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Uli ppt(mar 3 2012) static


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Uli ppt(mar 3 2012) static

  1. 1. Disclaimer This presentation contains forward looking statements including but not limited to comments regarding predictions and projections. Forward looking statements address future events and conditions and therefore involve inherit risks and uncertainties. Although Ultra Lithium Inc. believes that such expectations are reasonable, there can be no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct, and therefore actual results may differ materially from those currently anticipated in such statements. You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on any such forward looking statements, whether made in this presentation or in any question and answer period related to this presentation.1
  2. 2. Leadership Mr. Marc Morin - President and CEO • Assisted in raising over $200 million of venture capital over a period of 5 years in the mining, energy, biotech and technology sectors. • Facilitated various public and private companies raise capital through various institutions in Europe and North America. • Extensive network of investment banking contacts and experience that is instrumental in the management and development of junior companies. • 8 years of public company experience. Mr. Nenad Lončarević – Senior Project Geoscientist • Nenad has 15 years of geological experience in mineral exploration and development. • Played key roles in strategic reviews, project evaluation, development. • Experience with a wide range of commodities • Nenad holds a MSc in Economic Geology from the Faculty of Mining and Geology (Belgrade; Yugoslavia) Mr. Keith Evans - Technical Advisor, M.A., Honours in Geology from Wales. • Resident expert on the International Lithium Alliance board, 35 years experience, leading figure on global lithium reserve study. • Former advisor for Lithium Corp of America, Amax and SQM (world’s largest lithium chemicals producer.)2
  3. 3. Leadership Mr. Gordon Addie – Consulting Geologist, BSc • Mr. Addie is currently President of ProspectOre Capital Corp. Previously he was Founder and Vice-President of exploration for Adriana Resources Inc., and Vice-President of Hawthorne Gold Corp. Mr. Addie holds a B.Sc in Geology (1986) from the University of British Columbia and has over 20 years of exploration and mine geology experience. Mr. Phu Van Bui - Director, BSc from University of British Columbia, P.Geo. • Experience includes; early grassroots campaigns to brownfields exploration programs, resource delineation and test mining programs at the polymetallic Wolverine mine, Yukon, and Watershed scheelite-skarn deposit, Queensland. • Participated in deep coring programs for BHP Billiton at the Mount Keith mine, Western Australia. • Joined Hunter Dickinson Inc. in July, 2010, focusing on base and precious-metal exploration projects in Canada and abroad. Mr. Roop Mundi - Director • Mr. Mundi serves as vice-president, business development, for Kingsdale Shareholder Services Inc., Canada’s leading shareholder services firm. • Mr. Mundi’s practice had an emphasis on public and private offerings, mergers and acquisitions • Mr. Mundi holds a law degree from the University of British Columbia, a master’s degree from the University of Toronto and a bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State University.3
  4. 4. Serbian Properties (100% owned) Valjevo Property Balkans (Serbia) Approx: 78 sq km.Koceljeva PropertyBalkans (Serbia)Approx: 66 sq km. Kragujevac Property Balkans (Serbia) Approx: 100 sq km.Preljina PropertyBalkans (Serbia)Approx: 100 sq km. Ladevci Property Balkans (Serbia) Approx: 100 sq Km.Trnava PropertyBalkans (Serbia)Approx: 100 sq km. Blace Property Balkans (Serbia) Approx: 99 sq Km Total: 643 sq km.4
  5. 5. Balkans Projects (Serbia) Summary: Located in the Balkan Peninsula in SE Europe, Serbia occupies a region that has been famous since ancient times for mining and mineral exploration. However, it is only in recent years that exploration programs have begun to reveal the true mineral potential of the country. By today’s standards Serbia is considered underexplored, with a prospective area of moderate size and a wide spectrum of mineral deposits reflecting the diverse geological environments that are present. Ultra Lithium is seeking to identify potential targets in Serbia that could host a new Lithium resource in the form of Jadarite. (A combination of Lithium and Boron.) Jadarite is a first-seen Na-borosilicate mineral with high B (47,2% B2O3) and Li (7,3% LiO2) content, first discovered in late 2004 in the Jadar basin, situated in western Serbia. The mineral was officially recognized by the International Mineralogical Association in 2006. Ultra Lithium has been granted seven exploration licenses in the Republic of Serbia - through its wholly-owned local subsidiary, Ultra Balkans doo - for the Koceljeva, Trnava, Valjevo East, Preljina, Ladjevci , Kragujevac and Blace mineral prospects by the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning. The successful exploration license applications are located within well defined basins and cover an area of approximately 643 square km in total.5
  6. 6. Balkans Projects (Serbia) Summary (Continued): The Company is now initiating its multidisciplinary exploration program that includes field reconnaissance, mapping, geochemical sampling and geophysical surveys. The various geophysical methods include gravity, ground-magnetic and magneto-telluric surveys, which will be used to interpret basin geometry and identify potential lithium and boron bearing horizons. Given the anticipated rapid advance of the exploration program and pending favorable results, the Company expects to initiate exploration drilling in 2012.6
  7. 7. Koceljeva PropertyThe Koceljeva mineral prospect is situated approximately 60 km southwestof Belgrade in the Municipalities of Vladimirci and Sabac. It covers an areaof almost 66 square km. The Koceljeva property is situated approximately 20 km east of Rio Tinto’s Jadar Li-B deposit, (125.3Mt @ 1.8% Li2O & 13.1% B2O3). Rio- Tinto has committed to spending $27 million to complete a pre- feasability study. The Koceljeva property hosts a distinct sedimentary sequence which the Company believes to be geologically correlated to Rio Tinto’s Jadar deposit. Valjevo East Property Valjevo East is a highly ranked mineral prospect which covers an area of approximately 78 square km and is located approximately 60 km south of Belgrade in the Municipalities of Ljig and Lazarevac, Serbia.  It is situated adjacent to Pan Global Resources’ Valjevo and Ljig mineral prospects.7
  8. 8. Ladjevci, Preljina & Trnava Properties The Ladevci, Preljina and Trnava mineral prospects cover an area of approximately 100 square km each and are located in the central part of Serbia, approximately 100 km south of Belgrade.  All tenements are situated in the NW-SE trending Morava depression (more than 1,000 square km in size) that hosts a promising basin system.  All tenements will be explored for their lithium and boron potential, as the Morava depression has several features that warrant further investigation: - It hosts a promising basin system with favorable lithologies that have been identified by past exploration efforts of the Yugoslavian Geological Survey. - The basin has an interesting tectonic signature, while Gravity lows have been identified during Ultra’s desktop studies.  Rio Tinto currently holds the Janok mineral prospect, situated in the SE part of the Morava depression, where a recent drilling exploration program was implemented.8
  9. 9. Kragujevac PropertyThe Kragujevac mineral prospect covers an area of approximately100 square km and is located approximately 70 km south ofBelgrade and less than 10 km north of the town of Kragujevac inthe Sumadija District, Central Serbia.  The Kragujevac property hosts a distinct sedimentary sequence which the Company believes to be geologically correlated to Jadar deposit. Blace Property  The Blace property is 99 sq. km in size and hosts a distinct sedimentary sequence. Ultra is the 100% owner and operator of the Koceljeva, Trnava, Valjevo East, Preljina, Ladevci, Kragujevac, and Blace Exploration Licenses.9
  10. 10. Valjevo BasinRecently PGZ tested basin to depth of 607m Ultra Lithium to begin exploration Q2 2012- A 40m zone of borate mineralization averaging 1.99% B2O3 was encountered- This includes 4m @ 8.4% B2O3 and 0.26% Li2O (from 428 to 432m)10
  11. 11. Simple Exploration Methodology (Magneto-telluric Surveys result examples for Jadarite Mineralization.) Jadar MT (3D inverted resistivity) section Looking NW, NENWNE Jadar Project, IM Lithium Conference, Santiago, 28th January 200911
  12. 12. Conceptual Processing Plant for Rio Tinto’s Jadar project (Beneficiation and processing)  Jadarite ore can be upgraded in a multi-stage crushing and wet scrubbing circuit.  Hot concentrated sulphuric acid digestion followed by gangue removal by leaching.  Boric acid production from the digestion liquor by crystallisation.  Magnesium and calcium removal from the boric acid plant liquor by precipitation with lime and recycle sodium carbonate.  Precipitation of lithium carbonate by sodium carbonate addition.  Crystallisation of sodium sulphate from the lithium carbonate plant liquor.  “Off the shelf” technologies employed - no innovative metallurgy required.  Bench scale recoveries: Li to Li2CO3 60%; B to boric acid 60%. * Source: Rio Tinto. Jadar Project, IM Lithium Conference, Santiago, 28th January 200912
  13. 13. Conceptual Resource to products flow chart for Rio Tinto’s Jadar project JORC Inferred resource 114.6 Mt @ 1.8% Li2O & 13.1% B2O3 40% Mine Recovery 46 Mt mineable Ore Beneficiation 75% Recovery 14 Mt upgraded Ore @ 32% B2O3 & 5.0% Li2O 80% Recovery 6.4 Mt H3BO3 Processing 1.4 Mt Li2CO3 * Source: Rio Tinto. Jadar Project, IM Lithium Conference, Santiago, 28th January 200913
  14. 14. Project Locations – North America Zigzag Lake Property Ontario, Canada Type: Lithium Pegmatite & Rare Earth Elements South Big Smokey Valley Property Nevada, USA Type: Lithium Brine Project14
  15. 15. South Big Smokey Valley (100% owned, Nevada) Ultra Lithium Inc’s South Big Smokey Valley is located in Esmeralda County, Nevada 16 miles north of the Silver Peak Mine in Clayton Valley. Size:  364 placer claims (7,280 acres). Geology The project shares a similar geology and weathering history to Clayton Valley. The north end of Clayton Valley hosts Chemetall Foote Corporation’s Silver Peak Mine, the only lithium brine producer in North America. Mine production comes from a lithium enriched brine located below the surface. The plant has been in production since 1967 and is designed to produce up to 1.2 million kilograms of lithium per annum.15
  16. 16. South Big Smokey Valley (Continued) History: Commencing in the 1970s the United States Geological Survey (“USGS”) carried out a series of regional reconnaissance programs including sampling and drilling on the edges of the Big Smokey Valley. Gravity surveys over the region also identified various structures that may have created topography favorable for evaporite accumulation and subsequent traps, which potentially could host commercially viable mineral rich brines. A study by Price, Lechler, Lear and Giles in 2000, suggests that lithium was released into the Clayton Valley basin by the weathering of high-lithium-bearing rocks. Similar lithologies and weathering history exist in the adjacent Big Smokey Valley.16
  17. 17. Zigzag Lake Property, Ontario Tebishogeshik Showing (J.V. with Canadian Orebodies 80%/20%)  Grab samples from the Tebishogeshik showing on the Zigzag property have yielded significantLocated 60 km northeast of Armstrong, Ontario, and accessed lithium, tantalum and rare metals values invia an all-weather road, the project consists of five individual samples of up to 4.09 percent Li2O,exploratory areas totaling approximately 2,064 hectares. 501 parts per million Ta2O5, 2,280 parts per million rubidium and 408 parts per million beryllium.  Canadian Orebodies Drills Widespread Tantalum mineralization On Zigzag Property. (See “Table 1”, page 14)  A total of 23 percent of the 39 grab samples taken from the Tebishogeshik showing exceeded the upper detection limits for Tantalum (greater than 100 parts per million). Dempster L28 Showing  Contains prismatic spodumene (LiAl(SiO3)2) crystals up to 10 cm in length, with identifiable lithium and columbite-tantalite occurrences. Dempster East  Average grades of 1.78% and 1.88% Li2O through 9 parallel samples drawn from SE portion of property.17
  18. 18. Zigzag Lake Property (Continued) With our partners we have encountered significant Tantalum mineralization and other Rare earth elements.TABLE 1 -- HIGHLIGHTED DRILLING ASSAYS FOR TEBISHOGESHIK SHOWINGChannel # From (m) To (m) Width (m) Ta2O5 (ppm) Li2O (%) Be (ppm) Cs (ppm) Nb (ppm) Rb (ppm) Bird River Potential No. 1CO-10-005 10.73 21.10 10.37 86.92 0.27 36.07 132.40 32.65 803.35  Anomalously high lithium levels Including 10.73 14.48 3.75 192.79 0.45 79.05 71.93 58.91 870.93 (ca 300 ppm) in the greenstoneCO-10-006 19.80 22.40 2.60 123.87 0.74 115.60 54.46 81.30 1201.54 bedrock, with dramatic increasesCO-10-006 28.50 30.50 2.00 170.34 0.06 100.35 80.05 100.65 940.00 in trace lithium in adjacent zones.CO-10-007 12.45 18.55 6.10 197.29 1.08 114.07 56.55 69.33 1090.25 Including 12.45 15.50 3.05 240.18 1.49 146.80 39.07 82.42 580.00 Ketchican Road BerylCO-10-008 11.50 18.42 299.07 0.40 35.83 123.97 67.30 1434.88 6.92  Multiple rare elements including Including 15.50 18.42 2.92 399.82 0.58 62.76 118.26 87.37 1522.74 Lithium and Tantalum.CO-10-009 10.50 18.65 8.15 188.17 0.35 140.62 51.87 69.55 1079.26CO-10-010 34.20 37.85 3.65 237.68 0.93 96.62 64.06 105.40 1102.19  Anomalously high beryl levelsCO-10-011 14.50 18.56 4.06 106.08 0.27 194.10 64.12 84.38 1618.28 could indicate inclusion in a largerCO-10-011 39.50 41.95 2.45 223.44 0.07 126.92 248.98 46.78 859.98 rare-element swarm.(Widths above are the intercepted widths of the mineralized zone, true widths are not known at this time.)18
  19. 19. Global Demand • Major automakers forecast hybrid and full electric vehicles achieving steady growth to 10 - 30% of annual light vehicle sales by 2020, up from ~3% currently, pushing lithium demand up 100 - 200%. • New technologies drive the demand for Lithium. Electrification Driving the Lithium Market. 7-12% • Each electric car will contain 4 kg of Lithium (21.28kg Lithium Carbonate). per year Source: Cormark Securities Inc. June. 2011 Lithium Producers & Developers19
  20. 20. Lithium Market Other Glass & Pharma 15% Ceramics Rubber & 2% 31% Plastics 4% Casting 4% Air Conditioning 6% Aluminum 6% Greases Batteries 9% 23% Source: Cormark Securities Inc., Roskill (2009) June 7th. 2011 Lithium Producers and Developers report20
  21. 21. Lithium Demand ForecastLithium Demand Estimate (000 tLCE) 500 Batteries Glass & Ceramics Air Conditioning 400 Aluminum Casting Greases 300 Pharma Rubber & Plastics Other 200 100 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Sources: Cormark Securities Inc. , Chemetall, Roskill June 7th. 2011 Lithium Producers and Developers report21
  22. 22. Product Uses  Lithium • Ceramics & glass • Air Conditioning • Grid Storage • Batteries • Casting • Automotive • Greases • Solar Thermal • Pharmaceuticals • Aluminum • Nuclear • Rubber & Plastics  Boron • Glass and Ceramics • Shielding in nuclear reactors • Detergent and bleaching agents • Fireworks • Insecticides • Anti-corrosion products • Semiconductors • Welding / fire retarding additives • Magnets • Textile fiberglass • High-hardness and abrasive • Adhesives compounds • Superconducting Material • Electrolyte (LiBOB Batteries)22
  23. 23. Project highlights summary  Off the shelf processing technology can be applied to Jadarite; sulphuric acid and soda ash locally and readily available.  Unique targets with potentially high value mineralogy.  Flexible mining options with small environmental footprint.  Simple exploration methodology.  Existing infrastructure with road, rail and river / sea transport options.  Co-product revenue stream can be found within Jadarite. (Lithium, Boron.)  Koceljeva concession is approximately 20 km from Rio’s Jadar deposit, with the remaining Exploration Licenses in well defined basins throughout the region.  Ultra is the 100% owner and operator of the Koceljeva, Trnava, Valjevo East, Preljina, Ladevci and Kragujevac Exploration Licenses.23
  24. 24. Comparables Advanced stage Symbol Share Price Shares out Market Cap Orocobre Limited ORL $1.66 103 $171 Canada Lithium Corp. CLQ $0.58 253 $147 Lithium Americas Corp. LAC $1.26 77 $97 Lithium One Inc. LI $0.97 61 $59 Western Lithium USA Corp. WLC $0.33 101 $33 Nemaska Exploration Inc. NMX $0.39 74 $29 Rodinia Lithium Inc. RM $0.24 94 $23 Early Stage Symbol Share Price Shares out Market Cap Pan Global Resources Inc. PGZ $0.79 22 $17 International Lithium Corp. ILC $0.115 70 $8 North Arrow Minerals Inc. NAR $0.13 53 $7 Pan American Lithium Corp. PL $0.085 54 $5 Ultra Lithium Inc. ULI $0.04 95 $4 January 201224
  25. 25. Ultra Lithium Company Portfolio TSX Symbol  TSX-V:ULI Stock Price  $0.05 Shares Out  94.45M Avg Volume  100,000 Market Cap  4.72M25
  26. 26. Corporate Information TSX-V: ULI Andrew Brown Corporate Communications 507 – 700 West Pender Street Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V6C 1G8 Tel: 604-669-9788 ext. 202 Fax: 604-669-9768