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The Boxee Box – What An Excellent Device After Initial Hiccups


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Don't miss out the chance to own the Boxee Box just because you heard it has some initial hiccups. Get all specifications, customer reviews on this Bestseller Boxee Box from Dlink and check out the LOWEST PRICE!

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The Boxee Box – What An Excellent Device After Initial Hiccups

  1. 1. The Boxee Box – After Initial Hiccups It Is A Great Device By JimThis is an end user review of the Boxee Box by D-Link HD Streaming Media PlayerIve been anxiously awaiting the release of the Boxee Box so that I can finally cutthe cord on my cable, and save myself over $100 a month. Ive been using theBoxee beta software on my laptop through my TV for a couple months, and havebeen really happy with it. I wanted a dedicated box so I dont have to plug in mylaptop every time I want to watch TV, and the Boxee Box seemed like the best betout there in terms of price point balanced with functionality.I got my Boxee Box on 11/12/10, and after a few days of frustrating troubleshooting, I have it set up and it is working great.There are definitely some initial software bugs, but the development team isworking furiously to address them. The company CEO and another developer havebeen personally responding to my e-mails very quickly. In addition, there is a veryactive community forum and this helped me to fix the problems I have beenhaving.Now that the Box is set up for me, Im quite pleased with it. I stream over aWireless G router from my desktop computer, where I have a large and variablyencoded selection of media--so far everything plays perfectly.I was initially having trouble streaming web-page based video, but after fixing mynetwork settings it is now working great for me--TV shows like The Daily Show,The Office, 30 Rock, Family Guy load up quickly and play great--better than theydid on my desktop setup with Boxee.There are lots of complaints out there about buggy 1.0 version software, people Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. unhappy with the design changes of the 1.0 firmware, and I agree with many of theconcerns. The Boxee team have been working furiously since release to fix a lot ofthe bugs and address many of the users concerns. The CEO Avner Ronen respondspersonally to e-mails and he is clearly very dedicated to tailoring the softwareinterface to what people are looking for. I have been very impressed with them sofar, and I am obviously hoping that the fixes they will be releasing soon willaddress a lot of the concerns.The only big drawback right now is the lack of Vudu (and Hulu+ if you care aboutthat). Support for these are supposedly coming very soon (by the end of the year).If so, this Box will be exactly what I have been looking for.I think this Box is great for people who are looking for a very versatile solution tostreaming a wide variety of local and web-based media to their TV. In that category it clearly beats the AppleTV and most of the other competitors out there. I havent played with GoogleTV yet, but for the time being Boxee beats them on price at least. Setting up the Boxee Box however does required a fair bit of technical know-how--and for the momentpatience--which would be a limitation to its wide-spread popularity. Howeverhopefully once the team gets over some of the initial bugs, they will make thesetup-up more streamlined and user friendly. Then I think it will really be anAppleTV/GoogleTV killer.What Other Users Are Saying About The Boxee Box InTheir Reviews:5.0 out of 5 stars: Worth it…The reason I am giving this 5 starts is two-fold.1) It does what it says it does. And does it well. The local content streams HD video beautifully andwithout the hassle of plugging my laptop into my tv just to watch a show or movie. The apps also workwell, especially TED, Pandora and Vice. Cannot wait for Netflix though. Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. 2) The reception to user feedback has been incredible. Each and every complaint is getting individualattention; and not just for bugs. For instance, people have complained it takes to many click to get tolocal content. So now, an update will give users the option of featuring their local content.ByMatthew Kirsch5.0 out of 5 stars: Gets better every day Ive owned it.…The first day I had the Boxee box I was very happy to have a new device to play my movies, tv shows,music, and view my photos. Im moving to the Boxee from a custom atom powered Ion net top runningXBMC. I had to be a giant nerd to use the XBMC on that computer. The Boxee box is braindead simple tosetup, use, and maintain.I started by adding my network shares (nerdy part). After leaving Boxee to scan my shares I was veryhappy to see all my tv episodes were labeled and the movies had their posters.Im very happy with the Boxee box, the only shortcoming is that I couldnt play a 1080p video over myGigiabit network. Hopefully future software releases fix this.ByTimothy OBrien5.0 out of 5 stars: Boxee is AwesomeI love the Boxee Box.Its a little tricky to set up at first (They are working on making it easier),but once its set up it works and plays moives, TV, Music, etc flawlessly.Boxee is a great way to make your television more social.ByNathaniel5.0 out of 5 stars: AMAZING ProductAs a user who download a lot of MKV files in 1080p but also likes to slip in a good bit of NetFlix as wellthis thing is awesome. Ive got a 2TB drive hooked up to it and its playing everything I toss at it without aproblem (mostly 1080/720p mkv files, but also a few AVI files). It also plays Netflix and HBOGO just fine. Icouldnt be happier.They recently added Spotify, which has just been the cherry on top of this experience. 5 Star.ByZ. Fretty Page 3 of 4
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