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Nikolasa & Potaua Biasiny-Tule – DigitalMāori & WP Magazine Stylz


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Nikolasa & Potaua Biasiny-Tule – DigitalMāori & WP Magazine Stylz WordCamp NZ 2012

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Nikolasa & Potaua Biasiny-Tule – DigitalMāori & WP Magazine Stylz

  1. 1. WordPress, a tool for Empowering @DigitalMaori Communities
  2. 2. Paying Tribute Ngamihi He Honore He Kororia is our whanau business and He Maungarongo ki te Whenua we specialise in promoting positive Maori news, He Whakaaro Pai ki nga Tangata Katoa. sharing panui online, building websites for whanau, hapu, marae and iwi and creating content that E Rangi e tu nei, empowers all Maori. E Papa e takoto nei, tena korua Our Kaupapa are: Aroha (Love). Manaaki (Supporting Kei te mihi aroha ki nga iwi a Ngati Whatua, Tainui, one another). Rangatiratanga (Self-Determination) Ngati Paoa, Te Kawerau a Maki, Nga Puhi, i nga mata waka hoki - tena koutou. We started because mainstream media often overlooked Maori stories, trivialising parts and Tena koutou ki nga Pukenga Matauranga o misrepresenting others. We saw the potential that WordPress - hei manaaki, hei awhinatia. the Internet, Email, Social Media and now, Mobile Technologies had for indigenous communities, so Ko Potaua raua ko Nikolasa ahau, na ko adopted early and set out to change the way the Kia ora tatou. World saw us and how we engaged with the World...@digitalmaori
  3. 3. He Kaupapa ABOUTUS grew out of an unfulfilled need, desire and dream for Tino Rangatiratanga. Our vision #boom! Our focus to create our own realities and to self-determine our own we are passionate and committed to promoting positive messages development. we are about celebrating all the diversity which exists in Te Ao Maori to control digital technology so that it can empower the communities we work with our services Our Niche we run but to pay our mortgage (woohoo!) we develop tailor-made communication strategies for Māori specialising in building flaxroots communities via k2k/kanohi-ki-te- organisations (all WordPress builds): Korowai Aroha, Radio Ngāti kanohi and online digital platforms Porou, TARIT, Ngāti Whakaue (Kōmiti Nui & Assets Trust), Tūhoe, Ngāti Kea Ngāti Tuara focusing on collaborative engagement with our digital maori communities@digitalmaori
  4. 4. Key Projects OURDIGITALJOURNEY Rangikainga (2002) (2003) Google Māori (2007) Powered by WordPress (2009) In response to inadequate mainstream reporting We found that Maori news was under-serviced Maori are active throughout IT and this project was It wasn’t until 2009 when we made the switch to of Maori relevant news, Potaua emailed out a online so set about providing our own portal. We no exception. We worked with Te Taura Whiri i Te WordPress. Mostly because Potaua was constantly simple ePanui (eNewsletter) to a handful of friends would share breaking news and Maori opinion, Reo Māori and Google to complete the Google in complaining about not being able to update our and colleagues by 2005 we had over 7,000 Whanau notices and hui reminders. For us it was Your Language service, which allows whānau to website! readers. about celebrating all the good news that Maori were search Google using a Māori interface (over 100,000 making instead of being stereotyped by mainstream page views per day and over 8,000 words First theme used was by Nathan Rice (Transcript) media. translated). It is also the default screen in many Kura and have used two GabFire themes (currently using (Maori immersion schools) their Transcript theme)@digitalmaori Focused on Self-Determined Development
  5. 5. Celebrating Te Reo Maori Online GOOGLEMAORI Link to YouTube Video
  6. 6. Key Projects (cont) OURDIGITALJOURNEY Social Media (2009) Boy (2009) Māori News App (2011) Web 2.0 (2012) We actively engage and use social platforms. Initially We worked with Merata Mita (director of Utu) to With support from Te Mangai Paaho, we launched This year has been incredibly busy as more and to ensure that there were safe places for Maori engage and promote Boy exclusively to Māori the first fully functional Māori News app free to more Maori organisations realise the importance of online space for Maori in these new digital audiences (because NZFC wouldn’t provide funding download on iTunes just before Xmas 2011. having a web presence. landscapes and now as a way for whanau and for that). friends to help spread important news. It has been in the top three “What’s Hot” category Importantly, we are well placed to also help promote for 4 months, just completed v2 and working on their sites and stories. Facebook (+m) accounts for over 50% of our traffic iPad and Android apps.@digitalmaori Creating our Own Realities
  7. 7. Corporate/bizstylez Digitally Reconstructing Web Builds AKA how we pay the bills@digitalmaori
  8. 8. (987) 124-5678 98 East Street, New York, NY 12345
  9. 9. Adrienne
  10. 10. magazinestylez Some recent Builds@digitalmaori
  11. 11. RaukawaFM
  12. 12. Hone
  13. 13. Our Passion - Connecting and Empowering Digital Maori Communities@digitalmaori
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Using a Magazine Theme Content (7-15 stories daily) frontpage structure/Theme • unique maori/indigenous opinion • 11 categories on frontpage • 3 column • upcoming hui (meetings) and events • featured stories • top banner for advertising • aggregated news (hand picked) • editors pics • sidebar for advertising • tangihanga notices (obituaries) • whanau, hapu, iwi & marae • sidebar for social networks (community) • published research • Transcript theme by GabFire • contributors • upcoming tribal scholarships/grants • Wordpress 3.2.1 (we know we know • toi maori (arts), events, matauranga upgrade!) • job opportunities (education) Maori ICT, hauora • mahi moni (business) • whenua rangatiratanga (politics) • scholarships@digitalmaori
  16. 16. OurSite@aglance comment policy • Anything goes as long as it’s not slanderous, explicitly violent (or spammy!) • No moderation, anyone can post, particularly nasty comments are posted to our Facebook page for further comment@digitalmaori
  17. 17. #whenshitgoeswrong Getting hacked host server upgrade • malware via a backdoor • site down for 3 months • phishing site on another site • did we mention no backups? #EpicFail • tag hack (with no backup!!) • once back up, database was frucked getting information wrong Getting calls from newspapers • killing off family members who were still alive (omfg!) • forgetting to attribute articles to their journalists (#shamez) • turning gossip into fact (rule #1 when working with Maori, don’t • getting told to not reprint stories (#woteva!) mess with their Kapa Haka) • posting info that wasn’t supposed to go public@digitalmaori
  18. 18. Stories that went POP! topstories the loss of a brilliant young leader #EQNZ and the incredibro Te Arawa does #kapa haka The sudden death of a young leader in sweet beautiful maori pussy (WTF?) As soon as the 2nd earthquake hit, we Kapa Haka is huge amongst Maori London saw the most pageviews began providing details on how it was communities and in particular whanau Thankfully not our biggest story! This generated on our site. affecting Maori communities and what in Te Arawa. started as a post on Facebook, on Maori orgs were doing to help those in friend’s fan page, which we then need. followed up with a story about celebrity use of Maori imagery.@digitalmaori Creating our Own Realities
  19. 19. we HEART plugins favouriteplugins Instant web chat social shares • Olark (Premium plugin) - subscription based ($15pm US) • Digg Digg (we love easy social networking shares) • WP to Twitter Spam Stoppers Security • Akismet (over 200,000 spam messages stopped (NISM!) • (not a plugin but critical to our survival) • Limit Login web stats • Google Analyticator (love BETA and realtime) • BulletProof security Backups Random favs • Backup Buddy (premium) • Gravity Forms (premium) • Social Toolbar Pro (premium) • WP Database Backup • Various shortcode plugins@digitalmaori
  20. 20. sowhatchathink? Korero Mai@digitalmaori
  21. 21. mauriora!@digitalmaori