Can’t Believe Your Eyes? Yes That Is The LG 47LM7600 3D TV


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If you are looking to buy a 3 D television, you mustcheck out the LG LM7600 models. The 47 inch 47LM7600 and the 55 inch 55LM7600 realy shines. Many of my friend just couldn't belive their eyes when they first set sight on my LG 47LM7600.

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Can’t Believe Your Eyes? Yes That Is The LG 47LM7600 3D TV

  1. 1. Can’t Believe Your Eyes? Yes That Is The LG 47LM7600 3D TVBy Richard MalcomBuying a new TV is an investment for most people. This isbecause that new TV will last you a few years and if you havemade the wrong decision, then you will be stuck with that TV andregret that you have not done a more careful analysis before youwent ahead with your decision.However a lot of people have found that it is no longer thatsimple to make an analysis on the right kind of TV to buy as TVsare getting more and more sophisticated these days.Even though the shape of TVs has gone flat, there are so manysizes and types of TV with so many features that it makes it veryconfusing just to zoom down to one. Sometimes instead ofgetting more enlightened by reading the reviews of theprofessional reviewers, many people found that they got moreconfused instead!As such, it is sometimes just easier to learn from the experienceof those TV owners who have done their homework. This is areview of a owner of the LG 47LM7600 TV who is so enthusiasticabout his purchase that there must be something good about theTV.After reading his review and watching an actual set, I can fullyagree with him as the LG 47LM7600 is indeed an awesome HD TVbeyond description. It gives you the value for money that noother manufacturers can compete with. Page 1 of 9
  2. 2. By the way, this review is for the 47 inch LM7600. There is also abigger 55 inch model with the same specifications. If you thinkyou might want to have a bigger TV, then go for the 55 inchmodel.Here is fantastic experience Marty Gillis had with his LG47LS7600 that he is sharing with us:5.0 out of 5 stars I am LOVING this TV!, March 22, 2012By Marty Gillis (Los Angeles, CA USA)I am VERY pleased with this LG ! I am writing this review to help you decidewhether or not this TV is worth upgrading to from you current set, howthings look, sound, work, what needs improvement and what is totally cool!Interested? Then read on McDuff! But first just a bit of backstory… <<<warning: Long but pretty detailed review>>> I purchased the LG 47LM7600 to replace my 2 year old LG 47 LE5400 which is now old tech. I wanted a larger screen and I wanted better overall picture quality. The 3D, Web Browser and Apps were not a consideration for me, but this television IS fully loaded and I am glad to have them. This is my 2nd LG television and Iwas 90% happy with my LE5400 but the flash-lighting and screen uniformityissues were nagging at me with every Blu Ray I watched and finally Idecided it was time to move on up! I have a 3D Oppo Blu Ray player thathad never seen a 3D disc and I thought this was finally the time to jump in.Also, I watch A LOT OF TV folks! Home theater is my passion! I knew what Iwanted to see from this new LM7600 and was very anxious to find out if I Page 2 of 9
  3. 3. had made the right choice. (and with Amazons 30 Day no cost return policyyou are pretty much able to do this with no worries)You have already seen pictures of this television. It looks even better inperson. Build quality seems nice and solid and with or without the includedstand it is a joy to behold. While no longer featuring a matte screen, thereflective aspects are nowhere near as bad as my Kuro was and actuallyadds to perceived picture quality. The 55 inch with stand comes in at around55 pounds which is safe weight for most TV stands. Mine is sitting on anOmniMount Echo 63-Inch Video Table and seems perfectly stable and safewith a very good viewing height for 3D content.The stand, while heavy plasticdesigned to resemble metal, isextremely easy to put togetherand is the most stable of any TVstand I have ever had. Itwent together quickly and is solid as a rock. I wish it could tilt forward a bitas well as from side to side, but otherwise I like it very much.Be aware the HDMI jacks are in the side and close to the edge of the TV. Ifyou dont want to see cable sticking out from the side of your 7600, then getsome right angle HDMI cables. Speaking of HDMI, I have noticed the HDMIHandshake time is VERY quick compared to any other TVs I have owned. Itplays nice with all my other equipment, including an iScan Duo and OppoBDP-93.ON to the testing and my initial conclusions!The first thing ANYONE want to know is "HOW DOES IT LOOK"?? Right out ofthe box the 7600 gives you a pretty good picture and after even the mostbasic calibration for contrast, back-light and brightness levels you can dial ina real jaw dropping image!I started with Digital Video Essentials for my rough adjustments and thenmoved on the the Speer and Munsil Blu Ray for more precise settings. Forthe technically challenged I would recommend the Disney Worlds of WonderBlu Ray for easy and effective basic calibration. Page 3 of 9
  4. 4. Detail is noticeably enhanced from my LE5400 as are color accuracy andscreen uniformity. Bothersome flash-lighting has almost been eliminatedwith just VERY small amounts peaking out the corners when no programmaterial is being viewed.Truly, it hard to believe this 7600 is edge lit at times and its performance ismore than adequate to satisfy anyone other than the totally hard core puristthat will tolerate NO flash-lighting. Motion handling is smooth and notartificial looking.I used Star Wars, Star Trek , and Lord of the Rings all on Bluto put this to the test. While no current LCD/LED televisioncan do motion as well as a top grade plasma or the SharpELITE, this is so close to being there that I can happily livewith it and not suffer any buyer remorse. The more I watch,the more I have come to believe that motion is rendered soclose to perfect that any real world improvement would benegligible for most viewing conditions.Unless you can afford a fully backlit LED set with full localdimming, this TV can give you the best picture for yourdollar. It is bright, sharp, detailed and pops. The LED PlusDOES make a huge difference, coming from the LE5400.I was just watching a PAL Columbo DVD (an old 1971 episode) and wasthinking to myself about how great this TV can handle standard DVDresolution. A good trick is to engage the Mpeg Noise reduction to the "LOW"setting (found in the Picture options sub menu) and make sure your superresolution is turned on. I have been able to get near HD results fromstandard DVDd doing this. Great digital tool box in this TV and at no extracharge!Bottom line for PQ? I AM TOTALLY STOKED! If I could afford a new ELITEfrom Sharp I would buy one, but this LG television is at the top end of myprice range and I feel it is a very good buy for my needs, providing a realsolid upgrade in picture quality.The on-board processing up coverts even SD to a whole new level, with720p looking better than I ever thought it could! Classic movies on TCM Page 4 of 9
  5. 5. have taken on a new visual level of quality now. COOL!Also, LGs passive 3D tech really works. The picture is sharp, bright andinvolving. The glasses are lightweight and easy to replace. The 2 to 3Dconversion is a little strange, but more than usable for a lot of differentthings. The kids are gonna love it and that includes 57 year old kids likemyself! My 82 year old Dad liked watching ESPN 3D on MY set so much henow sits in front of his OWN Brand New LG Cinema screen 3D TV.Audio is another area that has been improved and VASTLY from my LE5400.It is nowhere near as tinny or weak sounding and more than good enoughfor casual viewing when I dont wish to fire up the 5.1 system.If you purchase this set, be prepared to at least plunk down a bit more for adecent sound-bar or home theater in a box system, and with a full blown 5or 7.1 system connected you will find yourself in your own home theater.The optical audio output will pass 5.1 Dolby Digital (the display on my Denonamp confirms this) The media player and software/hardware has beenupdated to include DTS core as well and THAT is a major improvement.However be aware this is ONLY the case while playing back local media filesvia USB. All other audio is passed out the optical jack in STEREO ONLY evenif your DVR or Disc Player is sending 5.1 ! Bummer! Seems the hardware isthere, but the software is not allowing it to happen for some reason. Best torun your audio directly to your amp and bypass the TV in that regard fornow. The only file formats I have not been able to play are FLAC and ISOfiles. Even videos that my Oppo/iScan Duo combo have trouble with areeasily rendered going straight into the LG via USB. VERY NICE!Connectivity is good with this set. Besides the prerequisite 4 HDMIconnection you also get a dedicated HDMI audio return channel and anoptical audio output. LG has bumped up the number or USB inputs to 3 andyou can now connect a USB hub for all your external USB drives, one usedfor apps and one more for good measure. If your computer doesnt haveHDMI you still get an RGB input.You can still connect via component video (although it is being phased outnow) so your old gear is still viable. You can use the onboard wireless foryour DLNA stuff or wire up to the LAN port. The combinations are pretty well Page 5 of 9
  6. 6. thought out and there are enough options to accommodate most anyonesequipment. I feed this display from an Iscan Duo which processes all myexternal devices but have my Fios HD DVR connected directly to the LG toeliminate an extra HDMI handshake and the LG video processing is totally upto the job.Where I live we cannot be reached by over the air signals so I cantcomment on how the onboard tuner behaves. The scaler in the TV is prettygood and again it is much improved from just 2 years ago for upscaling to1080p from your DVR or USB file source. The first time I tested the on-boardmedia player I was floored by the image quality. I didnt expect it to be sogood!Playing media files from DNLA or a USB drive is effortless with a nice wellthought out on screen file browser. I have found one of LGs strong points isthe sophistication and functionality of their operating systems. I like them! ALOT!The main complaint I have about this LG is the Magic remote. It DOES workand with practice it gets easier and then it gets pretty quick, but I wouldprefer LG would ship this with a standard remote in addition to the Magicone.I use a Logitech Harmony One for everything except cursor functions and forme that is a better way to control things. Rather than go with a wirelessconnection, I connected the LAN port to my Fios router and get a prettysnappy performance from Apps and the Net Browser. When I say snappy, Ido NOT mean fast! While featuring the same interface as the next twomodels up, the 7600 sports only a single core processor and as suchbetween the TV OS and the apps the overall app/browser performance issluggish.I think some extra RAM would clear things up and am hoping for a firmwareupdate that will allow an external USB stick to be used as such. Otherwise,there is a very good chance that you will be disappointed in the performanceof the both the apps and the browser experience. I do not use Netlfixanymore and cant comment on how well it works. I plan to attach a camerafor Skype and will post as to my results at a later date. (I am notorious forupdating my tech reviews) ALSO, the included manual and even the online Page 6 of 9
  7. 7. manual are just NOT very comprehensive and leave a LOT to be discoveredby trial and error. If you are tech savvy at all this will be a non issue.So is this TV a safe bet? That depends how obsessive compulsive you areabout your video quality. If you are willing to trade a very small amount ofblack level for what is most likely the best 3D around and and dont mind asemi reflective screen, then YES for the money this LG 7600 is a killer TV. Itlooks good, sounds good, has plenty of features, options and is upgradablevia USB.I can play all my media files easily, MKVs and Xvids play and look great, SDis much improved and HD video is out of this world plus the LGs userinterface is well thought out with some pretty mature softwareimplementation. 10 years ago a television that looked this good and had thishigh level of function would have cost 20 thousand dollars or more. This istruly a great time to be a movie fan!I am guessing a very large percentage of buyers will be totally happy withthis TV.As of now, I have ZERO buyers remorse and can recommend this LG withconfidence.If any issues arise or I find new things that are notable I will edit my review.Cheers! Marty GHere are the product features and technicaldetails of the LG 47LM7600:Product Features LG LED Plus backlighting delivers superior brightness, clarity and color detail from the edges of the screen, resulting in an amazingly thin, energy efficient LED TV with local dimming for a higher contrast ratio and deeper blacks. With LG Cinema 3D technology you can enjoy amazing 3D effects, comfortable lightweight battery free glasses, 2D to 3D content conversion, 3D depth control and a clear picture from virtually any angle. Page 7 of 9
  8. 8. See sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur and in crystal clarity with LGs TruMotion 240Hz technology. Now your TV can keep up with the fastest moving scenes. LGs Smart TV is a revolutionary, easy way to access limitless content, thousands of movies, customizable apps, videos and browse the web all set up in a simple to use interface. The Magic Remote makes selecting features on your TV is as easy as the wave of your hand or using the wheel to scroll up and down through menu selections. TV remote clicking is soon to be a thing of the past, 1 year warranty parts and labor.Technical Details Brand Name: LG Model: 55LM7600 Display Technology: LED-lit Display Size: 55 inches Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09 Weight: 70.00 pounds Image Contrast Ratio: 9000000:1 Resolution: 1080p Refresh Rate: 240What Other Owners Of The 47LG7600 ThoughOf Their TV:Excerpts from their views:5.0 out of 5 stars Holy Crap!!!, March 26, 2012 By M. Corvin"Corvinus" (Skiatook, Oklahoma)“…I was walking through Best Buy a couple of weeks ago and the picture on this TVstopped me in my tracks! (seriously)…” Read more here5.0 out of 5 stars Great TV...Please Read. I reviewed the 55LM6700., March 11, 2012By Brandon L. McKee "BMAC5000" (Mountlake Terrace, WA) Page 8 of 9
  9. 9. “… This is hands down the most aesthetically pleasing television on the market…”Read more here5.0 out of 5 stars Great TV, May 19, 2012By Michael Robbins“…I think this is the second time Ive ever written a review on any product but Iwas just so pleased with this TV…”“…over all I would not Hesitate to get this TV, I dont think you will be disappointedat all…”Read more hereConclusionAs you can see, all these discerning owners of the LG 47LS7600 have such a goodexperience with their LG 47LS7600 that they have no hesitation to praise it to thehilt and recommend it.You don’t have to take their word for it. Experience it yourself. If you buy it fromAmazon, you have its 30 days no cost policy and you are pretty much protected ifyou decide it is not up to your expectation.However I believe you will not want to let go of your LG 47LM7600 once you gethold of it and you will be extremely happy with the LG 47LM7600 TV.Now the tough decision is whether to get the 47 inch or 55 inch. I would seriouslyrecommend putting in a little bit more money to get the bigger screen. After all itwill give you few years of pure enjoyment. Buy from Amazon. Click here to buy the LG 47LM7600 TV. Page 9 of 9