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Independent Digital Worker ( Digital Nomad ) by Victorina Augusklamasia


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WordCamp Jakarta 2017 Session
Independent Digital Worker ( Digital Nomad )
by Victorina Augusklamasia

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Independent Digital Worker ( Digital Nomad ) by Victorina Augusklamasia

  1. 1. Independent Digital Worker A presentation for Jakarta WordPress Camp 2017 By Victorina Augusklamasia (Vika)
  2. 2. Fact of the trend
  3. 3. Digital platform creates Independent digital worker new way of live and work Mobile Social Media Communication Apps Design Apps Working Apps Analytics Tool Video Content Website
  4. 4. Why
  5. 5. Digital platforms are transforming independent work, building on the ubiquity of mobile devices, the enormous pools of workers and customers they can reach, and the ability to harness rich real- time information to make more efficient matches. Today these online marketplaces are used by 15 percent of independent workers. But the rapid growth of the largest platforms suggests we have only just begun to see their impact. McKinsey&company 2016
  6. 6. • The rise of digital platform which are friendly user for individual. • The rise of robots/machines replace human presence. • Corporate business is going down. • The rise of young people who want build their own business. • The rise of experts from corporate who will escape from their corporate life. • The rise of digital nomad community.
  7. 7. Most independent workers have actively chosen their working style and report high levels of satisfaction with it.
  8. 8. The society & economic is changing
  9. 9. Society & Context Ideas New Technology Applied to old uses Old uses change New uses develop Communication institutions adapt New cultural forms and meanings emerge Continuing process of technical and cultural change (McQuail’s, 2000, h:108) : A model of technology and cultural change
  10. 10. Media & Audience Before Brand Media Audience Now Brand Media Media AudienceMedia Brand Technology dan platform yang dihasilkan memampukan audience menjadi media dan bahkan menjadi brand dengan mudah dan murah
  11. 11. What is independent digital worker?
  12. 12. Independent Digital Worker No boss No staff Co working
  13. 13. independent digital worker as a digital nomad
  14. 14. How do they work?
  15. 15. NOMADEN Digital Nomad
  16. 16. of-the-digital-nomad/
  17. 17. Digital Asset Independent Digital Worker Website Social Media FB & Instag ram Digital platform/Apps Email Marke ting Google Platform
  18. 18. Co working Net working Cross nation
  19. 19. coworking/coworking-past-present-future- d1c35b3bdbd0
  20. 20. Who can be a digital nomad /personal digital independent
  21. 21. Practice Skill Digital Skill
  22. 22. the-digital-nomad/
  23. 23. The opportunity For Indonesia
  24. 24. @ Tanjung Aan Lombok Photo: the_Chocoprins Places for Independent Worker – Digital Friendly places
  25. 25. Bali is one of the favorite place of independent digital worker in their nomad period
  26. 26. Human Resources Digital job Digital skill helps to digitalize skill
  27. 27. of-the-digital-nomad/
  28. 28. Designer Digital Marketing Social Media Product maker Writer/Content writer Traveller Coach Teacher Website/Apps Maker
  29. 29. Social Media & Independent Digital Worker
  30. 30. Facebook & Instagram
  31. 31. Facebook & Instagram
  32. 32. The discoverer By email group website & instagram Lokal menjadi contributor Promo tentang indonesia
  33. 33. Website & Independent digital worker
  34. 34. By Lydia Lee By Daniel Liem
  35. 35. What is the trend
  36. 36. 2018 Digital Trend • Mobile • Social Media • Personalization in communication, content & tools • Video • Data analytics • Website + coding • Digital Learning
  37. 37. 2018 Digital Trend • Art, nature & technology • Co working • Cross nation working
  38. 38. Huge potential (250 jt, 50 % in digital)
  39. 39. Are you ready?
  40. 40. Escalate to digitalSkill & expertise Digitalconventional Digital media course/teachi ng online & offline Writing books Digital Marketin g handling Website & Content Creation Digital nomad lifestyle Online shop Media specialist Activities Digital Asset: Website WordPress Social Media Digital learning Women Beginner Small Medium Enterprise Audience Corporate Vika’s Roadmap
  41. 41. Thank you Vika +62 81380647758