Fred roed (what a 60’s rock n’ roll band can teach us about online publishing)


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Is content still king? The accessibility of CMS platforms such as WordPress has lead to an ever-increasing stream of content being pushed online, and the web is awash with clutter. If good content no longer holds the key to traffic, what is? In this presentation we take a look at exactly what ensures enduring success – regardless of the economic environment. This talk covers:

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Fred roed (what a 60’s rock n’ roll band can teach us about online publishing)

  1. 1. The Grateful Dead arethe most successfullive band in history.
  2. 2. They played over 2300 shows toapproximately 40 million people.
  3. 3. Lead singer Jerry Garcia smoked moreweed, snorted more cocaine, ingested more hallucinogenics and injected more heroin than any other musician in history...
  4. 4. ...except, perhaps, for Keith Richards.
  5. 5. The ‘Deadheads’ are the most loyal music fans in Rock n’ Roll.
  6. 6. publishing lessons from a 60’s rock n’ roll band building a passionate online community
  7. 7. This is not a social media presentation.
  8. 8. This is a presentation about building a community. ** Kittens will die every time a term like ‘join the conversation’ is used.
  9. 9. Let’s look at the problems that we’refacing in the current environment.
  10. 10. Every two days we createas much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.PROBLEM#1:noise!
  11. 11. PROBLEM#2: confusion about the state of marketing I have 2 million people on my Facebook pagewho I can talk to directly. Why do I need traditional advertising? Robert Polet, CEO Gucci Global
  12. 12. PROBLEM#3:everyone’s looking for the next ‘big thing’
  13. 13. I want a) a Facebook page b) a viral video c) pop d) fizz e) fruit salad PROBLEM#4: unrealistic expectations of social media
  14. 14. PROBLEM #5:there’s a deluge of social media campaigns I clicked on ‘Like’. Now I want my %$#%ing iPad!
  15. 15. PROBLEM #6:behaviours are changing, fast!
  16. 16. What does it mean to create a community?
  17. 17. The word ‘community’derives from the Latincommunare whichmeans to share.
  18. 18. The Community Building Grid
  19. 19. The Holy Grailof Community Marketing?
  20. 20. It’s when those community members start talking to each other.
  21. 21. two local publishing case studies…
  22. 22. What marketing lessons can welearn from the Grateful Dead?
  23. 23. LESSON#1:Have a cause.
  24. 24. LESSON#2:Give content freely.
  25. 25. LESSON#3:Create uniqueidiosyncrasies.
  26. 26. LESSON#4:Identify influentialambassadors.
  27. 27. LESSON#5:Empower members.
  28. 28. LESSON#6: Interact relentlessly
  29. 29. LESSON#7:Rewards,often.
  30. 30. is communitybuilding really allthat important?
  31. 31. 46 yrs after Grateful Dead was founded... 800,000 fans on Facebook $60m merchandise per annum Over 100 licencees of Dead paraphernalia in the US Dead Bean Bear 2nd only to Beanie Babies for most pop. bean bag toy
  32. 32. According research by toMcKinsey & Company,customers within a communityare 9 times more likely to buytheir product than acompeting product fromoutside that community.
  33. 33. Thanks for Listening.(feedback to @Fred_Roed please!)
  34. 34. * * Woop. No kittens |