Llew Claasen - Clickatell - 3min pitch


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http://www.clickatell.com/ is the largest bulk SMS service in the world and proudly South African. Reach in excess of five billion mobile users and keep the conversation by giving timely and relevant information.

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  • The customers of today are not the same as those of a few years ago. Since the global financial crisis, customers are demanding greater transparency from the businesses they interact with. They want to be spoken to on a one-to-one basis like an individual and not like the ‘ target market ’ . They are searching for brands that share their values, simplify their lives and engage in meaningful communication.
  • Llew Claasen - Clickatell - 3min pitch

    1. 1. Clickatell & Wordpress A great way to SMS-enable your contentLlew Claasen – Vice President Marketing4 October 2012
    2. 2. Content Marketing and today’s customers They want to engage They want to consume content in conversations with brands from brands that share their values They want to be able They want timely & to access content contextually-relevant anywhere information Copyright © 2012 Clickatell. All rights reserved.
    3. 3. The best ways to talk with your customers EMAIL SOCIAL MOBILE The “Triangle Offense” Of CRM * Source: ExactTarget. 2010 Copyright © 2012 Clickatell. All rights reserved.
    4. 4. Why mobile messaging is BIG talk Only 2 billion people are connected to the Internet 87% of the global population or 6 billion people own a mobile handset 6 trillion SMS sent in 2010Copyright © 2012 Clickatell. All rights reserved.
    5. 5. SMS – lowering the cost of CRM < vertising i t, of ad on > pr n 80% open rate > Cost netrati pe dio, TV email at 20% * and ra Reliably delivers time- sensitive alerts & notifications 26% direct response Cost < outbound voice rate ** > than direct customer contact mail, email or telemarketing Sources: * Frost & Sullivan, 2012 ** Direct Marketing Association, 2010 Copyright © 2012 Clickatell. All rights reserved.
    6. 6. Which messages? SMS is perfect in CRM for: unts My Acco to you like Would e d via My Acco unts be notifi n your e not e, S MS whe Pleas re will be rders are to future o My Accounts u nts The s this ready fo r My Acco s ed ? Y or N a clo day f or c ollection This is er Satur tions OPTI ONS s! ind a tulation rem rown renov EXIT Congra won a t he b e That s you You hav S e OPTION rand ne w brogu ted are EXIT b ques e store le. re bicyc th now in PTIONS OPTIONS O EXIT EXIT ing g Solicit r Sendin Custom k e r Alerts o o Feedba c Running er Custom ent tions t it ons p ym Notifica compet i i g product/ a s custome rs r et n and ma k to Remind er ns campaig e at reactiv s r customeCopyright © 2012 Clickatell. All rights reserved.
    7. 7. Wordpress plugin examples Copyright © 2012 Clickatell. All rights reserved.
    8. 8. llew.c@clickatell.com@LlewClaasen 8