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Optimising SEO for WordPress - Lisa Davis - WordCamp Sydney 2012


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Lisa Davis takes us through basic principles for getting your WordPress website maximising its SEO potential. WordCamp Sydney 2012

Published in: Technology, Design
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Optimising SEO for WordPress - Lisa Davis - WordCamp Sydney 2012

  1. 1. Optimizing SEO for Wordpress How to include SEO in Wordpress Builds Lisa Davis ~ Wordcamp Sydney University ~ July 2012#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  2. 2. A bit about Me…Many roads have led me to here, Including my obsession as a Geeky Chick & the love of Wordpress, I’m a Passionate Cook, Digital iPhone Photographer, Love Listening to Air Traffic Control & Police Radio on my Phone, I have worked as a Developer for over 20 years Worked at Opentec – as a Developer, & at ISP’s SEO Project Manager for Websalad Involved in SEO & Social Media since 2005 Run my own Biz Developing Websites, & integrating e-Commerce & Social Media & I LOVE my job Privileged to work for Danny Sullivans SMX Sydney Australia, NZ & Singapore (Search Marketing Conference & Expo) Search Engine Bootcamp & Twitter Bootcamp Sydney/Melbourne With some bloody awesome SEO/SEM’s #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  3. 3. How to include SEO in Wordpress Builds#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  4. 4. Optimizing SEO for WordpressWordpress is a super cool tool fordeveloping WebsitesMatt Cutts who heads up SPAM at Googlesuggests using WPWordpress has great Usability as a CMS toclients, friendly URL’S with updatesoccurring in the backend for most Plug-ins. #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  5. 5. What is SEO?SEO refers to techniques that help your website rank higher in theOrganic/natural search results.Design Sites for PeopleNot Googles’ Algorithm#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  6. 6. Its Like Baking a Cake• SEO is like baking a Cake – Youhave ingredients, mixing & baking• You need all the right ingredientsto gain a final result• Wordpress builds have no excusesFor poor SEO, as you have so manyattributes, Tags, Categories, Posts &Pages to contribute to the SearchEngines #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  7. 7. Shocking Sites Simply   Poor  Naviga*on   Links  out  to  other  Sites  #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  8. 8. Great Sites CTA  –  Call  to  Ac*on   Effec*ve  clean  Naviga*on   Purchase/Sign  Up/Language   Content  &  H1,  H2’s   Referrals   Footer  contains  Internal   Links  &  Social  Media   Links  #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  10. 10. 404 Pages•  Create 404 Pages with a Navigation back to the Home Page, Contact Details•  Don’t make it boring – Have content on there•  + Site Map#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  11. 11. 301 Redirects•  301 redirect is the most efficient and Search Engine Friendly method for webpage redirection.•  If you move a Page or Post or Delete make sure you inform the Search Engines, Otherwise you will get 404 Pages.•  These Pages can site in the Search results for some time•  If you do Site Migrations – Look at your sites performance.•  Use a Plugin or Remove the page in Google Webmaster Tools #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  12. 12. Content•  Content & good SEO is how the SERPs interpret your site (SERP)= search engine results page•  SEO copywriting is the art of writing search engine friendly content and adding the right keywords, Title, tags & code.•  Keywords should appear in the first 2 paragraphs & should not go below the fold#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  13. 13. Contextual Copy•  Content is KING …..•  Add your essential Keywords & include the Longtail Keywords•  Keep your copy realistic & relevant•  Leverage your Header, Footer & Sidebars•  Google’s Algorithm will penalize you for not using natural language, so keep it real #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  14. 14. Keywords•  Keywords are essential in making your website be found by the Search Engines•  Keywords should be added into your Contextual Copy, Title Tags, Categories/Tags & Author on each page.~ without being Spamy•  Great WP Plugin – “Wordpress Meta Keywords” (this adds a really nice attribute on each Page/Post#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  15. 15. LongtailThe  principle  of  the  Long  Tail   Hiking  =  Bushwalking  is  the  opposite  of  focusing  on   Singlet  =  Vest   the  top  10-­‐20  keywords  for   Thongs  =  Flip  Flops   Keyword  Marke*ng     Tea  =  Dinner   Mobile  =  Cell   Fanny  =  Bum  (Bum  Bag  Be  sure  to  think  of  all  cultural   in  OZ/Fanny  Bag  in  US   &  geographical  local  terms.   Also  Include  Typos  ie.   “Quantas”  &  “Qantas”   #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  16. 16. Essentials of SEO•  Keywords & Longtail•  Image Alt Attributes•  Contextual Copy•  URL Structure•  H1’s, H2’s•  Crawling & Indexing•  Title Tags & Anchor Text•  Linking•  XML Sitemaps & Robot.txt Files•  Webmaster Tools & Goolge Analytics•  Meta Descriptions #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  17. 17. Images & Alt Text Include a Keyword when you save Images & upload an image into Posts/Pages/Widgets This one on the right I have saved as “sheldon-big-bag-theroy.jpg” as opposed to 33558790.jpg<img  src="sheldon-big-bag-theroy.jpg"  alt=”Sheldon"  width="304"  height="228"  />  Images can be searched for by a term as much as contextual data #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  18. 18. Lets get to the basics…..#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  19. 19. My top 2 SEO Plugins for WPAll-In-One SEO Pack – This allows you to doMultiple titles & meta of Pages/Posts & Meta Data#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  20. 20. Ok, so now how they function#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  21. 21. The Plugin – SEO Yoast#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  22. 22. Meta Keywords ie•  Webdesign, Web Design, Web Design Manly, SEO, Search Engine Optimisation,website design sydney, website design sydney, web design manly, web design brookvale, Wordpress Developers, web design northern beaches,•  Have fun with your Meta Description & Keywords & look at your competitors page source#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  23. 23. Wordpress SEO Yoast Organic  Snippet  Preview  of   what  your  result  will  look  like.   Add  Keywords,  Local  info  like   Suburbs  &  Include  some   Telephone  Numbers  so  your   Biz  can  be  called  from     Smart-­‐phones     Yoast  Report  Card   Title  &  Friendly  URL   Meta  Descrip.on  #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  24. 24. SEO Check List Check on your site afterits being launched to run a check of how the Search Engines are viewing your code Here I have used SEOmoz Tool bar for Google Chrome as a quick snap shot #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  25. 25. Title Tags• Title Tags are definitely one of the "big three" as far as thealgorithmic weight given to them by search engines; they areequally as important as your visible Text copy and the Linkspointing to your pages.• Use strong Keywords• Location & Company Name• Create these uniquely by using SEO Yoast for each Page/Post #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  26. 26. Meta Tags•  Meta Tags can be hard Coded or added by adding to the Master of various Plug-ins•  Yoast WordPress SEO, has a very effective Titles and Meta Tags•  Once set up it remains the master but can be uniquely overridden on a Page#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  27. 27. Permalinks & Search Friendly URL’sSet your Permalinks in the backend toCustom Structure tocreate SEO Friendly Titles /%category%/postname%/     ie.  www.frenhchomewares/frenchlinen/   #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  28. 28. Sitemaps1.  Add your Sitemap through Google Webmaster Tools by adding the URL.2.  You must fist have the Site Verified By Google by adding a Verification html page in the root directory #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  29. 29. Directories & Other Tools#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  30. 30. Local Search You  can  see  here   the  term  “computer   repairs  manly”   brings  up     Paid  &  the     Organic  natural   results  #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  31. 31. Add your Business to Google Places Google  Maps  &  Google   Business  is  gr8  for  Link  Juice   • Add  Business  Info   • Photos   • Reviews   • Google  +   • Will  appear  in  results   Organically   • Be  sure  to  monitor  results   for  Nega*ve  Reputa*on   Management??  #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  32. 32. Google Sitemaps Create an XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to help them crawl your website better. Include a Sitemap via SEO Plugins or Thru specific WP Plug-in “Google XML Sitemaps” Or Directly through Google Analytics#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  33. 33. Link Building Its all about links• Inbound, Outbound and internal Links create LinkJuice to the Search Engines• In Wordpress there is a Links Tab – Include highranking links that a relevant to your site, & create linksin your contextual copy• These might not be visible and displayed on your site,Google will pick up the Link Juice• Ask for reciprocal links to relevant Websites #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  34. 34. Importance of a Robot.txt file•  When a search engine crawler comes to your site, it will look for a specific file on your site.•  The robots.txt tells the search engine spider, which Web pages of your site should be indexed and which Web pages should be ignored.•  Google Webmaster Tools allows you to generate & download the file. (Some Plugin’s have generators) User-­‐Agent:  *   Allow:  /  •  In Google Webmaster Tools-Under Site User-­‐agent:  *   configuration, click Crawler access. Disallow:  /cgi-­‐bin/   #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  35. 35. White Hat vs Black HatWhite Hat SEO and Black Hat SEOtechniques can determine where you Ethical,  Honest  and  Compliant  website ranks in the search results foryour targeted keyword phrases.•  Cloaking = White Text on a white background•  Google can penalize you for this offence Manipula*ve,  Shallow  &     somewhat  devious  •  Keep your code clean #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  36. 36. Google Panda – Around April 36According  to  Google’s  official  blog  post  when  Panda  launched  This  update  is  designed  to  reduce  rankings  for  low-­‐quality  sites—sites  which  are  low-­‐value  add  for  users,  copy  content  from  other  websites  or  sites  that  are  just  not  very  useful.  At  the  same  @me,  it  will  provide  beAer  rankings  for  high-­‐quality  sites—sites  with  original  content  and  informa@on  such  as  research,  in-­‐depth  reports,  thoughBul  analysis  and  so  on.   • Blog  Spamming   • Content  Farming   • SPAM  factors   • Keywords  Stuffing   • Over  Op.misa.on   • Low  Quality  Content  #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  37. 37. Social Media• Social media influence increaseslink sharing, which ultimatelyresults in better search ranking.• Search Engines love to seechanges and regular updates onyour Website. Update Posts/News• Google’s crawling, indexing andrankings are directly influencedby Tweeted links and Facebookshares #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  38. 38. List your Local Biz with True Local & other Directories List your Website and Business In Free Directories, Add as much information including Photos & Logos. Ask friends and for referrals on True Local as Directories with the most Reviews List the highest. Use Special Offers, such as “20% Off With any Booking”#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  39. 39. Importance of Geo-Caching•  Make sure you include a an Address in your footer•  Google’s Algorithm will help your result list organically by suggesting Local Search Results•  This often occurs by the location of your IP Address•  When your logged into a GMAIL Account your search results will differ #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  40. 40. Tools to Check your SEO•  Screaming Frog –•  Xenu’s - Xenus Link Sleuth/Integrity – Download•  SEOmoz Tool Bar•  Adwords Planner - Google Traffic Estimator•  Google Chrome Web Develpoer Tools & Plugin to use through the Browser:- SEO for Chrome, MOZBar#wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  41. 41. Keep up to date   Danny  Sullivan   Man  Cuns  –  Google  #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou
  42. 42. Thank you Lisa Davis Web  Developer  and  SEO  &  Social  Media  Strategist   Email:     Mobile:    0405-­‐236-­‐021  Skype:    nounou1964     Website:       TwiNer:  SEOnounou       Facebook:  hnp://   Pinterest:  seonounou/      Instagram:  seonounou    #wordcampsyd Follow me on Twitter @seonounou