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My best friend


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My best friend

  1. 1. My Best Friend SangHyun
  2. 2. My friend,,, • Sen Yep • 15 years old • From Korea • Live in China
  3. 3. When and How did I meet him? • When I was 10 years old, I forgot the first time I met him but I know that we were good friends. We played soccer everyday and played other things when we have time until now.
  4. 4. Funny Story • He brought one girl’s phone number and we sent funny message to that girl but it wasn’t a girl. He checked the number and all the message that was sending to that girl was one man.
  5. 5. Polite,,, • I think POLITE is the most important thing in the friendship. • For example, when we talk he always being polite and respect when we talk. He always say hello respectfully when he meet someone who is older.
  6. 6. Caring,, • I think best friend, or even just friend should caring each other. • For instance, when I have something sad and angry, he listen to me very respectfully, and caring me.
  7. 7. Trustworthy,,, • Trust! It is very important between me and my friend, because if we don’t have any trust, we could not tell anything and I don’t think it is a friend. • One time, I told him one secret, but I felt bad because I had a doubt that he will tell somebody, but he never tell anyone so from that time I knew that he was a good friend.
  8. 8. • Thank You For Reading~ • Written by SangHyun • Read By Students and Mrs.Covington