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Car accident cases four ways to establish breach of care


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Every driver plying the road has a duty of care bestowed on them by the law which they have to uphold. When an accident results, in most cases, it is as a result of the driver’s breach of care. To win a car accident lawsuit, the victim has to provide evidence that shows the driver breached his or her duty of care. This breach of the duty of care is also called negligence in simple term.

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Car accident cases four ways to establish breach of care

  1. 1. Car Accident Cases Four Ways to Establish Breach of Care ©
  2. 2. Drivers on a public road are bound by a duty of care. ©
  3. 3. Distracted driving can constitute an act of negligence. ©
  4. 4. Factors that can distract a driver are increasing. ©
  5. 5. Establishing a case of negligence is always difficult. ©
  6. 6. The lawyer will not only have to prove that the driver was negligent but alsoi show that negligence led to the injury. ©
  7. 7. Qualified lawyers can help you prove a case of negligence. ©
  8. 8. Evidence such as photos and witnesses need to be presented in court. ©
  9. 9. Drugs and alcohol can affect a driver’s judgment on the road. ©
  10. 10. Most accidents occur as a result of a breach of care. ©
  11. 11. Harm incurred must be within the scope of liability for a lawsuit to hold. ©
  12. 12. Read the full article: accident-cases-four-ways-establish-breach- care/ ©