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Worcester Community Trust 2011 Annual Report


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Worcester Community Trust 2011 Annual Report

  1. 1. OUR VISION: Improving lives through quality activities and services driven, led and owned by the whole community. 2011 ANNUAL REPORTTogether We Can Tel: 01905 453453
  2. 2. Who’s Who on The Board of Trustees: Val Yates Roger Berry David Candler Chair of the board of Founder member of Founder member of trustees, founder member CAP360, city councillor for Westside Worcester, city of Westside Worcester, Gorse Hill councillor for St John’s head of widening participation at University of Worcester Pam Clayton Francis Lankester Jabba Riaz Founder member of Founder member of Founder member of CAP360, former city Horizon Worcester, city Horizon Worcester, city councillor for Warndon councillor for Cathedral councillor for Cathedral ward ward Our Values: • Putting the needs of communities at the heart of everything we do • Supporting the empowerment of communities, staff and volunteers to make a real impact • Making democratic decisions with integrity • Embracing diversity, innovation, enterprise and partnerships • Taking responsibility, always improving and being solution focussed to become the best we can be • Working together – One team, one aim2
  3. 3. Note from the ChairOn 1st April 2010 Worcester Community Trust was launched, taking forward the legacy of the charities Horizon,Westside Worcester and CAP360. The Trust began an exciting journey of transforming the way it worked and ultimatelythe services it provided.The trustees’ decision to merge the 3 charities was based on meeting the challenges that lay ahead. The new aimsbeing to:1 Improve the breadth and quality of service2 Gain higher levels of financial strength from trading / enterprise activity3 Design and secure contracts to deliver public services4 Provide a stronger voice for communities across Worcester5 Identify and secure more external funding for additional management capacity and service development6 To provide a more sustainable long term financial futureThe Trustees have defined the vision “Improving lives through quality services driven, led and owned by the wholecommunity” which now motivates the Trust’s 60 dedicated staff plus its volunteers to making this vision a reality.This gave the trustees and Senior Management Team a new stronger foundation to build from; a new vision, values,structure, roles, responsibilities, funding, systems, governance arrangements and branding, from consultation toredesign, and finally implementation.Worcester City and Worcestershire County Council’s provided capacity, building support for the board of trustees andscoping out contractual arrangements for the trust to deliver youth and community services in the city from 2011 – 15.The Trust set out its agenda for change, to ensure that it was truly ‘fit for purpose’ and with support from themodernisation fund and a IEP (Improvement & Efficiency West Midlands) investment of £20k designed a changemanagement programme that will inform the Trust’s inaugural business plan.WCT has embraced the need for continuous improvement within its 2010 -12 change management programme.While there is always more to do, the Trustees are proud to now say that Worcester Community Trust is stronger, moreefficient, and responsive to the needs of the community in order to deliver new and much needed services.The dedication and passion of the staff and volunteers has been critical in the success so far. The Trustees would like tosay a very big thank to the whole team for making a real difference.The next 12 months is sure to present new challenges, but with the commitment, motivation, skills and determinationof the trustees and staff, Worcester Community Trust is not only positive but also excited about the future. 3
  4. 4. Chief Officer Report Charity number Senior Officers 1112342 Chief Officer: Esther Passingham Company number Service Manager for Children and Young 4722577 People: Edd Terrey Company Secretary: Tracey Chance Registered office The Tolly Centre, Rowan Avenue, Tolladine, Auditors: Worcester WR4 9QX Howard Painter Accountants: 26 Sansome Walk, Worcester WR1 1LX Advisors to the Board of Trustees Mark Farmer – University of Worcester Solicitor: Pete Sugg – Worcestershire County Council Jonathan Dawson: 34 Tilsworth Road, Chris Hill – Worcester City Council Beaconsfield HP9 1TP Bankers: Lloyds TSB: 4 The Cross, Worcester WR1 3YP Membership and Inclusion The Trust will be locally driven, owned and controlled, thus On appointed new trustees sign a disqualification form to encouraging a community voice, ownership and democratic ensure their eligibility as trustee. The induction process participation. involves meetings with the Chair and the Trustees, Chief Officer, Company Secretary and Service Manager for As defined in the Trusts Memorandum and Articles the Children and Young People. An information pack provides objects of the charity are: a brief history of the trust, a copy of the Memorandum and Articles, the last years set of accounts, a copy of Charities (i) To promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Worcester City Commission “Essential Trustee” and copies of current (‘The area of Benefit’) without distinction of age, sex, sexual publicity material. orientation, race or of political, religious or other opinions, by associating together the inhabitants and the local authorities, All trustees give their time freely and no trustee voluntary or other organisations in a common effort to advance education, relieve poverty and sickness and to provide facilities remuneration was paid within the year. Trustees have in the interests of social welfare for recreation and other provided all relevant interests and registered them with the leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the Chief Officer. At the start of each trustee board meeting any conditions of life for the inhabitants of the area of benefit. possible conflicts of interest have been requested and noted. Where a conflict of interest has existed, that trustee has (ii) To establish or secure the establishment of community facilities withdrawn from the discussion or decision. and to maintain and manage the same, whether alone or in co-operation with any local authority or other person or body. In late 2010 it became clear to the trustees that savings needed to be made. Therefore the trustees considered a At the monthly Board of Trustees meeting, trustees agree number of options and concluded that the reduction of the broad strategy and areas for activity for the Trust, Community Centre Managers should be reduced from 6 to including consideration for reserves, risk management, 4, from 1st April 2011. Prior to April the trustees worked policies and performance. Day to day administration is with the Chief Officer to create new job descriptions for delegated to the Chief Officer. the 4 remaining posts, which were to also include new specialist areas. These specialisms were based on facilities The trustees are grateful for the support of the Boards management, human resources, service improvement and Advisors, Mark Farmer, Peter Sugg and Chris Hill. Together play and leisure development. with the trustees the Advisors assisted in developing the Change Programme, addressing: In March 2011 the Trust was successful in its application to the government for a Transition Fund grant of £110,000. • Staffing, structure and skills This funding was to enable to Trust to meet the costs of the • Measuring success redundancies, and meet the costs of new specialist skills • Understanding our communities and systems. It also included funds to train existing staff to • Enhancing enterprise meet the new and demanding requirements of the Trust in this more financially challenging period. This programme has been an important catalyst to longer- term work that significantly benefits the charity.4
  5. 5. Risk Management Monitoring and PerformanceThe trustees have considered the major risks to which All managers and supervisors have regular 1:1 sessionsthe charity is exposed and have reviewed those risks and with their team members, annual appraisals with 6 monthlyestablished systems to manage those risks. The trustees reviews. Staff collect qualitative and quantative data fromhave committed to implementation of Community Matters activities and services. This data is then analysed andVISIBLE quality assurance standard within the current reported to the year. Over the next 12 months the Trust will be using the VISIBLEThe trustees have formed working groups to address specific communities quality assurance standard as its framework toareas of the merger of staff teams from Worcester City monitor how well it is meeting its legal requirements as wellCouncil’s Community Development team and Worcestershire as the needs of local people. The 7 areas of the standard are:County Council’s Youth Support team. The proposedTransfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) of thesestaff teams in to the charity under a 3-year service levelagreement poses many issues for the trustees. Specialist A VOICE to represent issues of local concernadvice is being provided through Halo Leisure Trust who hasstrong HR expertise and previously experienced a similar Community organisations provide a voice for local concernsprocess with Herefordshire County Council’s leisure services. and for people whose views may not always be heard.Reserves Policy An INDEPENDENT and politically neutral organisationThe trustees aim to maintain free reserves in unrestrictedfunds at a level that equates to a minimum of 3 months of Community organisations are independent and politicallyunrestricted charitable expenditure. The trustees consider neutral with a powerful commitment to democraticthat this level will provide sufficient funds available to cover principles.staffing and governance costs. A SERVICE provider for local peopleAt the end of March 2011 the balance held as unrestrictedfunds were £79,479 against a 3 month actual spend of Community organisations deliver services to local people.£106,102. The trustees aim to meet reserves to cover 3month expenditure within the next 12 months. An INITIATOR of projects to meet locally identified needsVolunteers Community organisations initiate new projects and servicesVolunteers are a valuable asset of the Trust. The Trust that respond to local needs.recognises Volunteering as a two-way relationship as bothparties should gain from the relationship. A BUILDER of partnerships with other local organisations and groupsThe Trusts volunteer recruitment policy includes thefollowing: Community organisations build partnerships with other local organisations and groups.• Job descriptions and include the expected time commitment A strong LOCAL network of people and• Compliance with Equal Opportunities and Diversity• Application forms organisations• References and checks such as Rehabilitation of Community organisations provide a strong local network of Offenders Act, and Criminal Records Bureau checks people and organisations working together and supporting where appropriate each other.• Interviews,• Payment of expenses, A way to ENGAGE local people to become active in• Induction• Support, supervision and an annual review their communities• Training. Community organisations provide ways of engaging people• Complaints to become active in their communities.• Compliance with the organisation’s policies.• Process if the Trust believes the volunteer is unsuitable. Also in the following year the Trust will be implementing a Social Return on Investment (SROI) toolkit.The Trust actively recruits, trains and supports volunteers. 5
  6. 6. Senior Management Team Edward Terrey Service Development Manager Children and Young People Worcester Community Trust youth work team is going through an exciting set of changes, which have allowed for an open dialogue between the new team made up of City Council, County Council and voluntary sector staff. Some of the main points explored and debated include: • The true essence of youth work • Best practice and a shared set of guiding values and principles • Providing the best possible services to young people In ever changing economic circumstances I believe one thing remains constant, the need to provide young people with informal education through positive activities that is not concerned with just “keeping young people off the streets” but concerned with the individual as whole and not just as a statistic. We have come a long way and there is still lots of work to do but WCT are confident and proud to be able to deliver youth work across the City of Worcester. Francesca Davies Neighbourhood Coordinator for Area of Highest Needs Our main goal for the service is to work towards Worcester Community Trust’s mission statement. The recent transition investment, new roles within the charity and centralised systems and infrastructure for Worcester Community Trust means that our organisational capacity has now increased. The reorganisation of our infrastructure will free up community development workers to concentrate on their core functions. The community development team will now be able to work smarter across the city, working in partnership with other providers in order to enhance and improve our services where possible. We now need to work on improving our service to meet these aims: • Ensure that we are responsive to our communities, • Deliver value for money across the city, • Become sustainable as a service going forward. Volunteering is a rapidly growing and improving service within Worcester Community Trust. Whilst many people want to make a real difference when they volunteer, it’s not just about what you can do for others. Volunteers get a lot out of the experience too. At Worcester Community Trust we believe that good volunteering is rewarding for everyone. Volunteering can help you meet new people, learn new skills, gain valuable work experience and improve your confidence.
  7. 7. Accounts Worcester Community Trust (Formerly CAP360 Worcester) Balance Sheet at 31st March 2011The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the Charities Act 1993 and the statementof recommended practice (SORP).Other incomeOn line filing 100 - 100 -Grants 588 - 588 -Reimbursed insurance 378 - 378 -Utility refunds 2,878 - 2,878 -Other 2,617 - 2,617 - Total incoming resources 376,998 117,989 494,987 525,716RESOURCES EXPENDEDCommercial trading operations - - - 216,074Charitable activities 374,607 113,967 488,574 233,728Governance costs 49,801 2,450 52,251 12,247Total resources expended 424,408 116,417 540,825 462,049Net incoming/(outgoingresources before transfersNet movement in funds (47,410) 1,572 (45,838) 63,667Transfers between funds 52,110 (52,110) - -Net incoming/(outgoing) funds 4,700 (50,538) (45,838) 63,667Total funds brought forward 74,779 136,551 211,330 147,663Total funds carried forward 79,479 86,013 165,492 211,330The statement of financial activities includes all gains and losses in the year. All incoming resources andresources expended derive from continuing operations.The comparatives include Horizon Worcester and Westside Worcester which are now part of Worcester Community Trust. 2011 2011 2010 2010 Total Total Total TotalFixed AssetsTangible assets £56,169 £70,203 £56,169 £70,203Current AssetsDebtors and prepayments £18,509 £12,929Cash at bank and in hand £241,734 £154,389 £260,243 £167,318CreditorsAmounts falling due within one yearAccruals £27,755 £17,578Corporation tax £2,326 £3,613Deferred income £120,839 £5,000 £150,920 £26,191Net current assets £109,323 £141,127Net assets £165,492 £211,330FundsUnrestricted funds £79,479 £74,779Restricted funds £86,013 £136,551 £165,492 £211,330 The net movement of funds of £45,838 is due to £26,000 depreciation and 19838 of project funding received in previous financial year (2009/2010). A full copy of the financial statements are available upon request. 7
  8. 8. Worcester Community Trust Volunteer & Community Engagement Coordinator The New Organisation Sandra Kennedy Structure Older People’s Worker Mal Parry Neighbourhood Coordinator Francesca Davies AoHN Community Development Worker Julie Sadler AoHN Environmental Board of Warden Trustees Alan Price Val Yates (Chair) Roger Berry Chief Officer David Candler Esther Passingham Pam Clayton Francis Lankester Senior Youth Worker Jabba Riaz (East Worcester) Mark Farmer (Advisor) Cheryl Ferreday Senior Youth Worker (West Worcester) Becky Maynard Service Development Senior Youth Worker Management (City & Ronkswood) Children & Young People Sian Neville-Gray Edward Terrey Play & Leisure Manager Emma Harding8
  9. 9. Catering Staff Margaret Jauncey & Tracy Morris Service Improvement Customer Service Manager Administrator Caroline Oakes Stacey Barone & Tania Lloyd Facilities Manager Centre Assistant Wayne Telford Stuart Duffield Finance & Governance Officer Tracey Chance Training & Development Coordinator Deb Fletcher Project Development Officer John Denton Kijika Rolle-Rowan Cleaners and Caretakers Cath Gibson, Lisa Preece, Mehnaz Kousar, Ellie Sartain, Human Resources Manager Phil Hancocks, Lisa Hall, Mandy Rimell Sharon Hope Lead Youth Worker Amanda Hughes Lead Youth Worker Clancey Radley Lead Youth Worker Tammie Morris Sharon AmosYoung Peoples Mentor Coordinator Janine Andres Play Workers Mikey Jeffries Callum Sale Youth Workers & Assistant Youth WorkersAmie Evis-Cannaway Lisa Hall Wayne Gibbons, Amilah Mirza, Avril Jones, Claire Thomas, Liz Harris Germaine Unitt, Shawn Cannaway, Su Dryden, Mikey Jefferies, Rozia Hussain John Goldstein, Rahila Shaukat, Kelly Davenport, Barbara Giles Qammar Yaqub, Paul Stephens, Sharon Hope 9
  10. 10. The Tolly Centre Address: Rowan Avenue, Worcester, WR4 9QW The centre at the heart of Gorse Hill and Tolladine. Home to community lunch clubs, leg clubs, dance and This centre is a hub of volunteering and career based play groups, and… a very secret garden – shhhh. advice activities. It has meeting rooms and well-equipped youth rooms – get in touch to find out more. King George V Address: Ash Avenue, Brickfields, Worcester, WR4 9TL A sport Fanatic’s dream This centre is a sports fanatic’s dream, with plenty of As with most of our centres, KGV has a hard-standing playing fields, changing rooms, storage space for sports MUGA (Multi Use Games Area), which can be floodlit and equipment – with many local teams choosing to train used for –basketball, football, hockey, netball and other here. outdoor activities. The centre also benefits from a catering At KGV there are: quality kitchen, its own onsite parking and a meeting room or large hall to hire. • 3 mini grass soccer pitches • 3 full-sized adult/youth pitches Nestled close to Worcester town centre, within the • 2 flood-lit tiger-turf (top quality) pitches surrounding parklands, with an out-door gym, and youth • 2 five-a-side pitches can also be converted into a mini shelter area – this really is the place to work, rest, or play. soccer pitch.10
  11. 11. Horizon Address: Midland Road, Worcester, WR5 1DSLooking to tomorrow, new visions -- The Horizon Centre.The Horizon Centre is in the middle of a diverse • Its own youth wingcommunity that celebrates its diversity with events • Kitchens and meeting roomsthroughout the year. A lovely Building, with high ceilings • Fantastic hall for soft sports, parties, events andthat add to the cheerful effect and big bright open spaces, activities.the centre is well equipped with: There is so much going on at Horizon, the possibilities are endless – call us now to book.Ronkswood Address: Canterbury Road, Worcester, WR5 1PJServing the local communityRonkswood Community Centre is a well used and well community days, fetes, and table top sales. As with mostloved place for community members of all ages -- pre- of our centres, the MUGA is used a lot by all within theschool, after school users, art classes and our older community, for tug-of-war, basketball, and other outdoorusers. activities.Set in the grounds of the recently updated local park, This centre has been decorated and used for localwith plenty of private parking, this centre has friendly weddings and adult parties, and has its own bouncy castlelocal staff and a lively feel with lots of events, like for children’s parties. – book your party or event today. 11
  12. 12. Warndon Address: Shap Drive, Warndon, Worcester, WR4 9NX New and improved Warndon Youth and Community Centre has opened its doors. Warndon Youth and Community Centre has been Young people and the wider community will benefit from rejuvenated by a £1.2 million project of a new youth an exciting and purpose built facility that will offer a wide extension and improvements to the existing community range of positive activities including music production, centre. The local community were involved in the sport, cooking and art. Work on the building compliments consultation and planning of the project and are delighted the wider scheme to rejuvenate the park next to the with seeing their visions become a reality. centre and also includes play equipment for children and teenagers which will enhance the environment and make the area a community facility for all ages to be proud of. The Green Centre Address: Gresham Road, Worcester, WR2 5QS Well connected with its user groups. The Green Centre has been built within a community hub Streets Ahead, the youth group at The Green Centre has its of shops and other services. With easy access from the own dedicated youth building. This facility caters for young M5, its own private parking, and modern meeting rooms people on the estate of Dines Green, and project work there and facilities, the Green Centre is fantastic and economic encourages them towards positive self images and taking location to host your meetings, conferences and other part in positive activities. Earlier this year, the new kitchen business or community space needs. was celebrated with a Ready Steady Cook style event.12
  13. 13. Volunteering Sandra Kennedy Volunteer and Community Engagement Coordinator Worcester Community Trust’s aim is to expand and improve our levels of community engagement and volunteering services. Our goals are to: • Grow into a valuable and sustainable community service, benefitting volunteers and us • Raise awareness of volunteering services, with about ourselves and how to get involved in volunteering • Ensure volunteers feel valued and appreciated for the time and skills they bring, as well as providing them with training and opportunities. In the recent process of signing up 30 new volunteers, we’ve lost a few people as they have gone on from volunteering to gain jobs. The experience of volunteering with Worcester Community Trust has helped these people build confidence and skills, and get back in to a working routine. A wonderful example is our young volunteer James, who has been volunteering in admin, graphic design, and catering capacities with us. When he started, he didn’t know what he wanted in life; since he’s been with us, he’s got qualifications, improved his time-keeping and his general work skills and confidence. He’s now at the stage where he’s ready to apply for permanent employment. ServicesWe run youth sessions for 11 – 19 yr oldsthroughout Worcester City, and some of ourcentres even have dedicated youth wings andbuildings.We offer a full program of activities in all areasthat include:• Music production• Sport• Art• Cooking• Parkour• Teenage pregnancy projectsAnd much more…We are also working with local schools andpartnerships to provide alternative curriculum forstudents, with an accredited outcome. 13
  14. 14. Play Emma Harding Play and Leisure Manager Worcester Community Trust runs various play sessions for preschool to 12yr olds, throughout Worcester. These are going from strength to strength with continuing support from committed staff. We would like to thank all our staff, volunteers, The Play Council and POW! (Positive Opportunities Worcestershire) for their funding, as without them our playschemes would not have been able to run this summer. The trips and activities this summer were terrific, and included: • Ice skating and a Drayton Manor visit • Kite making, den and sculpture building • Animals, fun play, and bouncy castles Mal Parry Older People’s Worker • Extend, Snack and Chat, and Lunch clubs are popular positive activities for older people. At these sessions people have access to advice, information and guidance, as well as access to other services and agencies. The activities give good examples for healthy eating and maintaining a good lifestyle, and build confidence. • To encourage people to exercise - Extend exercises every muscle, joint, circulation, breathing, heart, lungs for all over physical health. • Improve and maintain range of motion for people who have mobility problems, helping to maintain people’s independence for as long as possible in their own homes. • Provide a social environment, with physical and mental stimulation and an opportunity to make new friends.
  15. 15. Facilities Available to HireWe have halls of various sizes, capacities, and facilities to hire. These are available at extremely competitive rates, withpreferential rates for community bookings!We can provide:• Halls and meeting rooms• Tea and Coffee refreshments to sumptuous buffets• Onsite parking• Sports Facilities – Playing Fields, Grass Pitches, Changing Rooms etc• MUGAs (Multi Use Games Area), which can be floodlit and used for –basketball, football, hockey, netball and other outdoor activities.• Kitchens that are available to hire alongside a room or hall, or on their ownSpecial Events: Sports FacilitiesPerformances The sports facilities at KGV are amongst the best inIf you’re putting on a play, performance, or just need a Worcester. We can cater for male and female sports teamsrehearsal space – our stages could be just the place! at the same time, with two changing rooms specifically forPlease phone to arrange to have a look. females. As we have separate officials changing rooms, KGV is a great location for hosting official tournaments as the referees and officials can be kept separate andChildren’s Parties independent from sports teams. We can accommodate around 18 teams for tournaments. There is also an onsiteHave your birthday party at one of Worcester Community purpose built first aid room, and many other features toTrust’s Community Centres, and create an enchanting help your sport’s event run smoothly.package to suit your needs and budget. Start by choosingthe hall you require and then add on the extras, like Worcester Community Trust is streamlining its services tofood and refreshments that will make your special day meet customer expectations. We have recently appointeda dazzling day to remember. We can even assist hiring Customer Service Administrators Stacey Barone and Taniaentertainment for your day – call us and ask for details. Lloyd who can assist you with planning and booking halls, rooms, parties and sports facilities and general enquiries.Community Celebrations Contact our Customer Service Administrators to discuss your needs today:We have helped host street parties, fundraising events likecar washes, fun days, fetes and sales. If you are planning special event, we would love to help you bring your ideasto life. 01905 453 453 15
  16. 16. For their funding and support, WorcesterCommunity Trust would like to thank: AoHN A    WORCESTER Volunteer Centreand everybody else who has helped us to get to where we are now.