iPad2 vs Xoom – Why I Prefer Motorola Xoom


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Get outright frank customer reviews on why Motorola Xoom is better than iPad2 and check out the LOWEST PRICE of the gadgets!

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iPad2 vs Xoom – Why I Prefer Motorola Xoom

  1. 1. iPad2 vs Xoom – Why I Prefer Motorola Xoom A user shares his views on the Motorola Xoom vs the iPad2 and why he prefers the Motorola Xoom.5.0 out of 5 stars I prefer Xoom over iPad 2 and heres why....,March 27, 2011By Lenny D (Akron, OH)First of all I want to say that I own both Apple and Google/Android devices. I owniPod Touch and have played with iPad of family member who own the device. Ialso played with iPad 2 quite a bit at the store as well as from a friend who got iton launch day. I currently own original Motorola Droid and looking to upgrade tonewer Android phone this summer. It is difficult not to compare Xoom to itscompetitor aka iPad 2. Therefore, this review will entail Xoom features (Wifiversion) along with comparison to iPad 2.Operating System - An iPad is more akin to a smartphone where as a Xoom ismore akin to a laptop (Best Buy actually has it in laptop section instead with otherAndroid tablets like Samsung Galaxy). Honeycomb feels more like a tablet. Its notjust a row of apps and wasted space like iOS. Plus, you have room forcustomization (widget, live wallpaper, theme etc). Page 1 of 16
  2. 2. There is also little detail that tech savvy will appreciate (outline grid, advancedsettings, google labs etc) Honeycomb is still a bit buggy but not to the point that itbecomes annoying. I only have several force close (app closed due to error) once ina while (Not all phone apps work with Xoom..yet). Obviously iOS which is aproven OS and was out almost 4 years ago is more stable than the Honeycomb, abrand new OS (optimized for tablet use) that was out a month ago along with itsSDK. Google know Honeycomb still needs improvement, I know Honeycomb isunfinished and I dont mind waiting for even better experience.Also, its easy to transfer files between computer and Xoom. Just plug in USB andit acts as a hard drive then you drag and drop the files you want. Theres also appslike ES File Explorer and Astro File Manager that help manage files/folder (likeWindow explorer). I believe iOS requires other softwares unless you just domusic/movies through iTunes. Oh and I forget to mention that I hate having toeverything tied/synced through iTunes. On Xoom, theres more freedom and youare not stuck with one software like iTunes.Winner: To each his own but I like Honeycomb better.Design/Apperance/Screen - Xoom is heavier but that is due to a solid buildquality which I love. It is also thicker and has wider screen (more appropriate formovies than iPad 2). Although Xoom has higher screen resolution, iPad 2 still hasbrighter screen and more vivid look.Winner: iPad 2 by little bitUser Interface - Some people say Honeycomb is too complicated to use. Wellmaybe to those who has been using only iPad. For someone who use both, I haveto say it is pretty simple to use. iOS is more intuitive and foolproof but there ismuch more detail/option on Xoom that many people will appreciate.Winner: TieMultitasking - One button and it takes you to 5 most recent apps for easyswitching on Xoom. iPad 2 sort of have multitasking but not a true multitaskingexperience. Page 2 of 16
  3. 3. Winner: XoomBrowser - If you use Chrome browser before, it is pretty much like that on Xoom.I prefer tabbed browsing over having to press button to open various windows onSafari on iOS device. You can type search directly on address bar like Chrome.You can sync bookmarks through your Google account. And yes I know there areother browser apps in the market. But for a stock browser app, Xoom has a betterexperience.Winner: XoomApps - iPad is way ahead in term of apps and it is because original iPad had atleast 1 year head start vs Xoom. Not to mention Honeycomb is unfinished andSDK was recently released. However, the tablet apps that are available on Androidmarket, most of them work great and look awesome. UPDATE: It turned outtherere lots more Honeycomb compatible apps (Im talking 1,000+). You just haveto use keyword search such as "tablet" "xoom" "honeycomb" to discover the apps.Note that you can still use Android phone apps. The phone apps get stretched outbut still keep the high resolution thus they dont look bad on the screen whatsoever.Give it time.Winner: iPad 2Customization - This is my favorite part about Android. You have opencustomization from themes, widgets to customized home screen and livewallpapers. iOS has none of that unless you jailbreak the device.Winner: XoomNotification - If you have iPhone and iPad, you know how notification can bequite painful. Xoom has better notification system that show up briefly in bottomright corner as you get new email, app update etc. You can press it to view allnotifications or remove them. Additionally, there is also LED light blinkingnotification on top right of the device. Page 3 of 16
  4. 4. Winner: XoomHardware Performance - A5 vs Tegra 2 is still up for debate. Xoom seems to beas powerful as iPad 2 with exception of GPU (difference can be seen with gamingand screen brightness). iPad 2 has 512MB RAM vs 1 GB RAM on Xoom.Winner: ???Camera/Video/Audio - Better camera and video on Xoom thanks to its higherspec vs VGA front and lower MP back camera on iPad 2. Camera app gets a littlebit of time to get used to on Xoom. Speaker on Xoom is decent and could havebeen louder. I wish the volume rocker is more visible on the side. It feels like thebutton can become stuck into the device.Also I use DVD Catalyst 4 to convert and transfer movie to Xoom. It can convertmost file types as long as its not DRM protected (like "Digital Copy"). Thesoftware is pretty neat, simple to use and the pictures look great. You have optionto customize the pictures, add subtitles, and get rid of black bars.Winner: Xoom OVERALLFlash - Yes, Flash is still in beta but it works great so far with a little bit of laggingbut barely noticeable. Pretty smooth most of the time. I tested it on sites that useFlash like Engadget (video), Honda (car animation), Vice Versa restaurant in NYC(heavy flash site), Myspace and bandcamp (with music player on artist page). iOShas no Flash AT ALL as we all know when it comes to browsing.Winner: Xoom by a mile (until HTML5 is fully functional)Battery Life - Xoom gets about 8 - 9 hours for heavy multitasking usage. Willhave to test standby time but I expect it to be less than iPad 2. iPad 2 gets at least10 hours of heavy usage.Winner: iPad 2 Page 4 of 16
  5. 5. GPS - Just want to mention that GPS and full Google maps navigation is availableon Xoom wifi. While on iPad 2, it is only available if you get 3G+wifi version.And if you use Google maps app before on Android you know that it is moreextensive than map on iOS (turn-by-turn voice navigation, layers etc). Since this isa Wifi version, THERE IS cache settings on Google Maps where you can prefetchmap tiles by panning over the city/region while on Wifi (up to ?? MB. Need toverify the cap). Then you can navigate to desired destination just like normal withvoice navigation. You cannot change the destination halfway obviously since thereis no 3G connection. The other alternative will be to tether the device with 3G/4Gsmartphone.Winner - XoomNitpick - SD card slot on Xoom is still not enabled at this moment. Also, I wishXoom can be charged through micro USB but I believe it may be because microUSB doesnt supply enough current to charge a tablet.In the end, you may prefer one device over the other and it is to each his own.However, based on the overall factors I mentioned above in this Motorola Xoom vsiPad2 comparison, I prefer Xoom. Click here or the image below to buy the Motorola Xoom and get a whopping 27% discount – while stocks last. Page 5 of 16
  6. 6. What Other Users Say about the Motorola Xoom vs iPad2?5.0 out of 5 stars Some people say its better than the iPad2, March 31,2011By M. J Ricard "tech ceo" (Chicago, IL) I own both. I bought the iPad2 the day it came out... and I bought the Xoom just a couple days ago. The iPad2 is sexier on the outside for sure. In typical Apple fashion, it is wrapped in its packaging and hardware like Art. The Motorola Xoom packaging is lackluster and the visual aspects of the hardware side by side with the iPad leave a lot to be desired. HOWEVER, the Xooms Google Android Honeycomb Operating System is far superior to the iPad2s iOS. So much so, that the iPad2 when you use it "feels" old and outdated next to the Xoom. Unlike other Android touch pads I have played with, the screen slides real smooth. Fortunately, I am in a position where I can own both. However, if you are trying to decide between which to buy, it largely depends on if you are a mac fan. If you are, then the iPad is the way to go. Regardless of how much better I tell you the Android Honeycomb Operating System is on this Xoom tablet, it will not matter. But, if you are not a mac fan and looking to choose the best device for the money, without question, at least right now, the best is the Xoom. Motorola got it right. Good job guys, finally something that competes and beats the iPad. However, work a little bit on the design of the outer shell... it could use a little more sexy like the iPad2. Page 6 of 16
  7. 7. Click here or the image below to buy the Motorola Xoom and get a whopping 27% discount – while stocks last.5.0 out of 5 stars Xoom is better than iPad 2 (and I own both)!, April4, 2011By Daniel Proudfoot (Eugene, OR USA) The Xoom is NOT perfect, but if the measure is the iPad then the Xoom WiFi is the best tablet on the market. Ive had the iPad since November and got the iPad 2 the day it came out. I sold it last weekend because I was disappointed ever since upgrading to the "new" iPad. I LOVE Apple (own a MacBook Pro, iMac 21.5, Apple TV, and an iPod - my wife has an iMac 27, an original iPad, and an iPhone 4), however, for my phone and tablet I am sticking with Google. Frankly, Im tired of people rating the iPad high because of the Apple on the back and apps. Reviews are correct when they say the comparisons between the two arent fair. At $599 you get (above and beyond the iPad): -1GB of memory -Real front and rear cameras 2 & 5MP respectively (the ones on the iPad are almost useless) -Real widescreen -Amazing resolution (1280x900) -HDMI connection (without a $40 adapter) -MicroSD slot (for future use & expansion) -Full Customization -True Multi-tasking -FLASH, FLASH, FLASH!!! Page 7 of 16
  8. 8. -Legit 12 HR battery (have heard individual experiences differ) -Most important Open Source Platform! Cons: -Very reflective screen (iPad is as well, but Xoom slightly worse) -Apps are lacking (compared to iPad) Let it be known Honeycomb is NOT a cell phone platform - Its TRUE dedicated tablet software! My wifes iPhone and iPad are identical (except for size). My Droid X and Xoom Tablet are completely different (in feel, functionality, power, and performance). I LOVE THAT! I found out I dont want a GIANT PHONE - I want a TABLET! However, my wife loves that her iPad is the same as her phone, loves the simplicity, loves the uniformity. If thats how you are go with the iPad. If you like a true, powerful tablet experience then look to the Xoom. Click here or the image below to buy the Motorola Xoom and get a whopping 27% discount – while stocks last.5.0 out of 5 stars Xoom is options, iPad is restrictions., April 10, 2011By HogMan I own both an iPad and a Xoom, and overall the Xoom is a much more powerful and open device. The user interface is clean, sleek, and flexible. The Xoom is fast and ideal for multimedia applications, and has extensive support for office applications. I love it, The two things I love best. Page 8 of 16
  9. 9. Open I have enjoyed using the iPad for the last year, but the closed nature of the iPad has begun to get on my nerves. I hate the fact that I have to install iTunes in order to do the simplist thing, such as copying music or video files onto the device. With the Xoom all you need to do is attach a cable and copy files to the Xoom. Apples requirement to have iTunes installed is just their attempt to force me to their marketplace, which strikes me as contempt for their customers. A real file system that I can browse and find files. I can even copy files off a windows network or share right onto my device. You have to jump through hoops in order to copy files over wifi on the ipad. Mobile hotspot In addition to all the other features, the android os has the ability to share the mobile internet via a mobile hotspot feature. You can easily setup your xoom as a little wireless wifi router and share the 3G connection.Click here or the image below to buy the Motorola Xoom and get a whopping 27% discount – while stocks last. Page 9 of 16
  10. 10. 5.0 out of 5 stars Xoom is not an iPad, April 6, 2011By C. Santiago I technically give this product 4 1/2 stars, but because of the rating system on Amazon 5 will suffice. So the big controversy is should I buy a Motorola Xoom or an Apple iPad? I obviously chose the Xoom and here are my reasons why. For $599 I get better hardware than the similarly priced iPad2 32gb version. For example, a dual core Nvidia Tegra chip which runs at 1ghz vs the A5s 800mhz per core. Superior front and rear camera that can record in HD and has a flash built in as well as digital zoom ( along with a nice toggle for lighting options and video/photo effects ). A higher resolution screen. A built in HDMI out and access to my files stored on the Xoom without having to use extra software ie iTunes. Strong and resilient Gorilla Glass. And the option to use different file formats, namely flac and avi through apps in the marketplace. The Operating System on the Xoom is more of a user interface than iOS is and Honeycomb has been around a month, while iOS is almost at 5. I can switch between different tasks effortlessly on the fly and the browsing is phenomenal compared to Safari on iPad. Ive got 5 "deskspaces" that I can customize to my liking and everything feels smooth and natural. The virtual keyboard is very good, but I suggest that you purchase a thumb keyboard...it makes things flow that much better. ( I feel one step closer to the computers used in Minority Report ). Also, Flash support!!!! Page 10 of 16
  11. 11. It does need more apps, and I mean Honeycomb Android specific apps. Although, thats not primarily why I purchased a tablet, its something the detracts from the whole tablet experience when considering the general consensus. I feel like the Xoom and the iPad may both be tablets but when I think of what I want in a tablet, the Xoom is closer to what I have in mind. For the record I do own an iPad as well. Its good, but I like the Xoom better. Click here or the image below to buy the Motorola Xoom and get a whopping 27% discount – while stocks last.5.0 out of 5 stars Makes iPad look like a paperweight, November 22, 2011By A. M. POWELL (Northern Virginia) I compared several tablets, including the major competitor from Apple. I was blown away by the Xooms speed and functionality. I did not opt for the 3G version, but have not regretted that decision. No issues with the operating system, no bugs to report. Ive owned this tablet for four months now, and am as happy as the day I bought it. Page 11 of 16
  12. 12. 5.0 out of 5 stars Glad I choose the Xoom instead of the iPad 2,September 6, 2011By justamom35 (Arizona) I love my Xoom. I did a lot of research trying to decide the best tablet for them money. Before I started my research I was convinced that I would be getting and iPad but I had to research my options just in case. I ended up purchasing the Xoom (pronounced Zoom just in case you are wondering...I was curious so I looked it up on the Motorola website)and I totally do not regret it. There are four main reasons why I choose the Xoom over the iPad 2. These reasons are not in any particular order. 1. Cost: I purchased the WiFi only Xoom with the 32gig of memory for just over $500 from walmart (I was to impatient to wait for shipping so I was willing to pay a little more and have it right them). The 32Gig, Wifi only, iPad 2 from walmart was about $600. The 32gig Xoom is the same price as the 16gig iPad. I did not purchase the Xoom just because it was cheaper. 2. The Xoom has a microSD card slot. I put in a 16gig card so now I have 48gigs of memory. Do I love the was the Xoom handles the microSD, well no. It is not as user friendly as Id like it to be but I am willing to bet that it will get better as time goes on. 3. I like Adobe Flash. I think it it cool and the iPad cant...and probably wont use Flash. 4. I prefer the Android market. I iPad market is way to proprietary for me. I agree that there are not as many apps available in the Android market as there is in the Apple Page 12 of 16
  13. 13. market...but the Apple products (iPhone, iPod, iPad...) have been around a lot longer that the Android market. It is only natural that there would be more available. So far, there hasnt been a single thing that Ive wanted to do on my Xoom that I havent be able to find an app for. The Android market is in full speed and I dont doubt that it will surpass the Apple market very soon.5.0 out of 5 stars Android shines!, April 5, 2011By Chris Ruttencutter I sold my old iPad and thought I would put the proceeds towards an iPad 2, however after playing with a Xoom in person, I just couldnt go back to iOS. Ive had a few iPhones, an iPad, as well as an Android phone. Android had a few advantages over iOS in the phone world (notifications being a big one), however in the tablet space, Android just feels right. Widgets were a bit of a gimmick on a phone, but having them on a tablet is great... I can see my most recent e-mails, the song that is currently playing, my browser bookmarks, and so much more... a little configuration and everything I want to see or quickly access is right there in my face. :) Im not going to drag this out, I just want to say that so far Im loving my Xoom, and Honeycomb is a great step for mobile computing! Page 13 of 16
  14. 14. 5.0 out of 5 stars I switched from an iPad to the Xoom, April 10, 2011By Lou Montulli (Menlo Park, CA USA) True, my primary motivation was to leave the overly narrow ecosystem that Apple controls with an iron grip. I have had my Xoom for about two weeks now and have used it far more than I ever did the iPad. The iPad is a great game machine and it is still the best tablet for my kids, but Android is just more useful for my every day life. Email, Calendar, Browser, weather. Everything at a glance right when I turn it on. No real problems so far, although it probably took me a full minute to finally find the power button, I cant figure out if the placement is idiotic or brilliant. The app situation is much better for Xoom than it was for the first generation iPad. Many stock android apps automatically handle the larger screen size, so you dont have to rely on a hacky "zoom" mode for apps. My favorite feature is the "real" chrome browser. It is a huge upgrade over the iPad browser. Since that is my most used application, its a big winner for me. Click here or the image below to buy the Motorola Xoom and get a whopping 27% discount – while stocks last. Page 14 of 16
  15. 15. These are the things you get to enjoy with Motorola Xoom: Clean, sleek, and flexible user interface Real smooth screen slides Fast response to multimedia applications Extensive support for office applications Flexibility – room for customization Customization without jail-breaking OS which is optimized for tablet use; not a mobile phone OS Not tied to only iTunes; easily transfer files between your computer and the Xoom A solidly build tablet A wider screen for enjoying movies more Better notification systems – you get notification showing up briefly in bottom right corner as you get new email, app update etc and also LED light blinking notification on top right of the device. Better camera and video You have Flash; iOS has no Flash AT ALL Click Here To Buy Motorola Xoom 27% Discount! Click now to buy while stock last. Page 15 of 16
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