Teach Your Clients How To Use WordPress Easily With WPTrainMe


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Learn how to save time training clients to use WordPress and add massive value to your web services business with the WPTrainMe WordPress training plugin.

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Teach Your Clients How To Use WordPress Easily With WPTrainMe

  1. 1. wpt rainme.com http://wptrainme.com/wordpress-training/wptrainme-easiest-way-train-clients-use-wordpress WPTrainMe – The Easiest And Most Profitable Way To Teach Clients How To Use WordPress Don’t Just Teach Clients WordPress … Help Them Get Results! Do you build WordPress websites f or businesses, or sell any other WordPress-related services? If so, do you also provide your clients with WordPress training? If you do, consider what would happen if you asked your clients the f ollowing question at the start of your training session: I’ve just built you a website using a powerful application called WordPress. Now I’m going to train you how to use your new WordPress site. Do you want me to teach you: a) How to use WordPress to create a new page and add some content to it, or b) How to use WordPress to automatically drive more targeted visitors to your site, get better search engine rankings, get more visibility online for your business on social media sites, generate more leads, more sales, more opt-in subscribers, increase your conversion rates and make your business more profitable … in addition to basic stuff like how to create a page and add some content to it? Which of the above options do you think your clients would choose? If you were your own client, which of the above methods would you rather be shown af ter getting your website built? Which of the above options do you think would increase the value of your WordPress services and allow you to charge clients more? In this post we look at the training methods most website service providers use to teach their clients about using WordPress and why these are mostly inef f ective. We will then show you why the WordPress system we
  2. 2. spent over 3 years developing is ef f ective, and why this system is the easiest way to train clients how to use WordPress. How Do You Teach Your Clients WordPress? Consider the screenshot below, which shows some of the typical responses given by a number of WordPress service providers to an online discussion by a group of WordPress experts on LinkedIn which asked them “How Do You Train Your WordPress Clients?” …
  3. 3. The above responses (and our own research and experience) indicate that many website service providers choose the f ollowing methods to teach their clients how to use WordPress: Providing one-on-one training (either on site or online, e.g. skype, phone, etc …) with an average duration of 1-2 hours, Providing clients with PDF guides and/or videos. How Effective Is Your WordPress Training Method? Do you use any of the above methods to train your clients? If so, how ef f ective are they? Do they empower your clients to get the results they want to achieve with their WordPress sites that we discussed earlier? Consider this … Why do so many women (and increasingly men also) spend money on beauty products? It’s not because of the “active ingredients” used in the cosmetics, but because women (and men) want to look younger and more attractive. In other words, clients who buy cosmetic products don’t care about how their lotions and potions work as much as they care about the results that these products are supposed to deliver. In a similar way, clients want websites because they want to experience better results in their business. So … Does the WordPress training method you are currently using show clients how to grow their business more profitably using WordPress? In our experience, one hour ‘one-on-one’ training sessions and PDFs or videos that only teach clients the basic mechanics of using WordPress can only take a client so f ar. They don’t really empower businesses to grow online and achieve sustainable results. Af ter using these same methods to train our own clients, we noticed that clients would typically leave the initial training session smiling and happy, but when we f ollowed up with them around 90 days af terwards, the same client that was handed the keys to this amazing vehicle – a website built with WordPress, would then report that not much was happening with their site. Their ef f orts to grow their business online would of ten simply come to a halt.
  4. 4. At f irst, we believed our clients when they said they were just “too busy” to do the things we showed them during their ‘one-on-one’ training session. Gradually, however, we came to understand that the reason why our clients just “stopped” was not because they were “too busy” as they said … it was because when it comes to getting results online, there’s so much more to learn than what was being covered in their training session and the PDFs and videos, that, without an ef f ective step-by-step system to f ollow and regular guidance or mentoring, clients would simply end up f eeling completely overwhelmed and conf used about what to do next. The reason why many business owners of ten come to a complete standstill af ter being handed “the keys” to their new WordPress site, is because they are not being truly empowered to grow their business and achieve the results they would like to experience. They are not being taught how to actually “drive” their online vehicle to any successf ul destination, or given an ef f ective road map to f ollow; they are only being shown a f ew “buttons to press” in their vehicle’s dashboard that get some lights blinking, but makes nothing actually move f orward. The reality is, without a caref ully constructed and ef f ective step- by-step training system, there is just simply too much inf ormation f or clients to learn and “too many dots” f or them to connect in order to achieve the results they want. Creating An Effective Step-By-Step WordPress Training System Is Not Easy Creating an ef f ective step-by-step WordPress training system is not an easy task by any means. It requires spending an inordinate and exhaustive amount of time planning, researching, documenting, troubleshooting and testing every single step of the process to make sure that users can easily f ollow every step without getting lost, conf used or overwhelmed … If you are busy building web sites for clients (or looking for new clients to service), how do you find the time to create a truly effective training system? A one or two-hour training session can’t even begin to help someone connect all of the dots. It may be a practical way to sign of f on a new website and leave the client f eeling good about your services, but if the content of your WordPress training is not an organized system that can ef f ectively help your clients get the results they want, then simply throwing inf ormation at them is only going to overwhelm and conf use your clients f urther. They are either going to come to a complete standstill, or they are going to look f or easier solutions elsewhere. Because WordPress is constantly changing, PDFs and videos can be dif f icult to keep training content up-to-
  5. 5. date. Using distributable training resources like PDFs also requires having an excellent document management system to keep track of which changes have been made in which document version, and which version has been distributed to which user. Additionally, one of the biggest challenges of training clients to use WordPress, is that most website developers are not a “product of their product”. In other words, they haven’t learned to use WordPress the same way that they are trying to teach it to others. Most people who build WordPress sites f or others are of ten self -taught WordPress users who have acquired technical knowledge and skills f rom many dif f erent sources and online resources. This makes evaluating the ef f ectiveness of a training method aimed at helping non-technical users get results a dif f icult task. Now … at this point you may be thinking “Hang on! It’s not my job to teach clients how to get results online! My job is only to build them a website and then show them how to use it! Whether their business ultimately succeeds or fails is not my concern!” Okay, f air enough, but here’s the point … WordPress can deliver your clients the results they want … if they have a training system that shows them how! With an expertly conf igured WordPress site, the right training system and a little personal assistance f rom their web service provider to make sure that everything is going well, your clients can experience a steady growth in visitors, better search engine rankings, more visibility online on social media sites, more leads, more sales, more subscribers, increased conversion rates, and so on … without going somewhere else to f ind the answers they need! A website built with WordPress can deliver phenomenal results for any business. The question is … are you teaching your clients how to achieve phenomenal results using WordPress? Or are you just giving clients the same old ‘quick start’ training that will probably bring them to an eventual standstill? Af ter trying all of the above methods (i.e. one-on-one training, videos, PDFs, etc.) and experiencing all of the challenges and issues described thus f ar, we decided to build something dif f erent. Would you like to know about a better and easier way to train clients that can FREE up your time so you can f ocus on growing your web services business while also helping you grow your clients business? If so, let me share with you the easiest way to teach your clients how to use WordPress and help them get the results they expect f rom their new website. Introducing … WPTrainMe!
  6. 6. WPTrainMe is a complete WordPress ‘A-Z’ training system. It provides non-technical users with the most complete, well-organized, up-to-date and easy-to-f ollow WordPress ‘A-Z’ training system available. The WPTrainMe plugin gives users instant access to all of the WPTrainMe tutorials right inside their own WP dashboard. We have spent over 3 years developing WPTrainMe and expertly craf ting hundreds of detailed step-by-step tutorials that not only will teach your clients how to use WordPress, but also how to get the results they want f rom a website using WordPress. “I have used the tutorials to teach all of my clients and it has probably never been so easy for everyone to learn WordPress. It is very pedagogic structured. Now I don’t need to buy all these very expensive video courses that often don’t deliver what they promise.” - Stefan Wendt, Internet Marketing Success Group Train Clients To Use WordPress The Easy Way With The WPTrainMe Plugin If the f ocus of your business is building WordPress sites or providing other WordPress-related services to clients like
  7. 7. web design or web development, then ask yourself the f ollowing questions: Would you rather spend your valuable time f inding and servicing new clients and growing your business, or training and supporting existing clients? What if you could do both (i.e. f ind new clients and train existing clients) at the same time, by being smart about the way you train your clients to use WordPress? What if your clients could continue to be trained to use WordPress in their own time, while you invest your time into looking f or new clients to service? What if the above could be turned into a simple “rinse and repeat” system where your clients are getting the best WordPress training possible (and loving you f or it!), and you are f inding and servicing new clients and adding massive value to both your and your clients’ businesses? Now … you probably have your own method f or teaching clients to use WordPress, so let me ask you this … If you f ound a smarter and more ef f ective way to train your clients than the method you are currently using to teach clients WordPress, and … This training system saved you more time, was more prof itable and easier to implement than the method you are currently using, and … This training system empowered your clients to get better results than the method you are currently using … Would you consider switching to the better training method? Let me show you why using the WPTrainMe WordPress training plugin to teach your clients WordPress can do all of the above and more. WPTrainMe Provides WordPress Users WithAn Effective Learning Tool WPTrainMe is a complete WordPress “A-Z” training system that gives users instant access to detailed step- by-step tutorials in their own WP dashboard and helps your clients “connect all of the dots” as they progress f orward. WPTrainMe is a training system designed to keep the inf ormation well organized and easily updateable. We use screenshot-based online tutorials hosted in a central location and delivered to users via a plugin. This allows us to update the inf ormation in our servers and provide users with instant access to the updated content via the plugin. Training Clients To Use WordPress With WPTrainMe Is As Simple As 1-2-3 Let me show you how simple it can be to train your clients to use WordPress using WPTrainMe: Step 1 – Install The WPTrainMe Plugin On Your Client Sites Af ter building your clients a great WordPress site, simply install the WPTrainMe plugin on their site and agree to touch base with them every 90 days or so as part of your af ter sales support system. Don’t want to give clients ALL the answers? Then start with the FREE plugin edition which gives them only the
  8. 8. essential WordPress “how-tos”, or install the BASIC or BUSINESS edition f or tutorials that will empower them to use WordPress to grow their business online, yet still leave you with room to of f er them additional services like WordPress management, optimization, security, etc. (all of these areas are covered in the PRO edition). Step 2 – Schedule An Initial WordPress Training Session All you need to do af ter installing the plugin on your clients’ sites is show them how to access the tutorials. This is your initial training session. You can go over the same basics as you were doing bef ore (e.g. how to create a new post, add content, etc …). The dif f erence, however, is that now your clients have a complete system they can f ollow that can help them grow beyond just the very basics, and ongoing up-to-date help they access any time f rom their own dashboard. Step 3 – Provide Ongoing Client Support Af ter showing clients how to access the WPTrainMe tutorials, simply agree to “touch base” with them on a regular basis (e.g. every 90 days or so) and see how they are progressing along. If they need help, you can easily pinpoint where your client is currently at, work out what their next step should be to keep moving f orward and then point them to the tutorials that will give them the answers they need. This is your WordPress training and support system. Doesn’t WPTrainMe sound like a better, smarter, easier, more time-saving and more cost-effective way to train your clients? Benefits Of Training Clients To Use WordPress With The WPTrainMe Plugin Below are just some of the many benef its of using WPTrainMe plugin to train your clients how to use WordPress: Save Time Training Clients With The WPTrainMe Plugin The WPTrainMe plugin is simple to install and gives users instant ‘one- click’ access to hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials f rom their own WP dashboards. The plugin also provides a “hands- f ree” WordPress training solution. Simply install WPTrainMe on your client sites and then show them how to use it …
  9. 9. Think of the valuable time you will save training your new clients: When clients email you or calling you asking f or help with WordPress, simply direct them to the appropriate tutorial inside WPTrainMe. Avoid long “one-on-one” training sessions and on-site training visits. Af ter showing clients how to log into their WP sites, just say “select the WPTrainMe item from the menu and click on the ‘View Tutorials’ tab, or click on the “Help” tab any time you need help using WordPress!” You can personally guide clients through the tutorials online, or over the phone if they need to be shown how something works in WordPress. Just ask them to open up the tutorial on their browser, then do the same and walk them through the process, using the screenshots and step-by-step instructions provided in the tutorials. Why waste valuable time trying to reinvent the wheel to create WordPress training guides and training PDFs that are hard to update, that leave out important steps, or that really don’t empower clients to become competent WordPress users? We’ve spent years creating WPTrainMe and developing it into the best WordPress training solution you will f ind. Everything you need to train your clients is included in one convenient and time-saving plugin! Make Money Training Clients Here are just of the ways you can make money with the WPTrainMe plugin: You can download the FREE edition of the WPTrainMe plugin, install it on your client sites and charge more by of f ering your services with expert training included. The FREE edition provides dozens of essential WordPress “How To” tutorials which are ideal f or all WordPress beginners.
  10. 10. Better still, purchase a multi-user license f or one of our premium editions (BASIC, BUSINESS or PRO), install it on your client sites, and charge a monthly f ee f or providing ongoing training and support. WPTrainMe will take care of your client’s training needs and answer their questions about WordPress, helping you to minimize your costs f or providing support and maximizing your prof it. You simply pay a small monthly f ee to license the plugin f or installing it on multiple sites and set whatever price you want to charge f or providing your clients with high quality WordPress training. Let’s go through some quick examples below (remember: you can set whatever price you want f or providing training) … 1. You purchase a 3-user license f or the BASIC plugin edition f or $10 per month, and charge clients $10 per month each f or providing training. Your profit = $20 per month. 2. You purchase a 10-user license f or the BUSINESS plugin edition at $52 per month, and charge clients $20 per month each f or providing training. Your profit = $148 per month. 3. You purchase a 25-user license f or the BUSINESS plugin edition at $65 per month, and charge clients $20 per month each f or providing training. Your profit = $435 per month. 4. In addition to the above, you can also become an affiliate partner and add your unique af f iliate ID to the plugin settings section of your clients’ sites. If your clients decide to upgrade later (e.g. f rom BASIC to BUSINESS, or BASIC/BUSINESS to PRO), you earn a recurring af f iliate commission f rom the sale. Add Massive Value To Your Business By providing clients with a unique WordPress training solution that empowers them to become competent WordPress users and that helps them grow their business, you will be adding massive value to your own business. You will be seen as the “go to” WordPress expert they can trust and build an even more loyal clientele f or your own services. Grow Your Business Faster As more of the time you would normally spend training your clients and answering questions about WordPress is f reed up by using the WPTrainMe plugin, you can f ocus more of your time, energy and resources on f inding and servicing new clients, while continuing to provide excellent training and support to your existing clients with less time. Generate New Revenue Streams
  11. 11. It’s a f act that most business owners are simply too busy to do everything themselves, even if they are given the resources that show them step-by- step how they can do it themselves. The more that you empower new WordPress users to discover what they can achieve with WordPress, the more WordPress products and services they will want to use. This creates additional opportunities f or your business to generate new revenue streams. For example, you can provide newsletter tips, articles and blog posts covering some of the WordPress strategies discussed in the tutorials and of f er additional services that clients can outsource to you to help them grow their business online, should they f ind themselves too busy to f ollow the instructions in the tutorials. Provide A Unique Training Service As mentioned earlier, over 3 years of f ull-time work and development have gone into creating WPTrainMe. During this time, we have not only created a well-organized inf ormation and training system that non-technical WordPress users can easily f ollow, but we have also built a comprehensive (and growing) library of hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials that turn any website owner into a competent WordPress user. You will be providing your clients with a unique training service. No other WordPress training product or solution even comes close to what WPTrainMe can of f er! “This is AMAZING! I had learnt about how to use WordPress previously, but this covers absolutely everything and more!! Incredible value! Thank you!” - Monique, Warrior Forum We recommend downloading the FREE plugin so you can experience f or yourself the quality of the training content that you would be providing to your clients. Please visit our WordPress Service Providers section to learn more about our multiple user licensing options. If you have any questions about WPTrainMe, please see our FAQ section, the WPTrainMe Plugin User Guide, or contact us.