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Wordpress Courses


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Take Wordpress courses at Wordpress SEO Academy.

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Wordpress Courses

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  2. 2. Thanks for downloading our mini-Ebook, Wisdom of Wordpress! At Wordpress SEO Academy,we regularly offer site visitors Wordpress education through the use of blog posts and onsitearticles.From time to time, we package them in ebooks such as this and distribute them FREE. Wefurther offer Wordpress set-up video tutorials at no cost for every skill level from beginner toPRO.We also offer easy to understand video tutorials for those desiring to dominate competitorsusing Wordpress SEO (search engine optimization). Here is a brief overview of our services: Wordpress Business PRO Package Wordpress SEO Tutorials (44 videos) Wordpress Website Clean-up (24 videos) Wordpress Set-up (43 videos) 70 Premium Wordpress Templates 24/7 Access Easy step-by-step instructions Lifetime Access to ongoing education No ongoing subscription payments! Visit us Page 2
  3. 3. Blog Post Sample #1As it concerns the best Wordpress host, a question has been asked that we delight inanswering! It concerns the 21 video tutorial series which reviews the administrative functions(cpanel) with Blue Host web hosting services. This series, freely available on Youtube hascreated a firestorm of sorts due to how lengthy it is.The question is: “Why produce over three hours? That is way too long.” It is taken for grantedonce experience is gained with webmasters that because webmastersknow how to managethese functions, others should also.When we produced the FREE Wordpress series, it was with the beginner in mind that wedecided to produce from a mind-set of assuming the viewer would have ZERO knowledge. Fromthere, should viewers decide to take our FREE series of 68 videos, a fully functional websitewould occur.Truthfully, the series could’ve been much longer but we chose to focus only on core functionsneeded to launch a website with Wordpress. Nevertheless, those we objected to length willsurely be displeased that we are going to produce a much longer, more in-depth series shortly!With millions of pages dedicated to both WP and Blue Host, it is easy for beginners to get lost inthe sheer volume of ‘expertise’ available. For instance the forum is just such aplace.This forum is the largest WP knowledge base anywhere. No matter what particular threadparticipated in, it is noticeable that both beginners and PROS make WordPress much harderthan it need be.Recently, a beginner asked a difficult and hyper-technical scripting question. Although thequestion was answered, sort of but not very effectively, we kept asking ourselves: “Why aren’tthey more focused on creating a content rich, search optimized website? Page 3
  4. 4. Hardly alone in this time wasting pursuit, as we looked around, it was noticeable thatthousands of others were doing the same thing!This question had to do with themes so we chimed in with this: “If you aren’t a designer,developer or aren’t planning on doing either as a business, why go through the difficulty whenyou could own hundreds of themes for a mere $39?”Of course the forum turned into an uproar at our seemingly offensive question however, wedecided to go take a look at the questioner’s site. As Dr. Same Beckett used to say on the seriesQuantum Leap:“Oh boy.”This beginner had much more pressing issues with their site than how pretty it would look.What was even more amazing to us, the so-called Wordpress experts in the forum saidNOTHING about them!Why? Either they didn’t know themselves or they make the mistake 98% of webmasters make:focusing on LOOK instead of search rankings. Now, these two aren’t mutually exclusivehowever, webmasters rarely find a balance between the two.I applaud their desire to learn theme design but question whether this hassle was needed soearly in their experience.We are not putting forth that WordPress theme design isnt a noble pursuit however, aWordPress beginner must focus on these three areas above all others: • Sales funnel set-up • Using friendly navigation • Search engine optimizationIf you want to operate a serious, money earning site, be smart about it! Page 4
  5. 5. Post #2OK - ok, we will answer the all-important question about Godaddy Wordpress hosting. Let uspreface the rest of this post with this: the scenario we are now putting forth is applicable to ourbusiness model. Each reader has to come to their own conclusions on whether to use GoDaddy or another hosting provider.Go Daddy has done an outstanding job of becoming a market leader. Although we dontnecessarily agree with the racy commercials featuring Danica Patrick, we understand the natureof commercials today.Most web hosting providers only offer traditional domain extensions such as: • .com • .net • .org • .biz • .us • .infoWith that in mind, we are going to answer and hopefully dispel the urban legend which says thelatter are to be avoided for search engine optimization purposes. Having been in webmarketing 12 years, we say with authority to avoid these extensions, if available in your geo-targeted keyword market, is to forsake top search engine rankings!Further, it is said that these three will hurt the credibility of the site itself. Why is unimportanthowever, we find no concrete evidence that this is in anyway true.Webmasters must understand whether your site ranks well or not, largely dependsonoptimization planning rather than extension. With that said, keep in mind that there arelocalized domains such as .in (India) and .au (Australia) only apply to country of Page 5
  6. 6. Outside of this fact however, your websites performance is directly connected to your searchengine optimization efforts. Let’s say someone purchases(for example) andanother The owner of the former then put up and the latter did also. The formerfocused more on the look while the latter on Wordpress SEO.The website which receives top organic search ranks would depend largely on three thingsabove any other: • keyword rich, original content • flawless on-site search engine optimization • relevant back links to topicWe used this example to explain a huge, yet unknown opportunity to own keyword richdomains.As most web hosting providers only offer traditional domains, Go Daddy is a verydesirous option to obtain keyword rich extensions.A few of those are, but not limited to: • .tv • • .mobi • • .net.bzAll of these domains can be used to achieve top search rankings. The opportunity here is tosecure extensions which are keyword rich and relative to on-site products and services. Once akeyword rich domain is purchased it can then be transferred to, say, Blue Host. There is a catch!They will host such nontraditional domains but won’t support any issues which occur. (Not thatthey will) Page 6
  7. 7. In the example of needing support, albeit extreme, let’s put forth a scenario using the .coextension.(Colombia)If there was a government change in that country and the new powerbrokers decided not to continue in ownership.In this extreme scenario, you’d be out of luck! All that is being pointed out is that there areother options when using other major hosting providers except Godaddy.Post #3From time to time, we receive some very nasty e-mails from other webmasters whooffer Wordpress how to video. The majority of these come from one particular segment.Truthfully, most come from those who chose to build their business models based strictlyoffering WordPress videos.Believe us, we thought long and hard before bringing an offer such as 68 FREE Wordpress set-up and clean-up video tutorials to market. We knew it would catastrophically affect thebusiness of other websites.However, this business decision was sound! As in life is true with business: things must andalways do change! Unfortunately, this changehas horrendously affected those choosing towithhold information which should be, we believe anyway, FREE.Their loss is your gain! Let this failure to foresee teach both beginners and PROS an allimportant lesson: economies of scale on the web are headed towards zero. A top Googleexecutive, Chris Anderson and author of the book ZERO, put forth the case for this realityeffectively.In this book, Chris said it would be wise for webmasters to offer free services and offer somesort of background, paid ‘premium service. Being one of the main catalysts for Googlesphenomenal growth over the last 14 years, we thought it wise to take their advice several Page 7
  8. 8. Examining the WP business model, this discovery sent shivers down our spine! Chris was tellingus to give-away FREE, what we’d paid to produce. How OFFENSIVE! This suggestion, at first hereat the academy, was resisted by our founder.We thought: “What a hypocrite. He charged for his book and tells us to give our products awayfree?”Then it dawned on us: “Had Border’s Books, Circuit City and Blockbuster (amongst others)listened to industry advice, their doors would still be open.”Lets fast-forward to the present. We are huge fans of WP tutorial sites such as WordPressClassroom, Wordpress Central and Wordpress Central Station!These are the top education sitesin their markets.However, their offering don’t extend much beyond basic education for Wordpress site ownerscoupled with, in at least two cases, an expensive, ongoing subscription agreement. Classroomfor example charges a MINIMUM fee of $25.00 per class (or month) for information which wegive away free.For those smart enough to calculate the cost, that is around $400.00 per year just for thebasics. What about teaching search engine optimization? Almost NADA!If you require more advanced training, the price triples. Nevertheless, over the next few years,their business will likely decrease. Why? We are now receiving students who used to pay bothsites for instructions.These students will spread the word to others interested and subscription agreements for thesepaid services will decrease. This isn’t to even mention that we will push both sites, usingeffective Wordpress SEO from top ranks IN THEIR OWN BUSINESS’ MARKETS.We are not doing this to be vicious however, the reality is that business models that are robusttoday, will absolutely change Page 8
  9. 9. Regardless of your geo-targeted keyword market or industry, not that those two are mutuallyexclusive, spend the appropriate amount of time creating substantive free offers andcompelling premium services.Post #4In a previous post dealing concerning Wordpress step-by-step, we got off the beaten track a bit.We used Blockbuster video as a case example of a once robust business that is largely nowdefunct. Why?They failed to heed indeed trends and were over-taken by the likes of Netflix and Hulu. Wehave no doubt this post will eventually make it to those websites mentioned previously andwithin our industry.We further believe that like our example(Blockbuster), they will probablyfail to heed our warnings.If someone warned that your business is going to decrease and eventually fail, why would suchdire forecasts be ignored? The easy answer is arrogance nevertheless, the real one is fear! As anew WordPress website owner, be cautioned against not developing future business dueto holding on so tightly to what you’ve already achieved.We aren’t giving advice that this academy hasn’t taken to heart. In 2007, we wrote a bookcalled Adwords Back Now. It not only was the first book of its’ genre but also, the catalyst formany copycats since then.We were so focused on protecting this mega profitable niche market that we chose to ignore atrend right in front of us. Google Adwords, the core focus of this book, had banned over 20,000advertisers worldwide within a few months beginning in September 2009.Having done so, they had rid themselves of the worst advertising offenders who broke theirTerms of Service in one way or another. This ban severely reduced the need for our product.This product had a great run! Nevertheless, sales began to Page 9
  10. 10. Adding to the problem was those same unscrupulous advertisers who were banned fromGoogle and purchased our book, stole, repackaged and began to sell it themselves!We began a vicious cycle of being tightly focused on displacing these thieves from top searchranks and placing our book there. Realizing this trend was going to get worse and thus,requiring more company time and expense, we thought:“Why are we fighting so hard toprotect our intellectual property rights when we can be creating something much greater? “We need not tell you what greater meant because you are on one of our websites correct?Once your product and service, regardless if you charge or not, is in the marketplace,only goback to ‘tweak’ and then begin buildingother another streams.Web offerings can be limitless! You need not invest significant money or time to find an offersomebody will pay for. What you cant do and must not do is what WordPress Classroom andWordPress Central Station are: holding on for dear life to what they already have.Of course we dont know what these two businesses are planning in the future but what we doknow is for the past 12 months, neither has significantly added better services to their now paidones.For instance, for neither to be seriously focusing on Wordpress SEO as an upsell is pureinsanity! We love Central Station so much that are founder e-mailed the owner. He pleadedwith this company to immediately begin adding new paid services and gave him the same logicwe gave here.What that means is you have an opportunity to both SEE and SEIZE the future in your industry!To grab a hold of it will certainly result in your business foundation avoiding the fate of so manyothers: bankrupt and no longer Page 10
  11. 11. Post #5There are literally BILLIONS of pages on the web and most have no idea of the value of WP SEO,short for Wordpress search engine optimization. How can so many miss somethingfundamental to successful marketing online?The answer is simple: lack of understanding how powerful this skill-set is! Although Wordpressis the #1 open source content management system (CMS), search engine optimization (SEO)isnt limited with this platform.Whether a businesss geo-targeted (keyword) market receives 5,000 or 50 million searchqueries monthly, no amount of customer base should be overlooked. Before proceeding, it isnecessary to define SEO: the process of improving a web propertys visibility through both onand off-site, organic optimization techniques.Put more simply: placing ones website or social media profile in top search rankings on majorengines such as (but not limited to): Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.If a webmaster is considering using Wordpress SEO to improve organic rankings, it is necessaryto understand the basics. First, one must understand the difference between a webdesigner and developer.Although these two are often used interchangeably, nothing could be further from true. Havingbeen in web marketing for well over a decade, our CEO, B.D. Dale, defined the difference in amost simple manner: "If someone enjoys the design aspect more than effective search engineplacement, they are a designer. Should they care about and thus, spend more time withproducing effective organic search position, they are a developer."Rare is the person who spends equal time in both areas! In a nutshell, although certainly notlimited to, SEO consists of the following considerations: • Geo-targeted domain selection and Page 11
  12. 12. • Effective title and header optimization • Establishing nested bread crumb trails • Web page optimization • Article and post optimization • Alt Text and media optimization • Inter content linkingMany more areas could be mentioned however, even if the above considerations have beenmade and executed on-site, there is something just as important but hardly mentioned byprofession SEO experts: establishing consistent site theme.This isnt to be taken as selecting the Wordpress Theme (skin) rather, implementing andeffectively managing the content so that it matches the rest of established bread crumb trails.One thing amongst many others, which indexing bits consider vitally important is for the actualrelevancy of onsite content versus claims made by domain name selection, header, keywordsand meta-descriptions.As an example, let’s say a website has the domain (url) The bread crumbtrail representations indicate that the site is strictly about web marketing.Nevertheless, when indexing BOTS begin to measure on-site content, the relevancy is found tohave very little to do with web marketing rather, Apple IPhones.This scenario seems silly but the theme measurement now in effect, came about because ofsuch deceptive practices. Why would someone do this? There is an old saying which says: “Inbusiness, sometimes you just have to throw everything against the wall and see WHAT sticks.”Someone selling, using our example of IPhones, may reason that IF keyword search volume ishigh enough, although IPhones aren’t what searchers were looking for (web marketinginformation), surely SOMEONE in the millions of queries may be interested and thus, takeadvantage of their Page 12
  13. 13. It is just as it sounds: bait and switch. The point as SEO is concerned: assure there is remarkableconstituency of presentation through-out your website.Post #6When we first began our setting up Wordpress journey, there were many times when ourfounder says he was held hostage by web developers. They spoke an unknown language calledHTML. Back then, 2000 was the year, the proposition of even setting up the most basic sorts ofblog and website was truly an expensive undertaking.Three years later a platform emerged called WordPress and put designers and developers onnotice! As an open source content management system, WordPress was designed in such a waythat webmasters no longer needed to worry about mastering HTML and spending thousands ofdollars to get even the basics accomplished.WordPress blogging software combined an easy-to-use interface which was a stand-alonesolution for all coding needs. There were only three things anyone desiring to launch a websiteneeded to do: • set up a free account • write a blog post • push a single button to publish onto the world wide web (www)WordPress offers too many competitive advantages for both beginners and advanced users tobe listed in the short space. Nevertheless, we are going to list four: • hosted turnkey solutions • easy-to-use interface • extreme flexibility • support from a community of Page 13
  14. 14. Many other content management systems have appeared on the Internet landscape sinceWordpress’ launch in 2003 however, none are as popular and not one possesses the vastsupport network.Many would be Wordpress competitors put forth their version ofease of usehowever, onlyWordPress can truly claim an authentic 5 minute install!Whether signing up with the free version hosted at or paid, it is still the easiest install on the web regardless of skill level. Whatever versionyou choose, rejoice in the fact there is a network of not less than 5 million users waiting toassist you along the way.Some participate in the branded WordPress forum while still others hold down the fort in off-site marketing forums, nevertheless there are very few places on the web where Wordpresswebmasters aren’t available to assist you.Whether a beginner or advanced user, WordPress software will have you excited not onlyabout advanced features, but the most basic functions. The best way to describe this platformisnt as a bottomless well.Imagine you were standing at the opening of a water well you’d never seen. As you peer downinto the depths, it seems the bottom isnt within eyesight. Deciding to experiment to discern itdepths, you drop a coin and listen for the THUD of hitting bottom.After 20 seconds or so, you decide that perhapsthe sound, because of the small coin size,escaped your hearing. You then drop a very large brick and still, no sound of hittingbottom. Again, no sound! My friend, WordPress is the well with no bottom.As you begin your journey into the world of WordPress, understand that not only should you beexcited beyond measure about the opportunity offered to launch your business, but alsoknowing there are millions of others who were at one-time, right where you are, available tohelp you along the Page 14
  15. 15. The stranglehold professional web developers have has been loosened mightily. Those who stillpay thousands of dollars to have reasonable simple websites designed fail to realize theirmoney is better use advertising their website rather than putting it into the pocket of backoffice developers.Post #7One area we found particularly delightful concerning easy Wordpress tutorials, is the discoveryof new features. Whether it is a platform upgrade or extended capabilities, the excitementnever seems to stop!Most of this enhanced flexibility isnt necessarily due to management system upgrades by WPitself rather, the thousands of plugins and website templates available.If searched properly, WordPress plugins are available by the thousands and can be had for freeor as paid services.To properly describe plugins, imagine them as iPhone applications. Sure thephone provides basic functions as do any however applications, more commonly known as Aps,enhance the usefulness of your phone.All WordPress properties are pretty much the same at the foundational level. The differencebetween them most often occurs at the advanced feature level. For those who readilyrecognize WordPresssites upon visiting them, it is noticeable that individualization comes fromplugins and other advanced user tools.Most plugins are available free however, many are also paid services.Honestly, out of the30,000 or so available, we are of the opinion that only a handful are worth outright purchase orpremium upgrades. One which is certainly worth the paid upgrade available is Page 15
  16. 16. Not only does this plugin allow set-up of a basic membership site free, the PRO upgrade isreplete with user capabilities that will leave even professional developers aw struck.For those familiar with our company, it is well known that a paid plugin recommendation isindeed rare. However, we blindly believe in giving credit where it is due. This short space won’tallow a full explanation of S2 Member but one of our favorite features is the page restrictionfunction and its’ integration with Paypal.With that said and for beginners, understanding this plugin and how to set it up requiresspending time training on the features available. Once you understand core functions, it willbecome clear whether or not it works for current business needs.Another enhancement feature comes by way of WordPress themes and website skins which areavailable into infinity. Which provider you choose depends on longer term needs of yourbusiness. Regardless of theme provider, the ease of use is amazing!Unlike most other content management systems,WordPress offers core functions andrequirements all providers of enhanced features must adhere to. Think about it is aneighborhood housing association. When moving into a new neighborhood, many times signinga housing covenant is required.There are basic rules such as proper lawncare, parking, noise or other but what is constant,regardless of WHERE you live on these blocks, certain rules must be abided by. Plugins andthemes with WordPress are no different.Certain scripting and functionality must be both adhered to so that seamless integration forusers can occur. To forsake these assures providers can’t offer services to the Wordpressneighborhood.On your travels across the Internet attempting to better understand WordPress, participate inplugin and theme communities to better grasp how these important tools pertaining to yourparticular web Page 16
  17. 17. Just a word of warning: eat the WordPress MONSTER one bite at a time or risk becomingoverwhelmed with the amount of information available.Whether it be breaking down your research into small, digestible parts or trying to understandas much as you can in as little time as possible, never lose sight of the simplicity that isWordPress.Post #8As far as Wordpress lessons go, it is our humble opinion that fiercely loyal communities ofplatform users exist on the Internet. No surprise there but two stand out amongst allothers (except Facebook of course). First is Wikipedia editors and next,WordPress users.WordPress communities are open for any to participate in. Unfortunately, Wikipedia despiteclaiming to be a creative commons of sorts has gotten far away from such an ideal.We found out the hard way that no matter how professionally a Wiki page is written, alreadyestablish editors flag and/or delete relative, Wiki standard content for one reason, control!It is very difficult to even call what they do community rather, an elite, editorial social club.Wikipedia editors, mostly volunteers, turned their community into a for profit enterprise whichrarely allows great content to be placed without payment of the now infamous ‘Wiki Bounty.’There have been whispers all over the web about a ‘paid placement’ of sorts on Wikipedia andit interested us so much we decided to test its’ authenticity. Our experiment had one goal: toeither acknowledge or refute these, what we believed anyway, to be false claims.The allegation was this: if submitting a substantial, non-like, professionally written page for thisWiki, established editors will either flag or delete it for often vague reasons. Unfortunately, weare unable to refute these ‘pay the bounty for placement’ claim! Page 17
  18. 18. It doesnt matter that these now established editors were themselves beginners at one-timerather, that they flex their muscles by retaining control.This most sinister of practices (Wiki Bounty) forces the new, professional writers, to payWikipedia a small donation to have the ‘established order.’ write the page and force itsubmission. Amazingly and despite having professional copy editing (paid for), a page wasdeleted!It not only complied with standards put forth by Wikipedia but after examining posts by thePROS, exceeded their styles.However, once we paid an established editor a $75 Wiki Bounty,somehow the article was accepted and published.Unlike the Wikipedia HUSTLE, the WordPress community is far from an elite social club. Whenone visits the forum at, it becomes apparent that there are professional,established users ready and willing to help new users.Although our rant against Wikipedia may seem harsh, it was made to point out one thing: yoursuccess is going to depend on partnering with community users that have both WordPress andyour best interest at heart.Sure there are those who will charge for services in this forum but 95% of the time,advice isFREE. However, one area which is lacking extensive, FREE advice is search engine optimization.There are many reasons for this but primarily, those who understand SEO want to keep it asecret.Basically, SEO (search engine optimization)is a practice of making your website more visible tosearch engines through geo-targeted indexing. Put more simply, positioning a site within topquery results. (page #1!)SEO has, regardless of the platform used to host, some basic principles: • properly geo-targeted domain Page 18
  19. 19. • properly constructed header, description and keywords • flawless breadcrumb trails • relative on-site content • relative theme to page content • relevant link structuresIf any say that lots of traffic to your products and services isnt necessary, run away from themas quickly as possible! Before arriving at the run-away, please engage a wonderful communityof users as is the WordPress community.As we close this post, there is strength in numbers and one thing the WP community exceeds inis sheer numbers!Post #9Regardless of what platform usedto install WordPress platform you choose, there are certainfeatures available across all. The consistency of features will amaze even the harshest critics ofWP. Just a few available features, but certainly not limited to, are: • quick set up • easy content publishing • extensive archiving options for polls in pages • category and tag segmentation • easy navigation panels • ping, comment and track back tools • spam protection • uploaded media hosting for photos, videos and documents • second to none community support • quick press post feature • content Page 19
  20. 20. Having recognized the power and reach of WordPress platforms, the best known web hostingcompanies now offer it as a simple install feature for webmasters.The software installation modules are typically 1 to 3 click install programs which can be quicklydeployed. The beauty of this, especially for the novice, is no prior experience is necessary to getstarted.For advanced users, one feature which allows extreme amounts of flexibility is custom CSS. Forthose who dont know, CSS is an abbreviation for ‘cascading style sheets’. It is beyond the scopeof this post to discuss all this entails however, the flexibility offered with this tool gives customfeatures site navigation and appearance.Another feature which bears mentioning is multi-author support. For those who have morethan one administrator, levels of administrative access can be easily set up. An examplescenario which makes such multi-author support essential would be sites which have multiplecontent contributors.Further, extended functionality which we found particularly useful is the ability to set up anunlimited number of blogs and websites within one account.We dont separate these two to suggest that blogs and websites are mutually exclusive to oneanother however, the former suggests more of a hobby function while the latter, a revenue-generating business.We have said unto nausea that the strongest feature of WordPress isnt necessarily the easy touse interface rather, community-based support from other website owners.Community is made up of individuals who typically share the same value Page 20
  21. 21. That isn’t to suggest that there aren’t variations within those values which make eachcommunity member unique however, the WordPress community shares in common a passionfor all things related to their beloved platform!We strongly encourage new and long term webmasters to take part in the community not onlyto extract helpful tips but also, contribute useful suggestions and comments. Most seecommunities such as Wordpress, as something useful when a personal need or question arisesbut forsake giving back.It is to those that we dedicate the rest of this post. There was a movie some years ago called‘Pay it Forward’. The premise was that a good deed done for one should result in another gooddeed being done for someone else. Who could argue the value of returning good for good?For those who at one time or another received great advice and helpful techniques which werelater used in furtherance of their own WP enterprise, to pay forward the knowledge receivedfree, for others.As we close, please receive one of the most helpful bits of wisdom we received years ago: youalready have the vision necessary to succeed using WP, however your vision must only beexceeded by your ambition and drive to realize that vision.Using WordPress will not only help realize your vision but also, how do you, once successful,pay forward the knowledge and advice that was given to you?Post #10Any Wordpress SEO tutorial must begin with putting forth the importance of the Page 21
  22. 22. All statistical data weve come across points to the very real fact that 84% of searchers,regardless of keyword market, never make it past the bottom of Page#2 of their favorite searchengine. The statistics are even worse for those running paid search ads.Being that organically ranked results are the topic here, we digress and will strictly focus on thattopic.Imagine your keyword market is New York City. There are five boroughs that comprisethis mammoth sized American city.Nevertheless, billion-dollar corporations rarely have headquarters in any other borough exceptManhattan. If we can take this one step further, lets imagine you wanted to place a store closeto these companies.The competition for retail space would certainly be competitive and rents paid to occupy suchcoveted space would be astronomical. You, being a small start-up business hardly have achance because you are under-capitalized.Nevertheless, you devise a strategy which allows you to position a vendor cart near thislocation. You start small and as your product or service becomes popular, you are able to moveinto a regular retail space.Wordpress combined with Internet marketing strategy known as SEO (search engineoptimization) positions you the exact same way in cyberspace.There are better capitalized businesses in high organic search rankings nevertheless, with a lotof tenacity and even more ingenuity, you can muscle your business amongst these giants.The question is it how much money you have to spend on WordPress products and servicesrather, how tenacious you are willing to be? Page 22
  23. 23. SEO tutorials for WordPress or other content management systems are only as effective as youallow them to be. Having the tools to succeed and employing them to that end are twodifferent things!Do this short exercise: while searching the web in your market, go past Page #2 and examinecompetitive sites. Even the sites on Page #2 serve as great examples.Whether a word document, notepad or other, make sure you understand why they rank lowerthan those on Page #1. There are many reasons such properties rank lower, but first is lack ofeducation. Without proper education, how can great strategy come about.Like many other mistakes in web marketing, it boils down to either not enough information orthe wrong information.Do you understand what market penetration is? If so, what plans haveyou made to muscle in among your fiercest competitors?We will tell you much to the chagrin of subscription-based websites, secured content andmotivational speeches available to only those who pay almost ALWAYS has very little strategyand substance!You must put together a cohesive strategy if there is ever a chance to climb to the #1 searchposition.We receive many questions on this one topic: "when everyone else is selling WordPressset up video tutorials, why give ours away for free?"Not only is it our desire to help beginners but also, we understand the value of buildingcredibility with all of our site visitors. That isnt all! We have no doubt that whatother WordPress classroom style businesses sale isnt enough to make your business successful.We would go further to say: any website that touts themselves as experts in WordPress couldnot possibly be without stressing and then instructing students on effective search Page 23
  24. 24. It is like an Internet marketing company who teaches everything else except what is most basic:purchase of a domain name.This isnt to insinuate that such businesses such as these dont have a place in the grand schemeof things only, there is no possible way to produce high success rates without teaching SEO.To those who disagree with our harsh assessment, next time you attend a WordPress trainingonline or in-person, ask instructors this: "how many websites have you placed at the top ofsearch engines in keyword markets other than your businesses name?" If you meet 100Wordpress instructors, only a handful will give you not only the answer, but actual proof.Post #11When trying to give solid Wordpress SEO tips, I was banned from the forum.This post isnt going to waste space ranting and railing against those who banned me. In thisforum, there are more than 5200 pages of questions from new WordPress users.This equates to around 100,000 unanswered questions. To put a dent into this number, I took itupon myself to answer as many as possible. Well, this number was suddenly stopped at 15 andwhen I tried to answer the 16th, I was banned!A little ban regardless of source (forums, Adwords and yes, even Wordpress) has never stoppedme from doing what is needed. Nevertheless, it isnt the ban that I want to speak aboutbecause in the interest of educating new users and PROS alike, I will be back as Andy on themovie Shawshank Redemption once said: “right soon.”Rather, it is the total misunderstanding of what is really important for online business successregardless of content management system used. I searched for anything that instructs forumvisitors on how to achieve high search Page 24
  25. 25. Not only is there no specific forum topic dedicated to this critical web management need mostbut also, there was rarely, IF EVER, a mention.Questions were being answered on such insignificant, as profitability is concerned, topics as-how to make cool sliders for homepages, why a completely useless plugin what isnt working,how to make beautiful websites and all manner of irrelevancy to business success.I am not saying that it isn’t okay to desire a nicely designed site. However, as I have said before- what good is an awesome looking site if no one or very few visit it?There can be many reasons why the most important topic after product and brandmessaging, (search engine optimization) seems to be made irrelevant through avoidance. Chiefamong these is total lack of vision to succeed!A couple of questions I answered had to do with, and I use this phrase loosely, SEO plugins forWordPress.I warned those struggling with whether these plugins tools were valuable or not tostay away from use if at all possible!Some reading this may believe this was done because there was back end again for me. Wouldit matter if I revealed I neither inserted my web link or suggested my services could free themfrom an addiction to ineffective SEO plugins?Of course not! Those who have either never succeeded, or failed to achieve money makingstatus will always throw out less than well researched opinions. The truth is I could make tensof thousands of dollars promoting the use of these plugins.However, SEO plugins dont produce high page ranks. Some people are so confused that theybelieve because their sites have achieved Page #1 results, somewhere at least, these Page 25
  26. 26. Nevertheless, who couldn’t get high search ranks using a business name that NO ONE else has?That is laughable. Ha! Ha! Ha! I said all of that not to belittle anyone but to encourage readersto focus on what is important.Yes - the look of your website matters and certainly having user-friendly navigation andattractive images are critical. With themes readily available and easily installed, the look of yourwebsite is as easy as uploading a template. Focus on product, deliverability and getting them infront of as many search queries as possible.As with those in the forum, just because you avoid the topic of SEO nevermarginalizes its important to the future success of your business.Post #12As Wordpress SEO optimization goes, a question which demands answering before any effortswith SEO are undertaken: "What exactly are you optimizing your website for?" It is no secretthat webmasters believe that we know what our customers and future clients are searching for.However, wide is the gulf between our SEO reality and search queries undertaken by eager,credit card in hand, online shoppers. We have warned in previous posts to stay away from anySEO effort which includes buzzwords and industry back-end terms.More simply put - what those in your industry refer to something as and what people actualsearch for are so often, two separate paradigms. To add to the complicated job of puttingproducts in front of buyers - what they search for and will actually pay money for are oftendifferent.For instance, with the rise of Facebook, websites like have suffered businessending Page 26
  27. 27. Sure classmates is still a website but truthfully and using myself as an example, all of my highschool classmates who searched for me found me on Facebook several years back whereas, in2001, over 90, myself included, were paying money for memberships on Classmates.We can even take this one step further with sites like which does a descent job oflocating almost any American unless they have totally dropped out of society and have noidentifying records online.Savvy searchers for people such as friends, enemies and potential employers arent first payingIntellus rather, simple searches for people by name on search engines.Very few of my high school classmates are paying for nostalgic sites anymore preferring tosearch social networks like Facebook and the newest social search site, MyLife.This was put forth so that the Wordpress Webmaster may discern the difference between whatpeople search for and what they will actually pay money to obtain.It is easy to say business owners must walk a mile in a potential customers shoes to understandwhat they want. If you hear anyone put that forth, especially as web business is concerned,RUN the other direction!These people have no idea what they are talking about neither the finicky nature of onlinebuyers! The only real tool webmasters have to strategically position sites into competitivemarkets is SEO.I exclude paid search because trying to identify what customers will buy based on search adsalready present is also a fool’s errand. So what should you do then? Three words test-test-test.This isnt an expensive proposition either due to a keyworded domain costing a paltry $20.00per Page 27
  28. 28. When super-cheap but reliable domain hosting can be had for no more than $80.00, you nowhave a domain and hosting to test with. Buy one domain for $20.00 per month for 6 months, allfocused on a different, but like keywords to target customers.Putting up a Wordpress website, even one SEO optimized with say, 10 pages, can beaccomplished in a few days if not less for the more experienced.First, localize non-competitive markets as keyword penetration by domain name goes andrepeat the process to aggregate test results.This may seem like alot of work but always remember all it takes is finding one website withone product in an under penetrated, non over-saturated market to launch a successful onlineenterprise into the stratosphere.If you put up 10 sites, staying within your desired keyword market always testing as waspointed out, one website will make money more than likely.As for us here at Wordpress SEOAcademy, we use a more aggressive approach and target competitors who have built sizeablebusinesses online.For instance, right now we have three other successful Wordpress competitors in our sites:Wordpress Classroom, WP Beginners and Wordpress Central Station.Wordpress Classroom made A HUGE mistake with trying to convince others to join their onlinetraining when they announced: "We have over 8,100 students enrolled."At a low of $25.00 perenrollment per month, the sheer size of this opportunity makes it too much to not go after asaggressively as possible.Further, and we wont say how, they made another HUGE mistake which is easiest of all toexploit. The point is - never be afraid, in addition to testing, to directly attack competitivebusinesses! Page 28
  29. 29. Post #13Finding help with Wordpress isnt very hard. However, to secure effective assistance presentsmore of challenge. What any new or PRO alike, depending on area of need must understand, isspecific areas of managing a Wordpress website, require very specific keyword searches.Here at Wordpress SEO Academy, we provide what can only be described as effectiveassistance for those seeking to either set-up a site and certainly, necessary search engineoptimization services.With that said, there are many areas of focus that are not only ineffective, but very distractingfrom the ultimate goal of any hoping to be in business over the long term - profitability! Someof those areas are, but certainly not limited to: • scripts which provide no other function accept decorating a siteI will not be too tough on this practice because it does have some value, I guess. However, IFsomething having to do with Wordpress isnt about making a site more search engine friendlyand the ultimate goal, high search rankings, neither my staff nor I pay too much attention to it.Yes, this does mean there are many questions which we wont answer but we guarantee thateveryone having to do with building, optimizing and replicating successful efforts acrosshundreds of keyword markets, we will!This begs the question: "if you wont answer questions, how are you an expert?" Great questionwith a quick answer - any question we answer must point the asker in a direction ofprofitability.To answer insignificant business question that will only point clients in a direction to wastemore time than they already have, will only forestall market dominance. Umm, as for my staffand I, this just isnt something we accommodate :) Page 29
  30. 30. Beyond scripting, another question that we have absolutely no interest in answering, are thosewho have committed their efforts to managing a FREE blog.Although it seems harsh, it is beyond our understanding why someone would set-up a FREEblog, work their butts off to get traffic there and REFUSE to spend a paltry $83.00 per year on acustom domain.Truthfully, this one step is the difference between the Internet haves and have nots.When youthink about it, they could set-up a serious, revenue generating site with the same amount ofwork and IF FREE blogs are their fetish, they can host is on their OWN domain! Umm, whatwouldnt anyone do that?One guy emailed and asked WHY his blog wasnt receiving high search ranks! My answer was inthe form of a question - "youre kidding, right?" • Those who a DESPERATE for cool sliders to ad POP and FLASHSeriously, we have no issue with sliders as long as they are used to highlight main offers.However, and when it comes to getting help with Wordpess, there is ALWAYS a however -make sure they are compressed as much as possible OR host on a subdomain.This helps with sites load speeds which, if anything more than 2 seconds, will kill your searchrankings.Where are all these insults leading? Whomever you choose to give you help withWordpress, make sure they not only tell you things that are pleasing to hear but also, hard.Think about this for a moment: whether a parent, teacher, coach, friend or mentor those whohave been hardest are they whom you admire most. Sure it may take awhile and getting olderto appreciate such unwanted feedback, but all the same, later youve learned to appreciate it.As the Founder of Wordpress SEO Academy, I must admit to having another motive for insults -I do not want ANYONE to enroll in our Wordpress E-curriculum unless they are willing to hearTRUTH which will push them forward to market Page 30
  31. 31. If being deceived for the purpose of temporarily feeling good is your thing, head on over, there are 20,00 sales people just waiting to tell you ANYTHING, truth bedamned, that youd like to hear. The greatest part, you get to pay for the privilege :)Post #14Looking for a Wordpress SEO Guide is a great task but, do you really know what you aresearching for?This post is written with the assumption that an Ebook of some kind is sought. Let it first beknown that Wordpress SEO is something which can be easily understood IF you accept thefollowing: • SEO plugins WILL NOT get your products and services top search engine positions • Bread crumb trails must start with your domain name • 100% site header (domain name - HTML header) to website theme is critical • Too many Affiliate HOPLINKS will KILL your optimization on-site • Your site must be BOT-FRIENDLY • Slow loads times will NEVER land your site or pages in Top RANKINGSOf course many more things could be added to these however, this leads to this question: haveyou put together a website SEO plan? Most focus more on their WP site look than the verything that is going to ROCK their sites to the top of search engines where the REAL money is.To put it more simply - it is more important remodel the inside of your home FIRST and thentake care of outside landscaping! This comparison is simple yet very profound.Here at Wordpress SEO Academy, and should we decide to take someones project, the firstthing we do is search HTML code, site structures etc of our clients competitors SEO planning.Unfortunately, most or very vulnerable and we take advantage of these Page 31
  32. 32. With that said, have you taken a look at your deep keyword markets to see what weaknessesexist and how YOU can, using Wordpress tools, exploit for HIGH search engine positions. Hereare some things we guarantee your competitors arent doing and you can, to overtake theirsearch traffic: • Is there domain a keyword or their businesses name? • Is their header relevant to site content? This includes pages, posts etc? • By inspecting the elements (images-videos-media), are they NOT inserting met-data correctly or at all? • Is their perma-link structures weak and how can you improve and over-take them?There are so many areas most webmasters miss as SEO is concerned. This opens up INCREDIBLEopportunities for those who understand WP SEO to exploit their weaknesses.If that sounds cruel, please understand that the Internet is the largest growth platform forbusinesses in the history of humanity. However, that growth takes catching the competitionsleeping and taking advantage of their websites weakness(s).For instance - there was an opportunity for this company to take advantage of an INCREDIBLEopportunity (by search volume), in the Microsoft Powerpoint template markets. Doing theresearch, we found that over 44 million people search for Powerpoint and related productseach month.When we took a look at the competition on Page #1 of search engines, it was obvious that wecould quickly create a product and insert it into the HEAT of competition.We launched our site around 18 December 2011 and less than 8 weeks later, in a HYPERcompetitive market where competitors counted on their sites age to keep them on top, webroke into the mix. There is a link at the end of this article with Page 32
  33. 33. What does all of this have to do with your issue - needing a Wordpress SEO Guide? As a greatdetective once said: "elementary my dear Watson."Before ever trying to implement a SEO plan, PLEASE understand that how well you plan willdirectly affect how WELL your results will turn out. Nevertheless, we can help with YourWordpress site as we will teach you to strategically place ANY SITE in ANY Keyword market, andachieve high search results just like we did.Visit our home page here at Website Wordpress.Post #15Needing a Wordpress tutorial and understanding exactly WHY can oftentimes be two separatemind-sets. Maybe you are at a place of deciding IF you should use Wordpress as a websiteplatform.It is even possible that youve already signed up and are ready to launch an ambitious projectbut whatever the reason, it is our belief the decision to use this content management system(CMS) is sound.Speaking of sound decision making, subscribers and regular site visitors understand that werant and rail until our bodies are depleted of oxygen and is forced to PASS OUT concerning thisone thing: effecive Wordpress management takes much more than just setting a site up andHOPING someone shows up.You may not have heard the next statement anywhere else but: you must optimize yourwebsite when you set it up, NOT AFTER!One of the drawbacks, if there is any with Wordpress, is it is so simple to set-up that is causestemporary blindness to those with false visions of: "all I need is a website and I will make moneylike everyone else." Page 33
  34. 34. Well, the truth is you need much more than a website and EVERYONE isnt making money. It isa fair estimates to say 8-10 web businesses fail not because no one wants their products andservices rather, no one knows how to find them.What makes this worse is the ease of use with Wordpress forces most start-ups to not consideranything from a marketing standpoint other than crappy, paid search advertising and making afew comments on a Facebook profile.If you dont remember anything else written here, take this to heart: your advertising $$$ aremuch better spent learning Wordpress SEO rather than running paid search campaigns withGoogle Adwords.We will not recount the very real statics of more than 89.3% of paid search campaigns failing toearn site owners any money. This has proven beyond the shadow of any optimistic doubt. Ifyoud like to verify this reality, why not spend $100.00 on paid search and watch how fast yourship sinks!SEO, or search engine optimization, is one Internet marketing approach which no successfulstart-up that doesnt have MILLIONS in capital investment to waste (like must notignore.It is fair to say that many who once had dreams of real Internet business ownership now sit inoffices all over the world, miserable and working for someone else. Most had viable businessmodels but and like many of you, believed they could build a WP site, run paid search ads andrake in profits.Dont make this mistake because most who have failed in this way are so discouraged they maynever take a shot at owning their own company Page 34
  35. 35. Weve tried and failed with paid search many years ago and even went so far as to pay PerryMarshall, #1 Adwords Guru, tons of money to learn and upon putting his TIPS into practice,failed anyway.However, around 2007 we began to understand the value with SEO and since then we, unlikemost of you reading this, have raked in huge profits and own a successful Internet marketingcompany with Wordpress as the platform.What to do? As is always true, most who read this will look somewhere else for informationthat although untrue and misleading, will inspire them to waste more time and money onsomething doomed to fail.This will come about not because lack of effort nor great business idea but a fundamentalmisconception about what is really important with their website(s). Yes, this does sound like abunch of bad news and many came looking for motivation but and understand that cliches areDUMB, nevertheless, "it is always darkest just before the dawn."Youve taken a major step with searching and finding this website, next steps? Let us take youto the next level by you enrolling in Wordpress SEO Academy! Page 35