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Child Theming WordPress - Chris Aprea - WordCamp Sydney 2012


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If you've been building WordPress websites for a while you may already be familiar with Child Themes.  They are the recommended way of making modifications to an existing theme.

Chris shows us the basics of Child Theming, including the why it is so recommended and how to actually make your first WordPress Child Theme.

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Child Theming WordPress - Chris Aprea - WordCamp Sydney 2012

  1. 1. Photo by Garreth Wicock -
  2. 2. Photo by Thomas Hawk -
  3. 3. “child themes are the recommended wayof making modifications to a theme” Source:
  4. 4. • Changing favicon• Changing logo / banner• Adding additional components (e.g. bbPress)• Changing colour scheme
  5. 5. wp-content themes twentyeleven wcsyd
  6. 6. wp-content themes twentyeleven wcsyd wcsyd-child
  7. 7. themes twentyeleven wcsyd wcsyd-child style.css
  8. 8. “style.css is the one and only required file in achild theme. It replaces the style.css of the parent.” Source:
  9. 9. /*Theme Name: WCSyd ChildTemplate: wcsyd*/
  10. 10. “It replaces thestyle.css of the parent.”Source:
  11. 11. /*Theme Name: WCSyd ChildTemplate: wcsyd*/@import url("../wcsyd/style.css");
  12. 12. wcsyd single.phpwcsyd-child single.php
  13. 13. wcsyd archive.phpwcsyd-child archive.php
  14. 14. The functions.php is loaded in addition to the parent’s functions.php.(Specifically, it is loaded right before the parent’s file.) Source:
  15. 15. wcsyd-child functions.phpwcsyd functions.php
  16. 16. • do_action()• apply_filters()• get_template_part()• function_exists()
  17. 17. • require_once()• include_once()• !important (css)*May be suitable incertain circumstance
  18. 18. • Themes• wordpress-themes/• 17/wordpress-child-theme-basics/