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Wordpress courses are available @ Wordpress SEO Academy.

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Wordpress Courses

  1. 1. Wordpress SEO Academy“Online Wordpress and Marketing training that really works”
  2. 2. Video Tutorial CatalogWordpress Set-up Wordpress Clean-up Wordpress SEO S2 Membership Site Wordpress Themes Paypal E-commerce Social Media SEO Web Hosting Ebook Publishing Powerpoint Marketing
  3. 3. Wordpress Set-upFor students needing to understand the basics of setting up a Wordpresssite, we provide a ‘no frills’ approach to developing your website. Thisseries consists of 45 videos covering the top 15 most important areas tolaunch your site. Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5 Hosting Login Page Themes Plugins Settings Module 6 Module 7 Module 8 Module 9 Module 10 Posts Pages Part 1 Pages Part 2 Pages Part 3 CategoriesModule 11 Module 12 Module 13 Module 14 Module 15 Widgets Media Uploads Side Bars Banner Ads Covers
  4. 4. Wordpress Clean-upThis series teaches webmasters who currently operate a website to‘tweak’ mistakes which will improve search engine rankings. This moduledigs into the ‘nooks and crannies’ of your website and consists of 10modules consisting of 24 videos. Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Quick fixes Templates Content Share Fixes Module 5 Module 6 Module 7 Module 8 Page Skins Plugin Tweak Relevance SEO Plugins Module 9 Module 10 Navigation Panel Conclusions
  5. 5. Wordpress SEOSearch engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is the mostimportant part of website management. Learn to displace competitors onmajor search engines such as Google., Yahoo and Bing. This results inMASSIVE amounts of traffic to your website. This series consists of 18modules and 44 videos Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5 SEO Intro PRO SEO Bread Crumbs Install Header Module 6 Module 7 Module 8 Module 9 Module 10 Permalinks SEO Writing Plugin SEO Home Page Content Module 11 Module 12 Module 13 Module 14 Module 15 Strategic Posts Site Theme Interlinking Sales Page Offer SEO Module 16 Module 17 Module 18 Custom Menu Flash Banner SEO
  6. 6. Example #1Here at Wordpress SEO Academy, we don’t teach ‘theory’ or pass onineffective SEO techniques, we get TOP search engine results which meansFLOODS of traffic to your website! Here are just of few of hundreds ofsuccessful SEO campaigns:
  7. 7. Example #2Using our tools, tips and video tutorial training techniques, one of our clientDESTROYED 7 competitors from Page #1 of search and took over theircustomer bases and Internet traffic!
  8. 8. Example #3Our students, no matter what product or service market, get TOP RESULTS! This client used ourvideo training to place 2 pages in #1 page positions. (Youtube video and Home page of website)
  9. 9. Example #4This site ran to TOP search results in the #8 most competitive keyword market on the Internet– ‘How to Powerpoint’ with nearly 100 million monthly searches for this keyword and relatedservices!
  10. 10. S2 Membership Site - WordpressPlugins are critical to effective Wordpress website management. For those desiring to sign-up paid and premium subscribers, the S2 Membership website plugin allows managementof member only areas of your site.We offer video tutorial training on S2 Member such as: Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Install General Options Restriction Options Downloads 1 Module 5 Module 6 Module 7 Module 8 Downloads 2 Add Members Login Page Acct. Details Module 9 Module 10 Module 11 Module 12 Paypal IPN Paypal Auto Return Sign up Email Auto EOT Module 13 Paypal Buttons
  11. 11. Paypal E-commerceEvery Internet business must have a reliable and secure payment solution provider. Paypalprocesses hundreds of millions of online payments each year and has the most easilyunderstood, secure and reliable merchant services available online.Our students receive the following instructions to set-up onsite payment solutions: Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Overview Add-Accept Funds Reviewing Statements Resolution Center Module 5 Module 6 Module 7 Module 8 Saved Buttons Creating Invoices Payment Buttons Donate Buttons Module 9 Module 10 Module 11 Module 12 My Settings Selling Tools 1 Selling Tools 2 Shopping Cart
  12. 12. Social Media Optimization (SEO)Social Media SEO is a form of optimizing social media profiles to achieve HIGH, organicsearch position. This increases web traffic and profits. We offer 68 modules on TOP socialsites containing 128 tutorials. Here are samples (but not limited to):
  13. 13. Example #1One of our students totally SWEPT his competitors from the top two spots on Google, Yahooand Bing! He had a paid search blog and ‘redirected’ competitive traffic to his website. Salesincreased and web traffic EXPLODED using our Social Media SEO marketing processes.
  14. 14. Example #1This was one of our personal favorite! This person created a Powerpoint presentationfor their product(s), social media optimized it and took over the #1 spot on Google ina competitive keyword market which gets for than 100,000 searched per month. Shewas the #1 listed page, how many website visits do you suppose she received? Youcan do this too!
  15. 15. Ebook Publishing and MarketingWhether a serious author, white paper creator or writer of Affiliate e-books, we’lltake you from creating an e-book to mastering worldwide distribution!If you have been dreaming of becoming a best selling author, we provide the e-training to assist getting you to the pinnacle of publishing success on the followinge-readers: Apple Ipad Kindle Fire Nook Sony E-Reader Pan Digital Kobo
  16. 16. Ebook CurriculumWordpress SEO Academy has over 200 video tutorials to move you from ‘dreamer’ to bestselling authors. Video training is covered in the following 4 modules: offers three areas of e-book publishing, marketing and distribution:
  17. 17. Wordpress Website ThemesOne-click install Wordpress themes allow anyone who to upload and install a ready-to-gowebsite themes regardless of skill level in website design.We offer 72 professionally designed themes to choose from for enrolled students atWordpress SEO Academy.
  18. 18. Powerpoint Marketing & SEOPowerpoint search optimization marketing is the most lucrative yet least used Internet marketing tool.We provide a JAM PACKED, 7 hour tutorial series on Powerpoint from creation to optimization that willget your brand messaging in front of eager buyers.Additionally, all students receive access too 300 social media and business themed slides to jump startmarketing efforts!
  19. 19. Wordpress SEO Academy“Online Wordpress and Marketing training that really works”