. 2" x 2" 4" x 4" 5" x 4" 6" x 4" 8" x 4" Digital photos are typically captured and stored 2050 x 1550 • in the form of a rectangle. Each digital photo can be measured by the number of pixels wide 2450 x 1600 • • and the number of pixels high. For instance, 2600 x 1900 • • • a 6-megapixel photo measures approximately 3300 x 2450 • • • • 3,000 pixels wide by 2,000 pixels high (3,000 x 3900 x 2600 • • • • • 2,000 = 6,000,000 pixels or 6 megapixels). 14. Can I use a photo program to crop and enlarge an A Note for More Curious Users object in my photo before I upload it? You don’t have to be a technology guru to It is highly recommended that you avoid adjusting order a Photo Print, particularly since the your original photo in any way. When you crop or Photo Print application walks you right enlarge an object from your image in a photo program, through the ordering process and allows you you artificially spread the same number of pixels out to order only those options that are available over a larger area, which will cause your photo to lose for the photo you have uploaded. While most resolution quality. However, if you do enlarge the users may not care, some users like a bit more object in your photo editing program, and the image detail on how digital images and Photo Prints still meets the pixel requirements in our system, you work. For you, here’s more information—not will be able to upload and print the image. essential, but interesting to note. Digital image quality and enlargement 15. I want to order a contour-cut Photo Print. If I capability is a characteristic of the number define my object within the Photo Prints application of basic image elements or dots—commonly using only a general box, how will you know exactly referred to as pixels—that are packed into a what I want you to cut out? given image. A pixel is one dot element in a There is an extra step in the Photo Print manufacturing digital photograph, and each digital image is process where an image technician manually identifies made up of millions of these tiny pixels. the object you wish to contour cut—using the box you A digital camera is measured by the millions draw as a general guideline—and determines the best of pixels (mega = million, 1 million pixels way to cut out the object. Because of this extra step, it is = 1 megapixel) it can capture in a single not feasible for us to provide you with the visual results photograph. The more pixels captured in the online during the ordering process, but we are confident image, the more likely the image can be scaled that you will be pleased with the final product. to your desired Photo Print size without losing significant quality. As a photo is enlarged, the 16. Can I create a black and white version of my loss of quality becomes apparent in the form photo within the Photo Print application? of graininess or pixilation, especially when No, you will need to change your photo to black and viewed at close range. On larger Photo Prints, white using a photo editing program before you upload it in the Photo Print application. If you simply change the photo’s color to black and white, you shouldn’t lose MyDesign Suite FAQs_1009 3 ©2009 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved. www.ExpressYourDecor.com
  4. 4. any quality on the resolution of the photo; however, keep UsinG thE photo print appLication in mind that any additional manipulation of your original 22. When would I need to use multiple boxes when photo may cause you to lose quality. defining objects for my contour-cut Photo Print? If your photo includes two or more objects and you 17. I want to place my Photo Print on the inside of a wish to contour-cut the objects individually, you may window. Can Uppercase Living mirror my Photo Print need to identify those objects using multiple boxes. so that the photo shows on the side with the adhesive? See below for more details: Uppercase Living is unable to process Photo Prints in this manner. 1 If the object(s) is touching your primary object, simply draw a single box around both objects and 18. Can I upload a logo for my Photo Print? they will be included in one contour-cut shape. Yes. Logos can be uploaded if they are not licensed or trademark protected by another individual or if 2 If the object(s) is not touching your primary object, you obtain permission from the licensor or trademark draw boxes around each object. Each item will then owner. Similar conditions may apply to a photo of the be printed together on the size of vinyl you indicate logo. For more details, refer to the legal Terms of Use in the Photo Prints application and cut out separately. on the Uppercase Living website. Since most logos are detailed or intricate, please be aware that your Photo 23. How will the Value Pack come? Print may only be border-cut (contour-cut with a white Your Value Pack will include the following replicas border around the edges and with white vinyl between of your original contour-cut Photo Print. If your letters or images on the interior of the logo). contour-cut Photo Print includes multiple objects that are cut out separately, your Value Pack images 19. Can Uppercase Living cut out the interior of a logo? will arrive the same way. Uppercase Living treats logos differently than lifestyle • Two 8" silhouettes (black only) shots within the Photo Prints process. If a logo is uploaded, it will be border-cut, meaning the outer • One 10" color graphic edges of the logo will be cut out but any details on the • One 18" color graphic interior of the logo will not be cut. 24. I selected a contour-cut Photo Print, but I don’t 20. Am I allowed to create a Photo Print of a celebrity? see the cutout I defined displayed in the shopping As long as the photo you use is not copyrighted by cart. Did I do something wrong? another individual or you have permission from No. There is an extra step in the Photo Print the copyright owner. Additional permission may be manufacturing process where an image technician required to make any commercial use of the photo. manually identifies the object you wish to contour For more details, refer to the legal Terms of Use on cut and determines the best way to cut out the object. the Uppercase Living website. Because of this extra step, it is not feasible for us to provide you with the visual results online during the 21. Do I need to prove permissions to use ordering process; however, we are confident that you professional photos? will be pleased with the final product. Permission is needed from the owner of any copyrighted photo used to create a Photo Print. For 25. The photo I selected for my contour-cut Photo more details, please refer to the legal Terms of Use on Print is of high enough quality to upload; however, the Uppercase Living website. when I define my object, I cannot click the Next button to continue. You may be trying to define too small an object for the quality of your uploaded photo. When you define an object by drawing a box around it, the system MyDesign Suite FAQs_1009 4 ©2009 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved. www.ExpressYourDecor.com
  5. 5. effectively enlarges that portion of the image and then 28. What's the exchange policy on Photo Prints? determines if the image can be used for a Photo Print. Similar to other MyDesign expressions, we will Because a great deal of quality could be lost in the exchange Photo Prints that have manufacturing process (increasing the size spreads the same number defects, are damaged, dirty, etc. The customer of pixels out over a larger area), the system may not will receive a Photo Print of the same photo as a allow you to proceed to the next step because the replacement. UL may require that the original Photo resulting Photo Print would be too pixilated (grainy) Print be returned before a new one is sent. Any other for even the smallest Photo Print. We recommend issues regarding exchanges or returns will need to uploading a photo of higher quality, defining a larger be handled on a case-by-case basis by having the area to contour cut, or finding an acceptable photo with Demonstrator contact Demonstrator Services. an object that fills more of the frame. 29. I created a Photo Print of my son on the football 26. I am only able to create a square Photo Print with field, but when it arrived, my son’s leg in the photo my rectangular photo. How will Uppercase Living was shaded green. Did I do something wrong? make my photo fit? Look closely again at your original photo. If your If your photo is rectangular but can only be purchased son is standing in grass or on another green surface, as a square, or you wish to have your image in the 2'x2' the green on his leg is most likely a reflection of that or 4'x4' size, the image will be proportionately resized surface. If you choose to take a photo in bright lighting, to fit on the selected size of vinyl. For example, if you make sure you pay close attention to how surrounding upload a horizontal 4'x3' photo and select the 4'x4' size, objects might affect the object you wish to cut out. Are the image will be 4 feet wide but only about 3 feet tall, other objects casting shadows or reflections on your and any unprinted vinyl will be removed. Don’t worry; primary object? If so, try to either find another photo Uppercase Living will not crop your photo or distort it or take the photo in the early morning or late evening, in any way as we create your Photo Print. when the sun is not quite so glaring. ordErinG YoUr photo print appLYinG YoUr photo print 27. I received my Photo Print and was surprised to 30. Do you have any special tips for applying Photo see that my image was somewhat grainy when I view Prints (particularly the large ones)? it up close. Is this correct? Please refer to the application instructions and The bigger the Photo Print, the more likely it is to application video, which are available on any appear a bit grainy or pixilated when viewing it up Demonstrator Website and on www.uppercaseliving.com. close. Keep in mind that all Photo Prints are meant Application instructions will also be available with every to be viewed from a distance, similar to a big screen Photo Print you or your customer purchases. TV. When you look at your Photo Print from a few feet away, the dots (or pixels) you see will blend together 31. Can I apply my Photo Print to any surface? to form one solid, great-looking image. Because As long as the surface is clean, smooth, and dry, nearly Photo Prints are generally meant to be viewed from a any surface (e.g., walls, cabinets, windows, wallpaper) distance, we have tried to establish a balance between will work. Pebbly or rough-textured walls are not the need for uploading a very high-quality image and friendly to Photo Prints. one’s desire to select as large a Photo Print as possible from an average digital camera. The Photo Prints 32. Will my Photo Print damage my wall? application enforces our minimum level of acceptance No. Photo Prints are perfectly safe for walls. The vinyl’s based on anticipated viewing distance. Of course, the special low-tack adhesive does not leave any residue higher the quality of the photo you upload, the higher and will not pull off paint as long as the paint is in good the quality of the final product. condition and isn’t already peeling. If you are concerned about damage to your surface, we recommend removing and reapplying your Photo Print every 6 months. MyDesign Suite FAQs_1009 5 ©2009 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved. www.ExpressYourDecor.com
  6. 6. 33. How do I move my Photo Print to a new location? 38. Is UL going to provide us with professional photos Identify a new location for your Photo Print and clean to use? We could use ones for golf, football, baseball, the surface using a dry, lint-free cloth. With the help of dance, etc. a friend (or two friends, if your Photo Print is large), Uppercase Living has provided a photo as a Supply carefully remove the Photo Print from the original surface Item that can be purchased and used as a sample and either carry it (if it is within walking distance) or ($29.95; Supply Item #200350). Demonstrators and place the Photo Print on its backing paper and transport it customers may also use stock photographs that they to its new location. have purchased and have rights to on sites such as www.istockphoto.com. It is important to make sure the 34. Should I save the backing paper of my purchased stock photos are high-resolution images. UL Photo Print? Definitely. We recommend saving both the backing 39. If I add a Photo Print to my order, will it slow the paper and the tube your Photo Print came in so you will order process down? have a safe place to put your Photo Print should you Photo Prints typically should not slow your order down. need to move or store it. Uppercase Living is continually doing our very best to maintain the processing speed of every order, whether 35. What if I want to move my Photo Print but no or not a Photo Print is included. longer have the backing paper it came on? 40. Can a Hostess get a Photo Print with her free and Use wax paper. Peel the Photo Print off its surface and half-priced items? place it on a clean, flat surface STICKY SIDE UP Place . enough wax paper to cover the entire area of your Yes. Like other items, Photo Prints qualify for Hostess Photo Print, then roll up the Photo Print around a large Rewards. In addition, they can be purchased using tube. Do not fold your Photo Print! Folding will create Living Rewards product credits. creases that will be difficult to smooth out completely. 41. Can Demonstrators order a small sample sheet (similar to the one that was available at the 2009 QUEstions For dEmonstrators Convention) to showcase? 36. Could the Home Office provide Demonstrators Demonstrators can order a 48" x 30" Photo Print sample with access to the photos found in the UL Photo sheet as a Supply Item ($29.95; Supply Item #200350). Prints brochure? Uppercase Living hopes to provide select Photo Print 42. Can Demonstrators order only the Value Pack items photos for Demonstrator use in the near future. When these without purchasing a regularly sized Photo Print? photos become available, Demonstrators should refer to the No. Value Pack items are only available as an upgrade Advertising Policy and Logo Usage Guide for guidance on to a 4' x 4' and larger contour-cut Photo Print order. appropriate use of photos within their business. 43. How will Demonstrators order Photo Prints for 37. I’m a UL Demonstrator. Can I take pictures of the their customers? UL Logo and upload that to purchase? Customers can access the Photo Prints user interface Demonstrators may use the provided UL Independent on MyDesign Suite from their Demonstrator’s Demonstrator logo located in the Document Library for Premium Website. This interface will allow customers your Photo Print. Demonstrators and customers are not to create their Photo Prints and either (1) save them to allowed to use the corporate Uppercase Living logo, be added later to an Individual or Open House order however. Please refer to the Advertising Policy and by a Demonstrator or (2) purchase them directly using Logo Usage Guide for more information on the proper the shopping cart functionality. Demonstrators can use of UL logos. access a similar user interface from the main menu on UL Express, where they can create a new design, Jannifer Stoddard retrieve/change a previously saved design, and add Independent Demonstrator designs to an order. (208) 286-1983 wordsforliving@gmail.com MyDesign Suite FAQs_1009 6 ©2009 Uppercase Living®, LLC. All rights reserved. www.ExpressYourDecor.com