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Post It Notes (Presentation for a Product Development)


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Post It Notes (Presentation for a Product Development)

  1. 1. Product DevelopmentA Case Study on Post-it NotesKumar
  2. 2. Post-it Notes• A classical example of Business Innovation.• Used simple technology, but great innovationto create a useful product.• Great design, easy to use – Need to teach.• Performed better than advertised.• Forerunner of Web and email – madeinformal, asynchronous communication
  3. 3. A Story
  4. 4. A story• Silver Spencer
  5. 5. A story• Silver Spencer• Arthur Fry
  6. 6. A story• Silver Spencer• Arthur Fry• 3M
  7. 7. A story• Silver Spencer• Arthur Fry• 3M• elastomeric copolymer microspheres
  8. 8. In 1968..• Silver Spencer, a chemist, was searching fornew, patentable adhesives• Mixed organic molecules to non standardproportions.• Result: “inherently tacky elastomericcopolymer microspheres”• Or Simply, a glue that didn’t stick very well.
  9. 9. A glue that did not stick well• Failure?• Unique• Challenge?• Scientifically interesting• Hard to come up with a practical application
  10. 10. A practical use!• In the early seventies, 3M introduced thePost-it Bulletin Board
  11. 11. Post-it Bulletin Board• A piece of paper with glue sprayed over it• Stick a document without using a thumbtack!• Low sales• Problem: Used to gather dust
  12. 12. Post-it Bulletin Board• Did not solve any great problem.• Bulletin boards worked fine for people.• Not much demand for a better bulletin board.• For super-fussy collectors of corporatecommunications ephemera, the Post-it BulletinBoard was a dream product
  13. 13. • Arthur fry was trying to make a bookmark whichwon’t fly off.• Thought of using the glue.• Used time from bootlegging policy at 3M.• Distributed bookmarks to specific people.• People reused  no demand for more.
  14. 14. • While reading people used to tear a part of thebookmark and stick it near data and write notesabout the data.• This inspired a new use of the glue – to transmitinformation in a more flexible and contextsensitive manner.• Bulletin boards were immobile and of limited use.• These notes were like mini bulletin boards whichcan move.• A product that people will use up!
  15. 15. Testing for Market• Used the concept of viral marketing to testthe popularity of the product.• Give many samples to a people.• People distribute and ask for more.• Results were encouraging within 3M.• Skepticism from the management – a superiorglue has superior bonding power.
  16. 16. • The company decided to test-market the product infour cities: Denver, Richmond, Tampa, and Tulsa.• Cost was an issue.• Named as ‘Press and Peel pads’• Failed in 2 cities and average in the other two.• Marketing was wrong; the product was great.
  17. 17. • Returned to one of the test cities, virginia, andused viral marketing.• Hired people to give free samples anddemonstrated their use.• Office managers, purchasing agents, lawyers, andhospital personnel.• Huge popularity and demand.
  18. 18. • Decided for a commercial launch.• Fancy words like papillon and sticky notes werediscarded.• Named as Post-it Notes to tie them with Post-itBulletin boards.• Sales of one will promote sales of another.
  19. 19. Post-it Notes• Inspire spontaneity, rapid ideation, freeassociation.• Can be used to make context sensitive notes indocuments.• Effective medium of communication.• Help in organization of data and documents.• Collecting down ideas.• Writing down instructions.• To write down memos and to-dos.• To write notices.
  20. 20. An example: Medicine and DrugDealer• Put a note on all new items coming to thestore.• Write agenda for the day.• Pass on orders.• Leave instructions on the desktop of staffmembers.• Display notices.
  21. 21. Post-it Products• Notes– Super sticky notes– Popup notes– Note pads– Specialty notes– Portable flags
  22. 22. Post-it Products• Flags
  23. 23. Post-it Products• Dispensers• Holder• Organizers
  24. 24. Post-it Products• Pockets
  25. 25. Post-it Products• Pads– Easel pads– Self stick wall pads– Self stick table tops– Meeting notes
  26. 26. Post-it Products• Boards– Sticky cork boards– Sticky cork and dry easel board– Self sticky and dry easel board– Message boards– Self stick bulletin boards
  27. 27. Post it – Digital• Picture paper
  28. 28. Post it – Digital• Picture paper• Photo organizer – software
  29. 29. Post it – Digital• Picture paper• Photo organizer – software• Photo card kit.
  30. 30. Post it – Digital• Picture paper• Photo organizer – software.• Photo card kit.• Post-it® Digital Notes - is a simple to usesoftware that lets you– make and organize lists,– plan projects step by step,– sort your notes by category,– personalize messages with photos,– even set alarms to remind you of appointments or keydates.
  31. 31. Thank You!Questions?!