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What is WordPress & Why is it Great? - Kory Mathewson WordCamp Edmonton 20…


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What is WordPress & Why is it Great?

Presented by Kory Mathewson at WordCamp Edmonton 2011.

WordCamp comes to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. WordCamp is a gathering of all things WordPress, the world's best web publishing tool, and come mid-November it is coming to Edmonton. Join us November 18-19 2011.

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What is WordPress & Why is it Great? - Kory Mathewson WordCamp Edmonton 20…

  1. 1. What is WordPress & Why is it Great? Kory Mathewson korymath@gmail.comWordCamp Edmonton 2011
  2. 2. Describe it to your grandmother…• WordPress is a platform.• A tool which makes making websites easier.• Websites can be customized to look any way you want.• WordPress manages all of your content for you.• WordPress is free.
  3. 3. WordPress is not a tall sandwich…• WP is not just for blogs.• WP is not commercial.• WP is not hard to use.
  4. 4. Then and now…• Version 0.70 released May 27, 2003• Version 3.3 Beta 3 released Nov 8, 2011• Over 60 million people now use WP• 100000 new installations every day.
  5. 5. Philosophy of WordPress• Out of the Box - 5 mins• Design for the Majority• Decisions not Options• Clean, Lean and Mean 80%• Striving for Simplicity• Deadlines are not Arbitrary• The Vocal Minority 1%• Created by and for community!
  6. 6. General Public License – Bill of Rights• Free to run the program, for any purpose.• Free to study how the program works and change it to make it do what you wish.• Free to redistribute.• Free to distribute copies of modified versions to others.*Automattic
  7. 7. What makes it great?• Extendibility• Plugins• Ease of Use• Community• Themes• Greatness is derived through the satisfaction of EXPECTATIONS.
  8. 8. If everybody is doing it (aka corporate adoption)• 22% of new domains running WordPress• The New York Times, CNN• Forbes, Reuters, Maclean’s• Mashable, Boing Boing• The blogs of: – GM, UPS, EBAY, SONY and VW AND…
  9. 9. If everybody is doing it (aka corporate adoption)
  10. 10. If everybody is doing it (aka corporate adoption)
  11. 11. If everybody is doing it (aka corporate adoption)
  12. 12. If everybody is doing it (aka corporate adoption)
  13. 13. If everybody is doing it (aka corporate adoption)
  14. 14. What do you need to run WordPress…• Self-hosted – PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0 • Commonly available on most hosting – 5 minute install• Hosted Blogs on – All you need is the idea…
  15. 15. Features of WordPress• Standards compliant • Easy to import content• No rebuilding, • Simple backend little redundancy • Easy to customize• Static pages both back and front• Links end• Comments • Restricted content• User registration • Simple installation• Easy upgrades
  16. 16. Themes make things look and act beautifully…• 1448 themes on the theme directory.• 40,169,281 downloads total.• Presswork, ComicPress, P2 Theme• Theme Frameworks (Genesis, Thesis)• ThemeForest (commercial marketplaces)• Portfolio, E-commerce, Listings, Restaurant, One-page, Mobile
  17. 17. Plugins handle interactions elegantly…• 17,092 plugins on the plugin directory.• 235,040,637 downloads total.• PodPress, Gravity Forms, Backup Buddy, All in One SEO, JetPack, BuddyPress, Akismet, Doc ument Revisions• TubePress and FlexSlider
  18. 18. The Invisible Hand – Smith’s Wealth of Nations 1776• 60 million users• Stream of users who began to rely upon WordPress as primary source of income• Consulting, premium themes and plugins• Incentive to contribute to platform• Capitalism built open source development community…
  19. 19. Forums and Online Community• Elance + Guru• WordPress Forums• Stack Overflow•• Code Poet• Local WordPress Communities and WordCamps
  20. 20. Open Source CMS Market Share
  21. 21. CMS / Blogging Platform Competition for PopularityComparison of CMS Popularity in Canada from Google Trends, November 17 2011
  22. 22. Microblogging Competition for PopularityComparison of Microblogging Platforms in Canada from Google Trends, November 17 2011
  23. 23. Predictions for what comes next…• Micro-blogging and e-commerce• Social networking, cross-blog tagging• Remove barriers to publishing• Custom post types• Custom taxonomies and post formats• Centralized hosting of shared resources
  24. 24. WordPress is Great!• WordPress is a free, open source platform that makes making websites easier.• WordPress is derives greatness from the satisfaction of EXPECTATIONS.• What do you expect? – Extendibility, Plugins, Easy to Use – Community and Themes
  25. 25. You are the best audience ever!The more you put into WordCamp, the more you will get out.• Ask questions and be curious.• Thank you and enjoy WordCamp Edmonton 2011• Kory Mathewson (